CFA Headlines • October 24, 2018

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CFA Assembly engages, encourages union activists

Building power for faculty, learning to interrupt racism, and supporting fellow educators facing strikes were among the focal points of CFA’s 88th Assembly, held Oct. 19-21.


CFA-endorsed candidates tell CFA: We will fight to protect public higher ed!

CFA activists have been hard at work on campus, in precincts, and at the CFA Assembly in Los Angeles connecting with voters and encouraging them to elect candidates who will protect the CSU and public higher education.


Tune in: New video highlights #Justice4Josiah

To hear David Josiah Lawson give a speech about his future and what it is to be a man in the 21st century is to glimpse his sincerity and the giving spirit that punctuated his short life.


In Other News…

FIGHT(ING) FOR YOUR RIGHTS: Earlier this month, faculty rights advocates from CSU chapters around the state met at CFA’s Sacramento office to train on faculty rights topics.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Range Elevation Reminder

Range elevation is the process through which eligible Lecturers and temporary Librarians can increase their salaries by moving from one salary range to the next.

Normally, eligibility requires five years of service in current range and no Service Salary Increase (SSI) eligibility. Thanks to CFA’s Bargaining Team, range elevation has been expanded so that long-term Lecturers, even if they have not maxed out SSIs, may be eligible too.


Links of the Week

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