About the faculty contract
Implementation of agreements going well; campus presidents can help to keep this good progress going

Remarks to California State University Board of Trustees, September 20, 2016

by Kevin Wehr, Professor, Sociology, CSU Sacramento
Chair, CFA Bargaining Team

Good morning, my name is Kevin Wehr, Professor of Sociology at CSU Sacramento and Chair of the Bargaining Team for CFA.

I am pleased to come before you today to report that the implementation of the contract we agreed to last Spring is going well. Faculty have been surprised and gratified that the raises were processed quickly after July 1 and turned up in their pocketbooks the very next pay period.

We would like to acknowledge the good work of your staff and their communications with the State Controller’s Office.

I am also glad to report that negotiations on one outstanding piece of the contract, Range Elevation for Lecturers, is moving forward. We seem to have substantial agreement on the character of the problem and approaches to the solution.

As you may recall, last Spring we agreed that should we be unable to reach an agreement through bargaining, the issue will go to binding arbitration for guaranteed implementation in Fall 2017. Time is of the essence for this to work; we must reach an agreement by this coming March or the arbitrator will do it for us.  

There is enough time to get this done but we need help from all of you Campus Presidents.

In order to make reasonable and informed decisions about fixing the Range Elevation process, we need reliable data. While we have some data from 11 of the 23 campuses, the quality of this information is disappointing at best. Lecturers make up 45% of the faculty by FTE, and 60% by headcount.

We would hope that Faculty Affairs and Human Resources on the campuses would be able to keep better track of such a large number of our faculty.

We hope that the Campus Presidents will do everything they can to help us solve this issue at the bargaining table instead of making us go through the costly and time-consuming process of arbitration.

Work with us on the campuses to get information to the system so that we can continue to enjoy and extend this period of collegial problem-solving and cooperation.