CFA Headlines • September 28, 2016

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Learn more about the next contract at campus bargaining meetings

Faculty members have been offering ideas for contract improvements and hearing more about potential bargaining topics at CFA meetings being held on campuses throughout the state.

This week, meetings will take place at Fullerton, Humboldt, Bakersfield and Maritime Academy.


Gov. Brown signs legislation regarding release time for CSU union members

Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday, Sept. 24, signed CFA-sponsored legislation requiring the California State University system to grant release time to faculty and staff who are union members and are involved in leadership activities of an affiliated union.


Faculty stand in solidarity with UAW 4123

CFA members voiced their solidarity this week for members of UAW 4123, which represents 9,000 Academic Student Employees throughout the CSU, as they bargain their contract with CSU management.

The union is demanding that the new contract include raising grading assistant and teaching assistant salaries to $28,000 per year, raising the campus minimum wage to $15 per hour, expansion of tuition waivers, stronger protection from workplace discrimination, and improved working conditions.


CFA’s new voting guide provides personalized endorsement list

Learning who your CFA-endorsed candidates are and how to vote on propositions just got easier thanks to the new CFA Voter Guide 2016.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Flex Cash


Through the Flex Cash Plan (Article 32.13 in the Faculty Contract), faculty who waive CSU benefits because they have other non-CSU coverage can receive an additional $128 in compensation per month for waiving just medical benefits, $12 for waiving dental, and $140 for waiving both.

In order to participate, each employee must request participation and certify that s/he has alternate non-CSU insurance for the CSU insurance being waived.


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