‘Do Right by Caregivers’: COVID Relief Letter to Chancellor Castro, Equity Conference Returns for Equity Week


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CFA Members Join Together in Solidarity for COVID-19 Relief

More than 400 people tuned in to CFA’s COVID-19 Relief Town Hall last week to hear gut wrenching stories from working parents and caregivers and to take action to urge CSU Chancellor Joseph I. Castro to provide desperately needed relief.

“I have two young children, who are in 1st and 3rd grade… and similar to others, my children did not have online schooling for a few weeks and only 30 minutes with the teacher once a week. … I have to sit with my son the whole time he is in school,” said town hall panelist Sabrina Alimahomed, CSU Long Beach professor. “Nobody gets this: if you are trying to be a good professor and be there for your students and do the service work, serving on committees and mentoring students and showing up for them. To teach them and be there for them and come at odds with your family’s mental health. [At] What point can my son be ignored or my daughter?” 


CFA Equity Conference: Connecting for Co-Liberation Returns on March 10

In just two weeks, CFA’s Equity Conference returns. Like last year’s Equity Conference, CFA leaders will continue the theme of connecting for co-liberation; however, this year’s conference moves virtual as our meetings remain online.

Good news? The event has been expanded to Equity Week! Join CFA activists for panels and workshops March 10 through 13.


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BIDEN’S FIRST 100 DAYS: In a TIME article last month, authors compared the country that President Joe Biden inherited to one that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn into.
The question still remains whether Biden can be as impactful as FDR in his first 100 days. So what has the president done thus far to help Americans in need of COVID relief, higher education, and anti-racism and social justice measures?


Faculty Rights Tip: Reprimands

Article 18 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers reprimands. Here are some important things to know about reprimands: 


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