CFA Headlines • Special Edition • June 3, 2016
Action: Let our legislators know more CSU funding is critical to California’s future

Over the next few weeks, legislative leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown will determine the fate of the California State University’s funding for the 2016-17 year.

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Currently, the Assembly has approved an additional $101 million for the CSU, but the Senate has not included this much-needed additional revenue.

Gov. Jerry Brown added $25 million in one-time funding to his budget proposal, but the CSU does not have one-time students. Year after year, we teach more students with fewer resources.

Supporters of the CSU can help.

Five Senators and five Assembly Members comprising the Conference Committee will  send a budget recommendation to the governor for his signature.

Ask these representatives to include increased CSU funding this fiscal year in their budget decision.

Please take a moment to fill out a message to your local legislator no later than June 12, 2016, asking them to encourage members of the Conference Committee to include the additional $101 million in their proposed budget plan recommendations.

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