Insiders’ Guide to Collective Bargaining
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Insiders’ Guide: President’s Message
Message from CFA President Lillian Taiz

CFA President LillianTaiz

Bargaining a contract is never easy but this year it is especially tough.
State funding for the CSU is fundamental to some of the most important
challenges threatening our whole CSU community and, in particular, our faculty collective bargaining agreement.

After all, funding is necessary to offer the necessary number of classes to our students, and to save jobs for the faculty teaching those classes. Funding is necessary to keep down class sizes, which is good for the quality of the education we can give to students.


Insiders’ Guide: Q&A with CFA Bargaining Team Chair
A conversation about your questions with John Travis (Pol Sci, Humboldt)

Q: What is Collective bargaining?

A: Some of you may not have been in a union before, so it’s helpful to review how all this works. Collective bargaining is the right of employees to negotiate with the managers of the enterprise they work for over issues like salary, conditions of employment, workload and so on. This right allows the faculty in the CSU’s Bargaining Unit 3 in to negotiate with the Chancellor’s Office, which represents the CSU Trustees in bargaining with employees.


Insiders’ Guide: Key Issues in Bargaining
The Chancellor's Take-Back Demands & CFA's Proposals for Fairness & Quality


The Chancellor wants “take-backs”—as many as he can get—in three core areas: undermining job security and workforce stability; an administrative power grab; and an attack on due process rights. His bargaining proposals attack faculty working conditions and undermine our efforts to provide a quality education for CSU students. His proposals are very technical; a CFA bargaining team member described them as “surgical” because they include many small contract changes that have far-reaching effects. 


Insiders Guide: Important 2007 Faculty Contract Gains

Salary (Received)

  • All faculty got 9.7% General Salary Increases (GSIs) for 2005/06 & 2006/07
  • Eligible faculty got 2.65% Service Step Increases (SSIs)
  • Eligible faculty shared in $7 million for year one of Equity Pay Program
  • Senior faculty (inc. Lecturer D) who exhausted SSIs (compression) shared in $14 million in Post Promotion Increases (PPI)
  • All faculty got a 0.045% GSI in Sept.

Insiders Guide: Lets Be Honest
The Cuts Started Before Brown’s Budget, Now We Need to Be Tough on Our Priorities

CSU total budget chart (click to enlarge)
By Henry Reichman
Professor Emeritus of History , East Bay
Member, CFA Bargaining Team

Those in the CSU community, like myself, who supported Jerry Brown for Governor were disappointed when his proposed budget included a cut of up to $500 million to the CSU budget. It surely would have been worse under Meg Whitman, but that is not much comfort.

On the other hand, the state’s fiscal crisis is genuine and massive.