CFA Headlines • November 9, 2016

Headlines to include


Prop. 55, more succeed thanks to faculty, students’ hard work

Faculty and students committed over 3,000 hours of political action supporting Proposition 55 and CFA-endorsed candidates this election season, contributing to victory for the ballot measure and ensuring that there will be education and labor-friendly allies for us to work with in state government.


Students to fight proposed tuition hike, stage ‘die-in’ at Board of Trustees Nov. 15-16

CSU students throughout the state are fighting proposed tuition increases, and will be taking their message to the CSU Board of Trustees meeting Nov. 15-16 in Long Beach.


Encourage faculty colleagues to take the CFA Bargaining Survey

With just two weeks before Thanksgiving kicks off the start of the flurry of the holiday season, now is a great time to take the 2016 CFA Bargaining Survey.

The survey, which is open through Dec. 1, will help inform the CFA Bargaining Team of ideas and concerns that faculty have as they prepare to enter contract negotiations with CSU management in summer 2017.


It’s time to make the CSU a truly public system of higher education again!
California Faculty magazine feature

Free public higher education became a hot topic during the election season, and in the Fall 2016 edition of California Faculty magazine, CFA Secretary Molly Talcott makes the case for returning the CSU to the days of it being both accessible and affordable for our students.

Talcott, a Professor of Sociology at Cal State LA, writes:


Proposition 58 to help restore bilingual education in California

After decades of limitations on bilingual education within public schools, Proposition 58 passed Wednesday, widening access to learning for thousands of children in California’s public schools.

The ballot measure, which requires that English learners are provided with a structured English immersion program and authorizes parents of students enrolled in the school to choose a language acquisition program that best suits their own children, was among several propositions passed by California voters on Nov. 8. The measure was authored by Senator Ricardo Lara.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Parking Rates

Has your campus threatened to raise parking rates for all employees, including faculty? Well they can’t do that until after June 30, 2018 and they will have to bargain with CFA for any proposed increase.

Parking rates are and were negotiated with other terms and conditions of employment. See article 32.22 for more. 


Links of the Week

Cal State Board considering tuition hike
Cal State students next year might see the first tuition increase systemwide in more than five years.
… Cal State Los Angeles student Kat Alvarado said she and other members of a group called Students for Quality Education are preparing a theatrical protest in which they will dress up like zombies, a la “The Walking Dead.”
“We’re just going to be occupying the space and making sure our voices are heard,” Alvarado said.