CFA Headlines • October 9, 2019

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Governor Gives Green Light to School Construction Bond, Signs Important CFA-Backed Legislation

Two days ago, Governor Gavin Newsom widely signaled his commitment to both the K-12 and higher education communities by signing Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell’s and Senator Steve Glazer’s AB 48, which places a $15 billion school construction bond – the largest such bond in state history – on the ballot for California voters to approve during the March 3, 2020 primary.


CFA Chapter Activists Meet for Training, Gear up for Bargaining Campaign

Last week, well over 100 CFA member leaders met – face to face and virtually – for training on faculty rights, contract enforcement, and the bargaining process. Special training events like these prepare members to fight for our rights and are an important part of capacity building, especially in the lead up to our upcoming contract negotiations.


Range Elevation for Lecturers and Librarians: It Pays to Apply

For those unsure about what range elevation is exactly, here is a quick primer. Range Elevation is a simple descriptor for the process that Lecturers and Librarians with temporary contracts can initiate in order to “elevate” to a higher salary range – think Range A to B, B to C, or C to D, etc. If a Range Elevation is granted to you, you will receive either a 5% raise or the percentage increase needed to reach the next range at a minimum, whichever is greater. 


Meet Your Bargaining Team

As we gear up for our bargaining campaign over the next few months, CFA Headlines will be introducing members of the team that will be negotiating our next contract. To kick off this series, we are pleased to introduce Kevin Wehr and Antonio Gallo, whose names should be familiar to anyone who has already filled out the Bargaining Survey.


In Other News…

WHEN IT COMES TO BARGAINING, YOUR PRIORITIES MATTER, SO LET CFA KNOW WHAT THEY ARE: Our contract expires on June 30, 2020, which may seem a way off, but like most anything else, it will be here before we know it. If you have already taken the survey, thank you for your input! If you have not done it yet, the CFA Bargaining Team is hoping to gather input from as many members as it can. CFA members can complete the bargaining survey until November 25.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: What’s in your PAF?

Every faculty member, including instructional faculty, coaches, counselors, and librarians has a Personnel Action File (PAF). It is the only official personnel file for employment information and information that may be relevant to personnel recommendations or actions.

Article 11 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the various rules about faculty Personnel Action Files. 


Links of the Week

The new face of Sacramento’s affordable housing crisis: College students forced to drop out
Sacramento Bee
After classes at Sacramento State, when others had gone home, Alvin Prasad would spend the night sleeping in his Honda. He couldn’t afford an apartment and was too tired to drive to his parents’ Modesto home. “In winter, you have a blanket, sometimes it’s not warm enough.”