CFA Headlines October 8, 2013

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CFA Assembly marks 30 years of our faculty union

CFA - 30 years - 1983-2013

When faculty delegates from each CSU campus gather in Los Angeles this weekend for the semi-annual CFA Assembly, they will mark a milestone.


Letter announcing intent to bargain on CFA web site

A letter sent to CSU management last week, announcing CFA’s intent to begin bargaining the next faculty contract, is available on the CFA web site.

In that letter the CFA Bargaining Team indicated it will present its opening proposals, known as “sunshine” proposals, at the November meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees.


Bargaining info meetings set at remaining CSU campuses

Forward Together

Faculty have been attending meetings about bargaining on every CFA campus to interact with CFA Officers and Bargaining Team members about the process and issues in negotiating the faculty’s next contract.


Faculty rights tip of the week: Workload

This weekly CFA Headlines feature offers a brief “faculty rights tip” or short information piece about the faculty contract.


Article 20 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers workload. One key provision for instructional faculty is Article 20.3(a) because it provides that members of the bargaining unit shall not be required to teach an excessive number of contact hours, assume an excessive student load, or be assigned an unreasonable workload or schedule.


Campaign for the Future of Higher Ed says “follow the money”

Promoters of MOOCs and online courses make big promises about the value of this latest trend in higher education. Going online will, we are told, expand access to higher education and reduce its costs for just about everyone.

Behind these big promises, however, lie some harsh realities.

To foster a fuller, more honest discussion about MOOCs, the frenzied rush to online, and the future of America’s colleges and universities, the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education releases tomorrow the first of three working papers.


Campus Equity Week coming to CSU & nation’s campuses, Oct 28-Nov 2

Campus Equity Week 2013

Faculty organizations across the U.S., including on CSU campuses, are preparing for a week of panels, movie showings, lectures and more to organize and speak out on issues undermining higher education on our campuses.

CFA President Lillian Taiz said, “The challenges to our public higher education system are not unique to California. We need to team up with faculty organizations all over the country because we are stronger in asserting our voice together.


Health plan open enrollment ends this Friday, Oct 11


Open enrollment for CalPERS healthcare plans is underway now through this Friday, October 11. During this time, new faculty members can choose a health plan for themselves and their families and continuing faculty can make changes.

These are some of the documents that offer help:

Guide to help faculty members understand our health benefits and the open enrollment process: prepared by CSU San Marcos business professor George Diehr, who is an elected member of the CalPERS Board of Administration.


CFA endorsed candidates re-elected to CalPERS board

The CFA-endorsed candidates for Member-At-Large seats on the CalPERS Board of Administration—Joseph (J.J.) Jelincic and Michael Bilbrey—were re-elected by strong margins according to preliminary results released late last week. Their four-year terms begin January 16.

More than 140,000 eligible CalPERS active and retired members, which include eligible CSU faculty, voted in the election.


Links of the week

CSU, student employees agree to modest pay raise
California State University and nearly 7,700 student employees have reached a tentative agreement that would bring the workers modest raises over the next three years. — Long Beach Press Telegram

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