CFA HEADLINES • September 2, 2020


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College Faculty Participate in Solidarity Actions Calling Attention to Violence Against People of Color

Faculty are organizing a grassroots nationwide Scholar Strike September 8 and 9. The organizers of the event are calling for faculty across the country to withhold their labor in order to bring attention to violence against communities of color. The California Faculty Association supports the days of action, teach-ins, and social justice advocacy as we head into the Labor Day weekend, a time to celebrate and recognize the considerable contributions of unions and the Labor movement to America.


CFA Scores Many Legislative Victories

The 2019-20 California Legislative session concluded at 1:30 a.m. September 1. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused drastic changes in schedule and a reduction in the business taken up by the Legislature, CFA continued to be an active participant in the process.


INFOGRAPHIC: Declining Black Student Enrollment

Enrollment in the State University System has been increasing steadily, going from about 324,000 students in 1985 to more than 480,000 in 2019.

The number of Black students attending the CSU peaked in 2008, at 26,193.  Since then, the number of Black students enrolled in the CSU has declined by nearly 7,000.  Click here for a full infographic.




In Other News…

SECOND CFA TRAINING FOR CHAIRS AND PROGRAM DIRECTORS SEPTEMBER 23: CFA Faculty Rights chair Molly Talcott (Los Angeles), Kelly Janousek (Long Beach), along with CFA field and representation staff, will present statewide contract training for chairs and Unit 3 program directors on Wednesday, September 23, from 3 to 5 p.m.  


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Personal Holiday

We are living in times of intense stress and grief, as we navigate the crises of systemic racism and anti-Blackness, economic downturn, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Many faculty are not only teaching, counseling, and coaching students, but also trying to improve our communities, challenge injustice, and keep our families healthy and nurtured. 


Links of the Week

Chico State Stops In-Person and Hybrid Courses, Closes the Dorms
The Orion
Chico State announced Sunday evening that all remaining in-person classes will be suspended and resumed online. The university also canceled all on-campus housing because of a growing cluster of COVID-19 cases.