CFA Headlines • May 8, 2019

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May Revise on the horizon, increased CSU funding among budget considerations

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s May Revise of the state budget will be released tomorrow, which will include his final recommendations for CSU funding. 

In January, Newsom proposed increasing the CSU budget by an additional $562 million in ongoing and one-time funds, as well as a freeze on tuition. Faculty and students have expressed appreciation for the reinvestment in the People’s University, and last week, hit the Capitol to advocate for budget allocations that would directly benefit student learning conditions. 


Education rally coming to the Capitol on May 22

Calling all educators! Stand with colleagues on May 22 as we rally for renewed investment and full funding of public pre-K through higher education.


Check out our CFA podcast library!

Summer is right around the corner, and with it, opportunity to catch up on CFA podcasts focusing on our racial and social justice efforts.


Faculty Rights Tip: 125% rule

When faculty are hired, they are often told that there are opportunities for additional employment in the summer or other “special sessions.” For many faculty, this additional employment is a critical part of their income.

Article 36 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the rules for additional work and places a limitation on that “overage” to 25% of a full-time position.


In Other News…

UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS: Lecturers who wish to obtain unemployment benefits should file for unemployment the day after the last official date of their Spring 2019 academic term, not when you file your grades if before the end of term.

An update to the Lecturer Unemployment Rights Supplement Guide is currently underway, and will be posted on our Lecturers Council homepage soon.


Links of the Week

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