CFA Headlines • October 5, 2016

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Mail ballots start arriving Tuesday—Voters by mail: Check out the CFA Voter Guide!

The November 8 Election gets underway this Tuesday, Oct. 11, when Vote-by-Mail ballots begin arriving at voters’ homes. About 5 million of California’s 18 million registered voters are expected to vote by mail.

“That is why we strongly urge you to check out CFA’s Voter Guide on the CFA website and share that information with other voters,” says Jennifer Eagan, CFA President.


Faculty Take Action! Walking & talking for Prop 55

By now, readers of CFA Headlines know that Proposition 55 on the November 8 ballot is an important “Yes” vote to keep the CSU from losing millions in funding.

“Just getting CSU faculty to vote won’t be enough,” says Lillian Taiz, CFA’s Political Action Chair.


We all can help our students & colleagues prepare for the Nov. 8 election

It’s important to know how you want to vote on candidates and ballot measures, and CFA’s Voter Guide can help.

But even before you make those decisions, you, your students and your colleagues need to register to vote, and know how, where, and when to vote.


Prop 55 endorser Danny Glover, SFSU alum, sends video message

As campaigning for and against the many November 8 ballot measures heats up, San Francisco State graduate and celebrated actor Danny Glover has released a video urging Californian’s to vote Yes on Prop 55.

“We’re committed to helping our kids thrive,” says Glover. “And that means voting yes on Prop 55.”


Bargaining Survey on our faculty contract coming soon

CFA members have been discussing our numerous successes from last Spring at the CFA campus meetings this Fall term. We won good raises without having to go on strike.

Another win in that agreement is a change in the bargaining calendar. Going forward, CFA and CSU management will begin talks earlier, before the CSU Board of Trustees makes its funding request to the state.

That change means CFA and CSU management will begin negotiations on the entire contract—a new multi-year agreement—in July 2017 for implementation in July 2018.

CFA has already launched the first step in this process—holding faculty meetings on the CSU campuses to review what we have accomplished and discuss what comes next.

In addition to the campus meetings this Fall, CFA will ask faculty to complete a survey about the principal issues in successor contract talks.


Lack of Faculty diversity topic of State Assembly hearing at San Jose State, Oct. 6

The Assembly Higher Education Committee of the California State Legislature will hold a public hearing at San Jose State tomorrow to explore the lack of diversity of the faculty teaching in the CSU, the Community Colleges, and the UC.


Faculty Rights Tip: Campus Investigations and Weingarten Rights

Have you ever been called in to a meeting with a campus administrator and, once in that meeting, realized that they were conducting an investigation about your alleged conduct or asking questions that could result in your being disciplined?

When this happens, your “Weingarten Rights” kick in as a matter of due process. You are entitled to union representation (from CFA staff or a member/colleague) in an investigatory meeting that could result in discipline for you, and you are entitled to schedule the meeting at a time that works for both you and your advocate. 


Links of the Week • October 5, 2016

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The Culinary Workers Union is asking travelers not to stay at his hotels or play golf at his courses. They are publicizing it on twitter with #BoycottTrump