CFA Headlines • November 6, 2013

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CFA addresses CSU Trustees on road to next faculty contract

CFA faculty members addressed the CSU Board of Trustees’ Committee on Collective Bargaining on Tuesday to call for an immediate start to talks on the faculty’s next contract.

Andy Merrifield, chair of the CFA Bargaining Team, told the Trustees, “We look forward to starting this bargaining as soon as possible.”  He said the recent exchange of publicly noticed bargaining proposals was the first time both sides sent them on the same day. “We saw that as a small positive sign in the right direction.”


Trustees adopt 2014/15 CSU funding request from the state

CFA President Lillian Taiz spoke before the Trustees’ Finance Committee meeting about their  2014/15 CSU funding request from the state.

She said, “The California Faculty Association stands in support of the CSU Administration’s request for more resources for the California State University system.”


Campus Equity Week in CFA Action Gallery

Campus Equity Week at Cal State L.A.

CFA chapters on all 23 CSU campuses marked national Campus Equity Week with panels, speak outs, celebrations and more to elevate the voice of our campuses about the tough issues affecting higher ed in the U.S.


Update on 2013 “reopener” faculty pay hike

In summer 2013, modest General Salary Increases (GSI) were negotiated by the CFA Bargaining Team for faculty members in “reopener” bargaining with CSU management over compensation in the final year of the current faculty contract.

CFA expects that CSU faculty will see the change in their December pay checks, retroactive to July 2013. However, please note that the actual payment is a function of programming at the state Controller’s Office and the date of payment is in that office’s hands.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week

This weekly CFA Headlines feature offers a brief “faculty rights tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.


By now most campuses are well into their periodic faculty review cycles. The provision below applies to all faculty undergoing any form of evaluation, but it is especially timely for probationary faculty or faculty up for promotion.


L.A. Times reports on the issues & support for ethnic studies

NOVEMBER 2013—In an article last week, Carla Rivera of the Los Angeles Times explained changes being pushed to ethnic studies on several CSU campuses including Long Beach, Stanislaus and San Jose.

Funding cuts and reorganizations are hitting them hard. Faculty, staff and students are speaking out.


CSU Academic Senate publishes “Faculty to Faculty” newsletter

The California State University Academic Senate publishes the Faculty to Faculty newsletter to keep people on the 23 campuses up to date with the many issues that involve faculty in the governance of the CSU.

Susan Gubernat of CSU East Bay is the editor.


Links of the week

Pension Cutters: Bipartisan Slogans, Right-Wing Money
A look at the truth behind San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s push to slash public worker pensions, including CalPERS. Most of his funding for an anti-pension ballot initiative is coming from conservative forces including Texas billionaire John Arnold, venture capitalist Michael Moritz and former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan. — Frying Pan News