CFA Headlines • September 26, 2018

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Mental health counselors bill vetoed; CFA says “We are not giving up!”

Despite broad, bi-partisan support among state legislators, Governor Brown has vetoed SB 968, a bill to improve student access to mental health counseling on California State University campuses.


CFA Faculty meetings coming to your campus this term

CSU faculty who have been here awhile are well aware that the Faculty Voice is heard best when we build the power to make sure we are heard.

And those who are newly arrived at the CSU may have seen how faculty voices can be silenced at the other places where they have taught and studied.

This fall, CFA Chapters on each campus will hold Faculty Meetings to explore how all of us, working together, help CFA build power to win for our colleagues, our students, and our system.


Links of the Week • September 26, 2018

Growing number of Democrats run on free college, pushing issue into mainstream
Inside Higher Ed
A growing number of Democratic candidates at the state and federal level are running on free college. But there’s a sharp divide within the party and liberal policy circles over the concept.