CFA Headlines • November 30, 2016

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CFA spells out steps to make campuses safer for immigrant students, faculty, staff

NOVEMBER 2016—CFA’s Board of Directors issued a “Statement on Protections for Undocumented and Vulnerable Students, Colleagues” to affirm CFA’s stand on the meaning of access to higher education.


Top CSU, UC, CCC leaders speak out for DACA students

CSU Chancellor Timothy White, UC President Janet Napolitano, and Community College Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley released a joint letter to President-Elect Trump on Tuesday morning calling on him to continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival program.


CFA joins in national ‘Fight for 15’ Action

CFA members and staff were among the thousands across the nation Tuesday who took to the streets for fair pay and the right to unionize, particularly in fast-food and low-wage industries.


CFA Assoc. VP on Ethnic Studies in the CSU
California Faculty magazine feature

The Fall 2016 edition of California Faculty magazine, available online and in print through your campus CFA chapter, includes an analysis of the CSU Task Force on the Advancement of Ethnic Studies, which was released last summer by the Chancellor’s Office.


Faculty Rights Tip: Intellectual property rights and online course materials

As you may recall from a recent tip, Article 39 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers faculty intellectual property rights. The article assures faculty retain the rights to materials they create, as long as there is no “extraordinary University support” in creating those materials.

Article 39.3 further stipulates that:


Links of the Week • November 30, 2016

When College Was a Public Good
Chronicle of Higher Education
…look at a range of evidence, and it seems that policy makers — with the encouragement or tacit acceptance of the public — have erected barriers to higher education based on race and class.