CFA HEADLINES • November 18, 2020

Dear Colleagues: Headlines will not be published next week in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. For those of you who observe and those who do not, please be safe, healthy, and enjoy your time off. With COVID-19 and an increased workload for many of you this semester, please take this time for yourselves and your family. CFA Headlines will return the following week for one final 2020 edition before going on winter hiatus until 2021.


Headlines to include


Board of Trustees Meeting Day 1 Highlights: Faculty, Activists Call out Trustees over Executive Pay, Ethnic Studies Implementation

A delayed start and fiery public testimonies highlighted the first day of the CSU’s Board of Trustees November meeting. 


CFA Applauds Historic Election of Kamala Harris as Vice President

The march toward progress can be slow, but the United States took a leap forward this year with the election of Kamala Harris – the first woman, first Black, and first South Asian elected to the second-highest public office in the nation.


In Other News…

230-PLUS ORGS CALL ON PRESIDENT-ELECT BIDEN TO CANCEL STUDENT DEBT ON DAY ONE: Student debt was already a drag on economic prosperities for millions of Americans – and this was before COVID-19. It weighed heaviest on Black and Latinx communities. Today, hundreds of national and statewide organizations are calling on President-elect Joe Biden to cancel all student debt on his first day in office.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Grievance Filing

In these times of COVID-19 and cutbacks, the volume of grievances faculty are filing is higher than ever. As faculty workload continues to increase in an environment of both austerity and changing learning and working conditions, CFA expects that the docket of grievances will continue to grow during the Spring 2021 academic term.

Did you know that you have 42 days to file a grievance if you believe your workplace rights have been violated? 


Links of the Week

This Gen Z Gig Worker Ran for Office. Now He’s California’s Youngest Legislator
Los Angeles Times
Four years ago, Alex Lee was student body president at UC Davis. On Tuesday, he overwhelmingly won a seat in the California Assembly, becoming the youngest state legislator to assume office in more than 80 years.