Indigenous Peoples Caucus


Indigenous Peoples Caucus

Vision Statement

The Mission of the Indigenous Peoples Caucus is to advocate for and legitimatize a place for the full recognition of the diversity represented by Indigenous Peoples in the California State University (CSU) system. The Indigenous Peoples Caucus seeks to mobilize CFA support of Native Nations and Indigenous Sovereignty, and acknowledge Indigenous rights to land, water and life. The Indigenous Peoples Caucus works to raise awareness of the diverse histories of Native peoples in California, especially through the Mission system, genocide era, and 20th century struggles, as well as about the diverse urban and relocated populations in California.

The Indigenous Peoples Caucus recognizes that California State University’s are built upon Indigenous land and Indigenous sacred sites. The Indigenous Peoples Caucus embraces outreach and advocacy to address and effectively resolve issues facing Indigenous faculty, students and fosters scholarship in issues relating to Indigenous life both on and off campus, and works to build bridges across California Faculty Association (CFA) Caucuses that support systems of equity and social justice.