CFA Headlines • October 17, 2018

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Campus CFA Faculty meetings show what it takes to build union power

The energy is good at CFA Faculty meetings taking place on CSU campuses around the state.

See when the CFA meeting happens on your campus.

CFA Associate Vice President Rafael Gómez said of the meeting on Monday at his own Monterey Bay campus that, “It was very gratifying to see that our chapter is a place where colleagues come to look for kindred spirits who will work to find answers and support about the many professional challenges we face every day.”


Join our colleagues to elect candidates who ‘get’ the importance of the CSU

Voting is already underway as vote-by-mail ballots are in voters hands and early voting locations are now up and running in most counties.

CFA urges colleagues who have ballots in hand to post them right away, or drop them in boxes at special drop off locations in your county.


CFA joins family of murdered CSU student in calling for Attorney General investigation

Last week, CFA joined the family of murdered CSU student David Josiah Lawson in calling on California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra to step into the criminal investigation.


In Other News

DEADLINE TO REGISTER TO VOTE THIS MONDAY, OCT 22: If you are already registered to vote, help someone else to register. It can be done online via the California Secretary of State’s web site. Or, you can register by text using an interface created by the Teamsters Union—text the word “Register” to 86466


Faculty Rights Tip: What to do when you want to report discrimination, harassment, or retaliation

Article 16 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the “Non-Discrimination” article, “prohibits discrimination against faculty unit employees on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, genetic information, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, medical condition, or veteran status.”


Links of the Week • October 17, 2018

A Non-Tenure-Track Profession?
Inside Higher Ed
About three-quarters of all faculty positions are off the tenure track, according to new AAUP analysis. While many now work on multiyear contracts, their academic freedom remains of concern.