CFA Headlines • October 3, 2018

Headlines to include


Join our colleagues at the CFA Faculty meeting at your campus

This fall term, CFA Chapters will hold Faculty meetings on every campus.


You have the power—Elect candidates who support public higher education

First, a word about what’s hot this month. And then, read on to learn how you can advocate for public higher education right now, like helping to elect Tony Thurmond as Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Range Elevation for long-term Lecturers and temporary Librarians provides opportunity for raises of 5% or more
Apply for your pay raise!

Long-term Lecturers and non-tenure-track (“temporary”) Librarians can increase their salaries through the Range Elevation process and move from one salary range to the next (e.g., Range A to B, B to C, or C to D). A salary increase of at least 5 percent comes with Range Elevation.


In Other News

SB 1421 “RIGHT TO KNOW” SIGNED INTO LAW: Governor Brown has signed SB 1421, changing four decades of precedent in which California barred public access to records of police misconduct and use of force. Under the old law, not even prosecutors have been allowed direct access to records of officers found guilty of misconduct. More than half of states in the country make some or all police misconduct records available to the public.


Faculty Rights Tip: Lecturer Preference for Work at the start of the academic year

At the beginning of each new term during the academic year the teaching assignments for Lecturers are often in flux until the last minute. It can be a challenging time for both Lecturers and department chairs.


Links of the Week • October 3, 2018

These California public schools are the worst for black students, according to a USC study
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