CFA Headlines • October 14, 2015

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Mediation ends; CFA moves to factfinding

The Chancellor’s representatives stubbornly refused to move from their inadequate 2% proposal, and mediation has now concluded. The mediator certified the sides to factfinding.


Campus CFA Chapters take action before & during vote

Faculty at CSU Dominguez Hills in Los Angeles County adopted a celebratory tone in the center of campus today with street theater, music, speakers and 3D displays depicting the excess in CSU executive pay—all to call attention to the start of the Strike Authorization Vote on Monday.


Only CFA members vote; Join CFA now & vote on the Strike Authorization

One of the benefits of CFA/union membership is the right to vote, including voting on the strike authorization.

If you are not a CFA member, you can Join Today! and cast a ballot in the Strike Authorization Vote that begins October 19.

PS: If you are unsure whether you already are a CFA member, feel free to complete the form that shows your wish to become a CFA member – just to be sure.

“I’m voting yes!” — Messages from faculty

“I am voting YES to strike because Chancellor Tim White’s offer of a 2% salary pool is disrespectful of my many years of personal sacrifice to uphold the core mission of the CSU! I am voting YES to strike because even as I endeavor to lift up my students, I am personally falling further out of the middle class!!
—Nick Baham, East Bay CFA Chapter President & Professor of Ethnic Studies


AAUP Vice Pres. draws connections in contract battles of CFA and CUNY faculty

October 2015

Even as we in the CSU take a stand in the Fight for Five here in California, faculty across the country at the City University of New York are in a similar fight. CUNY faculty in the Professional Staff Congress have been working without a contract for five years and without raises for six.


Gov. Brown signs bill against guns on campus

Gov. Brown signed into law last weekend Senate Bill 707 that, among other things, extends the  Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995 to college and university campuses in California. The bill severely restricts who and when a person can possess a gun at or near any school or campus.

Read about the SB 707 on the California Legislative Information web site


Faculty Rights Tip: Intellectual Property Rights & Online Materials

Article 39 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers faculty intellectual property rights. The article assures that faculty retain the rights to materials they create unless there is extraordinary support and there is no agreement to the contrary. 


Links of the Week • October 14, 2015

San Jose State faculty march in ‘Fight for 5,’ seek higher pay
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Meet those on the front lines in the “Fight for Five.” San Jose State University faculty, who train many of the engineers and skilled workers needed by Silicon Valley tech companies, marched Tuesday …