CFA Headlines • November 12, 2015

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Preparations underway: Fight for Five on Nov 17 at the CSU Chancellor’s Office

Hot off the announcement last week of the 94.4% vote to authorize a strike in the CSU, CFA members and supporters are preparing for a full day of action next Tuesday, November 17.

The “Fight for Five” March & Rally will land at the CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach while the CSU Trustees meet inside.


Be in Long Beach on Nov. 17 – Plan of the day & arrange a ride

CSU faculty members are on the way to Long Beach for the “Fight for Five” march & rally on the Chancellor’s Office, and you can, too.

Show up for the “Fight for Five” March to the Chancellor’s Office at 9 am in Long Beach at the corner of Broadway & Long Beach Blvds.


Northern Cal campus CFA chapters host Nov 17 “Watch Parties”

If the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach is too far away to be there in person, we have solutions:

Watch a Livestream on the web.

  • 8:30 am Stream starts
  • 9:30 am See CFA President Jennifer Eagan, CFA Bargaining Team Chair Kevin Wehr, Bargaining Strategy Committee Chair Antonio Gallo, and State Federation of Labor AFL-CIO leader Art Pulsaki, among others. Note: The Trustees can, and often do, change the start time at the last moment.
  • 11 am Witness the “Fight for Five” March on the Chancellor’s Office
  • Noon Watch the “Fight for Five” Rally while the Trustees meeting proceeds inside.

Join Colleagues at Campus Watch Parties being hosted by CFA Chapters at Chico, East Bay, Sacramento, San Jose, and Sonoma.


California Labor to “Fight for Five” with CFA

It is no secret to faculty in the California State University that we are the People’s University that makes sure working Californians have access to a four-year college degree for themselves and their children.

Union leaders and members across organized labor understand that, and they plan to turnout on Nov. 17 to stand with CFA.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Who are the faculty?

A recent Faculty Rights Tip mentioned the importance of the definitions found in Article 2 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Definitions are crucial for correctly interpreting and enforcing provisions of the faculty contract.

Article 2.13 of our contract defines “Faculty Unit Employee” as


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