CFA Headlines • September 30, 2015

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Faculty moving to Strike Authorization Vote, October 19-28

The California Faculty Association officially announced to the public late last week that CFA members will vote to authorize the union’s Board of Directors to call for job actions, including a strike, if the “statutory” process (which includes mediation and factfinding) does not result in an agreement.

Management is unwilling to even consider CFA’s call for a 5% compensation increase after years of stagnant faculty wages. Instead, the Chancellor’s team tells us that 2% is sufficient.


Only CFA members vote; you can join CFA now & vote

One of the benefits of CFA/union membership is the right to vote, including voting on the Strike authorization.

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News media spreads word of faculty Strike Authorization Vote

California news outlets all over the state are writing about CFA’s upcoming Strike Authorization Vote.

See links to news articles about the vote


Join colleagues at CFA Chapter actions in October

Campus CFA Chapters are calling on you—CSU faculty and our allies including students, staff, legislators and so many more—to join in at local campus events throughout October to “Fight for Five.”

Check out events and gatherings of faculty on campus in the “Fight for Five”


“I’m voting yes!” to authorize Strike

As word of the Strike Authorization Vote spreads across the 23 CSU campuses, CFA members are coming forward to say why “I’m voting yes!”

  • You can share your reasons for voting yes with CFA Headlines via cfa@calfac.org

Chancellor White pops up at CSU Dominguez Hills; faculty & students were ready with questions

Chancellor Timothy White was at CSU Dominguez Hills last Friday to share his “vision” for the CSU, which he laid out in a talk that lasted well over an hour. Nevertheless, the DH CFA Chapter prepared questions and a display of signs to mark his visit.

“We made a clear point that we are speaking for survival of the system of higher education when we demand a raise for faculty,” explains DH CFA Chapter President Vivan Price.


Legislators urge Chancellor White to invest in faculty

Fifteen California lawmakers have sent letters to Chancellor Timothy White urging him to invest in faculty and student success.

In a Sept. 21 letter, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León wrote, “Without quality faculty, students cannot succeed.”


CSU management opposed $11 million for tenure-track hiring

It was a very bright moment for faculty when the state legislature decided to include in the state budget $11 million dedicated to tenure-track hiring in the CSU. CFA had lobbied hard to win that money, a small sum compared to the need but a notable act nonetheless.

All was not so bright, though, during the effort to win the funds, when a CSU budget representative shared a message with key legislators’ staffs pooh-poohing the funding and saying the CSU Chancellor’s Office opposes committing these funds to permanent hires.


Faculty Rights Tip: Faculty Evaluation & Classroom Visits (including online)

Article 15.14 of our contract covers the notification requirements that must occur before any evaluator visits your classroom or reviews your online course content.


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