CFA Headlines • October 15, 2014

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Bargaining: Talks Continue

At CFA Headlines “press” time, negotiations between the CFA Bargaining Team and the Chancellor’s representatives had extended into a third day.

The sides were back at the table on Monday morning following actions last week by faculty members and supporters saying it is time for a settlement. The actions were organized by CFA Chapters on each campus to mark 100 days since the faculty’s collective bargaining agreement officially expired.

The sides had agreed to two more days of talks. Today marks a continuation.


4100 Faculty letters delivered to campus presidents
Plus: Photos! Video! News coverage!

The photos, video and news reports keep coming in from the October Actions on CSU campuses last week. CFA Chapters on every campus found a way to make the point that faculty need a Fair Contract Now!

In the course of the actions more than 4,100 letters from faculty members were delivered to campus presidents calling on them to play their part in improving salary,  working conditions and hiring practices on their respective campuses.

Go to www.calfac.org/bargaining or try these direct links to…


Nov. 4 Election: Yes on 47 is a good reason to vote!

Proposition 47 on the ballot in the general election this November 4 is reason enough to show up at the polls.

Prop. 47 would reduce the classification of most “non-serious and nonviolent property and drug crimes” from a felony to a misdemeanor.


CFA 81st Assembly to take up bargaining & elections
Delegates will greet State Controller candidate Yee, make campaign calls • Assembly marks 10 years of CFA Latina/o Caucus

Delegates from all CSU campuses will gather in Los Angeles this weekend for the 81st CFA Assembly.

They will take up the status of negotiating the faculty’s contract as well as CFA’s mobilization for the Nov. 4 election including Proposition 47, and hear from students and community activists about current issues impacting young people today.


Faculty Rights Tip: What do you do with a bad review?

By now many semester campuses are well into their periodic faculty review cycles. The provision below applies to all faculty undergoing any form of evaluation, but it is especially timely for probationary faculty or faculty up for promotion.


“Delano Manongs” comes to CSU campuses
Filipino-American History Month

A new documentary making the rounds of public spaces during Filipino-American History Month relives the role of Filipino organizers and workers in the 1960s uprising of California agricultural laborers that became the United Farm Workers union.


Links of the Week • October 15, 2014

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