May 5th - 3pm-5pm - Vintage Room

CFA Bargaining Team member, Kevin Wehr, will be coming to Fresno State to talk with us and get our feedback about upcoming contract negotiations.



TIME(S): 3-4pm & 4-5pm

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I will attend 3-4 PM

I will attend 4-5 PM

Snacks and beverages will be available at the meetings

“This is a chance for our CFA Bargaining Team to present to faculty the results of the bargaining survey administered last Fall, and to explain some of the potential issues we’ll be facing at the bargaining table. Even more importantly it is an opportunity for the CFA Bargaining Team to hear from our colleagues and articulate their input from the survey face to face,” said Kevin Wehr, Chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team and Secretary-Elect of CFA.

“Having settled our salary fight last year, we are just a few months away from beginning the bargaining process for the full successor contract; we hope that meeting with the administration earlier this time can help put negotiations more in line with the State Budget process,” he said. “Meeting with faculty on the campuses is a critical first step in these efforts.”