CFA Headlines • September 6, 2017

SPECIAL NOTICE: CalPERS members, who include most CSU faculty, have the right to vote on those who sit on the CalPERS Board of Administration. CFA has joined other labor unions in endorsing David Miller and Michael Bilbrey in the election underway now through October 2. They are committed to protect our pensions and keep CalPERS strong. Learn more and find voting instructions at www.voteunion.com — and please vote by October 2.

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CFA speaks out for DACA; AB 21 goes to Senate floor, would help immigrant students

All of us in CFA are deeply troubled by Pres. Trump’s announcement that he will eliminate the DACA program protecting young people brought to the U.S. as children. Last week, a CFA statement called on Trump to preserve DACA; we stand by that declaration.


CFA challenges CSU Chancellor Executive Orders regarding General Education, remediation

CFA is demanding that CSU management “meet-and-confer” over two Executives Orders issued by the Chancellor over the summer that make big changes in student general education and in remediation requirements.


CFA to host Tentative Agreement Info Meetings, workshops & socials on your campus

The Tentative Agreement Information Meeting hosted by your campus CFA chapter this term is a not-to-be-missed gathering. You will learn all about the new tentative agreement on the faculty contract extension, and why it matters to our careers and to the quality of education in the CSU.

Click here to learn more about the tentative agreement. 


Faculty Rights Tip: Article 6 CFA’s Rights

Have you ever been concerned about whether it was okay to send CFA communications on e-mail or create CFA fliers for distribution? 

Has a colleague ever expressed concern that an administrator might somehow retaliate for their union activity? 

Article 6 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement assures CFA’s rights including, but not limited to the following:


In Other News

CFA AT LABOR DAY—PHOTO GALLERY: CFA was out in force to mark Labor Day and speak for every working person’s right to have a union—including all faculty. It’s all about fair pay, benefits, and conditions of work. View a gallery of photos from up and down the state. 


Links of the Week • September 6, 2017

Leaders of five California education systems urge Congress to continue protecting immigrant students
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