CFA Headlines • October 7, 2015

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CFA, CSU management to meet with mediator Oct. 8

The CFA Bargaining Team and CSU management will meet Thursday, Oct. 8 for a second mediation session in Sacramento.

Despite CFA’s best efforts to show the magnitude of financial hardship on CSU faculty, CSU’s management is uninterested in budging and settling the salary dispute.


Faculty committed to voting ‘Yes’ on strike authorization

Hundreds of CSU faculty are committed to CFA’s Fight for Five and talking about why they are voting ”yes” when the strike authorization vote is held October 19-28.


Legislators’ support for CFA Fight for Five continues to grow

Senator Dr. Richard Pan is the latest legislator to send a letter to CSU Chancellor Tim White, urging him to invest in faculty salaries.

He is among 16 California lawmakers who have sent letters to the chancellor over the past several weeks.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Writing Rebuttals to Evaluations

By now many semester campuses are well into their evaluation cycles. The Faculty Contract provision below applies to all faculty undergoing any form of evaluation, but it is especially timely for probationary faculty applying for tenure or any faculty member up for promotion.


Links of the Week

CSU faculty demand raises, vote on strike this month
San Jose Mercury News
As California’s public universities recover from the state budget crisis, CSU professors are demanding a 5 percent raise — a wage dispute that could lead to a strike next semester in the 23-campus system.