CFA Headlines • September 5, 2018

Headlines to include


CSU Faculty! We can advance public higher education in the Nov. 6 election

Do you find election-time engaging? Has our country’s political climate made you decide now is the time to do something? Then, CFA has opportunities for you to take political action.


Trustees to take up next round of CSU state funding

The budget years keep coming and September is when we get a peek at what the CSU Chancellor is thinking about the 2019-2020 state funding request for our university system.


Faculty Rights Tip: I Need a Union Rep!

Have you (or someone you know) ever been called into a meeting with an administrator and you were not quite sure what the meeting was about?

And once in the meeting realized, you were being questioned or investigated about some issue for which you might be disciplined, reprimanded, or otherwise negatively affected? You need, and are entitled to have, a union representative or another advocate of your choosing with you at that meeting.

You can invoke your right to have an advocate with you before or during the meeting by saying:


In Other News

REMINDER: SEPT 8 MARCH TO SAVE OUR PLANET: Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice will challenge anti-intellectual science deniers and advocate for responsible action to save our planet. California’s main event is on Sept. 8 in San Francisco, and the Labor contingent will be led by the ILWU Drill Team and the Crucible Fire Truck from Firefighters Local 798.

Join the CFA contingent at 10 am on Steuart Street just off Market Street by the Embarcadero.


Links of the Week • September 5, 2018

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