CFA Headlines • November 16, 2016

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CFA secures Range Elevation improvements for lecturer faculty, temporary librarians

Lecturer faculty and temporary librarians who haven’t been able to move up in salary range will be able to apply to do so, thanks to an agreement CFA secured this month.


Students fight proposed tuition increase at Trustees meeting

More than 100 students rallied for two days at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach in November to protest proposed tuition increases that would spike tuition by 5% per year.


Faculty to Trustees: We can’t afford to put students in greater financial risk

NOVEMBER 2016—The CSU administration’s proposal to increase student tuition is shortsighted and sends the wrong message to lawmakers who will be determining state funding for the CSU, faculty told Trustees during their November meeting in Long Beach.


Conference highlights shared governance, critical role of lecturers in campus decisions

More than 50 CSU faculty leaders from 17 campuses participated in a recent conference co-sponsored by CFA to discuss the importance of shared governance and the crucial role of lecturers in joint decision making on campuses.

The 2nd CSU Lecturer Conference on Shared Governance was held Saturday, Nov. 12 at Cal State Los Angeles.


Why We Can’t Wait!
California Faculty magazine feature

In the latest edition of California Faculty Magazine, Cecil Canton, CFA’s Associate Vice President of Affirmative Action, explains why CFA is taking steps to become even more inclusive and pressing for anti-racist and social justice transformation. 

Canton, a Criminal Justice Professor at Sacramento State University, writes:


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Free Speech for Faculty in the CSU

The right to free speech is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the US Constitution. It’s also guaranteed in Article 1 of the California Constitution. Moreover, faculty enjoy Academic Freedom to express ourselves in our work both on and off campus.   


Links of the Week

‘We are the walking debt’: Cal State students protest tuition hike proposal
LA Times
When the California State University Board of Trustees headed into their meeting chambers in Long Beach at 8 a.m. Tuesday, more than two dozen students marched outside in protest of a controversial proposal to increase tuition for the first time in six years.