CFA Headlines • October 1, 2014

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Bargaining Update: Talks resume this week

CFA Bargaining Team members are heading to Long Beach to continue contract talks with CSU management Thursday.

After 10 months of negotiating, we remain at odds with management over how to settle our contract. 

“We are not sure how much longer we will continue to talk,” said Andy Merrifield, chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team. “But in the interest of avoiding our usual approach of going to impasse and fact-finding, we have agreed to come back this week to meet at the Chancellor’s Office.”


Actions scheduled statewide to mark 100th day since the contract expired

It’s been 100 days since our contract expired and we want you to join us in echoing our need for a “Fair Contract Now” at campus events on our campuses!

On most campuses faculty will deliver letters to their campus presidents. Rallies carnivals and other faculty actions will show that we’re uniting to call on CSU management to agree to a fair contract for faculty.


Bargaining meetings draw, inform big crowds

Cal Poly Pomona

More than 1,100 faculty attended CFA Bargaining Update Meetings over the past six weeks, with even more signing commitments to help CFA advocate for a fair contract and attend Oct. 8 events on campuses.


Theresa Taylor wins CalPERS election

Theresa Taylor has been announced as the preliminary winner of the State Employees seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration, according to unofficial election results.

Taylor received 12,888 votes—55 percent of the valid votes cast during the one-month voting period, according to a CalPERS news release.


Legislative Update: Looking forward to future progress

The end of session was disappointing. The governor vetoed one CFA-sponsored bill and removed additional CSU funding from a bill we strongly supported. We will continue to work for future progress towards adequate funding and appropriate disclosure of public information.


CFA invites you to send ideas for new state legislation

Now it’s easier than ever to get involved in CFA’s legislative policy development, as this week, CFA released the new 2015 Legislative Suggestion webform.

The CFA Political Action/Legislative Committee encourages CFA members to propose legislation you would like CFA to consider supporting in 2015.

If you have a bill idea, complete the form and submit it to the PLA/Leg Committee via CFA Headquarters. 

Click here to use the form to submit your ideas today!


Faculty Rights ‘Tip of the Week’: Sick leave

Did you know that in addition to taking sick leave for your own medical issues, you may take sick leave when a member of an immediate family member has a medical issue?

The definition of immediate family includes a number of people in your family and is set out in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Under the Article 24.10, Sick Leave may be authorized in the case of “illness or injury in the immediate family.”


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