CFA Headlines • November 8, 2017

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CFA members ratify contract agreement by 98%; CSU Trustees also ratify

CFA members have voted by 98 percent to ratify the tentative agreement on the faculty contract between the California Faculty Association and California State University management.


Want students to graduate faster? CFA tells Trustees: ‘Ask their professors how’

Two recent Executive Orders by the CSU Chancellor have come under fire by faculty throughout the CSU system.


More at the CSU Trustees meeting this week

Find links to complete comments of speakers cited below on the CFA web site.

A MORAL IMPERATIVE: Cecil Canton, CFA Associate VP-Affirmative Action who teaches Criminal Justice, spoke about a CFA letter to the Trustees, Chancellor and campus presidents saying the CSU needs its leaders to show greater strength in the face of racism, hate and bigotry surfacing on campuses. Calling on them to set aside fear of lawsuits or criticism, he said “You need to say what it is that is actually undermining our democracy and that is threatening the people who are the most defenseless in this country.” Student Maggie White in her report from the California State Student Association said of the threat to undocumented students, “We will not stop talking about this” until all CSU students are safe. In plenary, the CSU Trustees adopted a resolution calling for a legislative solution for Dreamer students.


At hearing on Higher Ed Master Plan, CFA says more grads requires better funding

“Ironically even though there is substantial evidence that California cannot keep pace with the workforce demands of our economy, each year tens of thousands of qualified students are being turned away from the CSU.”


Faculty Rights Tip: Intellectual Property: Who owns my online course materials?

These days many faculty members create electronic or online content for their courses. These materials are usually placed on the web in a variety of ways, often in course management systems like Blackboard or iLearn. Occasionally there are misunderstandings about who actually owns these materials once they’re placed online.


In Other News…

GOP’S TAX BILL WOULD HIT STUDENTS, FACULTY AND UNIVERSITIES: The federal tax bill now under consideration by Congress would eliminate tax deductions for student loan interest and


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