CFA Headlines • October 21, 2015

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Thousands have cast ballots statewide in CFA’s Strike Authorization Vote

The moment of our strike vote arrived this week. Thousands of faculty began casting ballots to decide whether to authorize the CFA Board of Directors to initiate job actions, up to and including a strike.


CFA rallies and events garner crowds, media

It’s been a busy week for campus CFA chapters, filled with rallies and actions in conjunction with in-person voting.

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Fact Checking the CSU!

Misleading numbers regarding what faculty earn have been pouring out of the Chancellor’s Office.

So, as CFA heads into factfinding, it’s time for a little fact checking of the CSU.

FACT: The average earnings for faculty across the CSU system is $43,498 per year.

That includes the earnings of ALL faculty teaching in the CSU, not just select categories to make the numbers look a certain way.

FACT: The average income for an individual Californian is $48,415.


CFA Assembly reaffirms commitment to Fight for 5!

The 83rd Assembly in Sacramento buzzed with energy October 16-18 as CFA leaders and activists readied for the Strike Authorization Vote and November 17 action at the CSU Trustees in Long Beach.


CTA: CFA working with K-12, community college partners to broaden reach

The California Faculty Association is working alongside the California Community College Association (CCA), and California Teachers Association (CTA) locals to increase member involvement in their unions.


Assemblymember Cristina Garcia supports the Fight for Five!

Assemblymember Cristina Garcia is the latest legislator to send a letter to Chancellor Tim White advocating for investment in faculty salaries.

The Assistant Majority Floor Leader sent White a letter on Oct. 15 stating that the CSU administration’s offer of a 2% salary increase “is not good enough to make up for a decade’s worth of neglect, much less to provide the world-class education California’s students deserve and its 21st century workforce demands.”

“The CSU must do better to ensure a brighter future for the residents of California,” Garcia wrote.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: What is HEERA?

HEERA is the Higher Education Employer-Employee Relations Act. It was passed by the California Legislature in 1978 and enacted in 1979.

It covers employer-employee labor relations for the CSU and the UC systems. (Different acts provide for Community Colleges, K-12, and other state employees.) HEERA is similar to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), but it is tailored to public employees in the CSU and UC.


Links of the Week

Cal State faculty to vote on major strike
Associated Press
“We don’t want to strike. I don’t want to strike. I need every single day I can,” Philip Klasky, a lecturer in San Francisco State’s Department of American Indian Studies, said. “We are trying to send a message to Chancellor (Tim) White to negotiate with us fairly. Give me a break, 2 percent? Living in San Francisco?”