About Tim Sampson

Reprinted from California Faculty Magazine May 2002:


Lifelong social justice advocate Tim Sampson died peacefully last December 24 at his home in Oakland. Tim taught social work at San Francisco State for 30 years, 13 of which he served as CFA chapter president.

To honor his memory, CFA’s Board of Directors Voted in April to name the CFA student internship program for him and to conintue the program for another year.

“Nobody more than Tim saw the connection between providing an education and the need for activism to protect public education. We will be participating in a coalition with both teachers and learners working together to protect public education. That seems an appropriate way to honor him,” said Susan Meisenhelder, CFA President.

Tim was widely admired both for his teaching in which he encouraged students to be organizers and advocates for the poor, working people and seniors, and for his own activism through which he helped to build the National Welfare Rights Organization and many other groups.

At a memorial on the SFSU campus organized by CFA, speakers and performers recalled Tim’s love of song, jokes, and poetry and his passion for weaving cultural expression into the work for social justice. Speakers included SFSU President Richard Corrigan, Susan Meisenhelder and colleagues from social work and labor studies.

San Francisco State CFA Chapter President Mitch Turitz said, “Tim was president for a long time and he devoted himself to it night and day. So a lot of the faculty associated CFA with Tim and Tim with CFA. But at a memorial in Oakland for him, I was surprised at the number of other union people he had known, and all the people from around the country. I sat next to a woman who had been a student of Tim’s more than 20 years ago and she came to the memorial because he greatly influenced her. At a gathering at this home there was a student he had just gotten into some program. He seemed to always have students around him.”

Tim’s family said donations may be made in his honor to the Center for Third World Organizing, Applied Research Center or the Older Women’s League Students Interested in the Tim Sampson Internship Program may inquire at the CFA office on their campus.