CFA Headlines • November 2, 2016

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Get Out the Vote—Make a difference!

“Get Out the Vote” action will be in full swing by the end of this week—and you can make a difference.

The Nov. 8 General Election outcome depends largely on who actually ends up voting. And there are more voters than ever to turn out.


CFA working to pass Prop 55 for the future of the CSU

CFA members have been making thousands of calls to colleagues, families, friends, and CSU supporters to help them navigate the ballot to vote Yes on Proposition 55.

Now, remind your colleagues, family and friends to vote Yes of 55:


California Faculty Magazine: ‘The Power of the Faculty”

The Fall 2016 edition of California Faculty magazine, available online and in print through your campus CFA chapter, includes a message to CSU colleagues from CFA President Jennifer Eagan.

In it she writes:

“We displayed the power of the faculty in spectacular fashion last year, and we must keep wielding it to fight for our students, our colleagues, and our system.”


#TheWalkingDebt—Students stage Halloween protest against tuition/fee hikes

Students and faculty on Monday donned their zombie make-up to stagger around the CSU Dominguez Hills campus as zombie victims of #TheWalkingDebt.


More unions support Standing Rock Sioux and safe water

CFA is in strong company as more and more unions across the nation send solidarity to protestors who are opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline to defend tribal land rights and water safety.


Faculty Rights Tip: Intellectual Property Rights & Online Materials

Article 39 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers faculty intellectual property rights. The article assures faculty retain the rights to materials they create, as long as there is no “extraordinary University support” in creating those materials.

Our contract sets out a list of materials that takes into account more contemporary and electronic works including those developed for online delivery. The list of protected materials in Article 39.3 includes:


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November 2, 2016

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