CFA Headlines October 29, 2013

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CFA & CSU management take the first step to bargain the next faculty contract

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On Friday, CFA and CSU management began the official process to negotiate the CSU faculty’s next collective bargaining agreement with an exchange of publicly noticed “sunshine” bargaining proposals.

It is CFA’s goal to start bargaining well before the June 30, 2014 expiration date of our current contract.

CFA’s proposals were sent CFA members and to the CSU Board of Trustees. CFA leaders will be at the Trustees’ meeting in Long Beach on November 5 to discuss them.


Campus Equity Week actions underway at the CSU & campuses across the nation

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Campus Equity Week kicked off in California with a rally Monday at San Francisco State and Tuesday with packed crowds for panels at Cal State Los Angeles and CSU Dominguez Hills.


Faculty Rights Tip of the week: Local campus equity programs

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This weekly CFA Headlines feature offers a brief “faculty rights tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.


Now that Equity Year II has been funded on all campuses, the Collective Bargaining Agreement provides a mechanism for individual campus presidents to address the continuing problems of salary compression and inversion on their local campus.


Links of the week • October 29, 2013

Another View: Promise of online classes is an illusion
CFA President Lillian Taiz responded to a Sac Bee editorial: While technology has provided educators with useful tools for decades, the new mad rush for online courses in our state’s public colleges and universities is based on a “facts-be-damned” assumption that online higher education can increase student access to college degrees while reducing the cost to the state and students…. — Sacramento Bee