CFA Headlines • September 12, 2018

Headlines to include


CFA supports family of slain Humboldt State student, calls on CSU admin to better protect students, demands all speakers be treated with respect

As the mother of slain Humboldt State student David Josiah Lawson made her third appeal to CSU Trustees at today’s meeting, faculty and students stood arm-in-arm behind her, echoing her call for the Board to use its leverage to help solve the crime and improve campus safety.


Faculty to Trustees: We worked with students to secure additional funding for the CSU — don’t squander it

CFA leaders questioned the CSU administration’s budgetary priorities during the Tuesday’s Board of Trustees meeting, which focused on education policy and finance.


Help us urge Gov. Brown to sign critical legislation!

CSU counselors will be at several campuses in the coming week, encouraging faculty and staff to send emails to Gov. Brown urging him to sign legislation that would improve student mental health services in the CSU.

The Legislature passed SB 968, authored by Sen. Richard Pan, which would increase the number of counselors on CSU campuses. It is currently awaiting the governor’s signature. The professional recommended ratio is one counselor per 1,500 students. Currently, the ratio on CSU campuses is far higher, in some cases as much as one counselor per 3,000 students. 


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Outside Employment

Article 35 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) covers outside employment.


In Other News…

POLITICAL GAIN: It may be the beginning of September, but CFA activists already are taking political action in preparation for the Nov. 6 General Election.

Last week, CFA members at campuses across the CSU recruited dozens of colleagues to participate in phone banking, hall walking, and other activities to support candidates who value public higher education and hold fast to principles of racial and social justice.


Links of the Week

Bill would increase mental health counselors at CSU
A California bill headed to the governor’s desk would increase the number of mental health therapists at California State University campuses to reach national guidelines. Some campuses have student to counselor ratios that are nearly double of what’s recommended. One unknown: where is the funding coming from to pay for the additional counselors.