CFA Headlines October 16, 2013

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Campus Equity Week Oct 28-Nov 2 to challenge direction of U.S. higher ed

In at least 25 states, faculty organizations are working with staff and students on their campuses to host a week of panels, movie showings, and campus actions to inject campus voices into many of the most pressing issues plaguing our higher education system.


CFA Members! Deadline to submit bargaining survey is Oct. 21

2013 Bargaining Survey

The last day that CFA members may respond to the CFA Bargaining Survey is October 21, 6 pm. Please share your take on priorities and issues to address in talks on the next faculty contract with the CFA Bargaining Team.

The surveys will assist in formulating the opening “sunshine” bargaining proposals that will be presented to the CSU Board of Trustees at their regular meeting, November 5-6.


CFA Assembly celebrates 30 years

CFA 30 Years

Delegates to the CFA Assembly last weekend celebrated CFA’s 30 years of representing the CSU faculty with an inspiring panel, greetings from affiliated organizations, historic videos, and a toast committing to another good 30 years.

Past CFA presidents Anne Shadwick and Susan Meisenhelder joined long-time Lecturer activist/leader Elizabeth Hoffman and Ed Purcell, who have played key roles in bargaining CFA’s contracts since 1984, to recall important moments in CFA history.

In her talk, Hoffman told delegates, “Our union has changed people’s lives for the better.”


CFA Assembly highlights

ADDRESS BY SEIU PRESIDENT: A highlight of the CFA Assembly last weekend was an address by SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry. In addition to greetings on CFA’s 30-year anniversary, she spoke about SEIU’s program around the country to organize adjuncts (Lecturers) in private colleges into collective bargaining units.

Henry said, “Our efforts are informed by the tremendous work that CFA and the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education have led on, such as access to affordable quality education and smart approaches to online learning that do not diminish standards.”


Faculty rights tip of the week: Lecturer reclassification to a higher salary

Know Your Rights

This weekly CFA Headlines feature offers a brief “faculty rights tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.



CFHE releases 2nd paper on high cost of online higher ed

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education released a new paper today that exposes many real costs of the online education industry’s push into public and non-profit colleges and universities. 

“The ‘Promises’ of Online Higher Education: Reducing Costs” is the second in a series of three papers to expose painful realities about alleged “solutions” being pushed primarily by online entrepreneurs. This one analyzes the false promises online ed providers are making about cost savings for students and higher education institutions themselves. 


Campus action over pressure against ethnic studies

Across the CSU, ethnic studies programs and departments are facing various forms of cutbacks, through purposeful underfunding and/or consolidations into other programs and departments.

These developments reportedly are at various stages across the CSU system.


Links of the week

Faculty Organization Chides For-Profit Online Education Companies
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