California Faculty Association and Cal. State U. management begin final phase of negotiations before possible faculty strike on the 23 CSU campuses

November 23, 2015

SACRAMENTO – Today, the California Faculty Association (CFA) began the factfinding stage of the collective bargaining process with California State University (CSU) management. It is the final step to complete before the CSU faculty is legally permitted to begin job actions, including a strike. 

“We remain hopeful that CSU Chancellor Timothy White and his representatives will see the many advantages to reaching a fair settlement before this process is over,” said Kevin Wehr, chair of the CFA Bargaining Team and a professor at Sacramento State.

In this phase, the sides present to an independent “factfinder,” who will attempt to establish the facts in the dispute. Together with a representative from each side, the factfinder then prepares a report for the governor and public.

The process, spelled out in HEERA (Higher Education Employment Relations Act), is done in closed session. The finished report has a “blackout period” of 10 days while the sides consider it. After the 10 days, the report will become public, the chancellor will have the right to impose unilaterally using his “last, best offer,” and the faculty will have the right to strike.


Factfinding begins just days after CFA filed an Unfair Labor Practice complaint against CSU management and less than a week after 1000 faculty members and supporters marched and rallied on a Trustees meeting at the Chancellor’s HQ, in what they are calling the “Fight for Five.”

CFA President Jennifer Eagan, a professor at CSU East Bay, alluded to a Trustees plan to ease the way to higher executive compensation, when she said,

“It concerns us that Chancellor White’s priority remains executive salaries and perks instead of the needs of the people in the classroom. We are still waiting for the day when we sit across the table from a management team that truly wants to provide students with an affordable, high quality education—and is willing to invest in that system instead of administrative bloat.”


CFA and CSU management have been bargaining since May 2015 over faculty salaries in the second year of the Unit 3:Faculty contract. CFA has dubbed its push to improve faculty earnings as the “Fight for Five”—meaning a 5% General Salary Increase for all faculty.

In addition to the pay issue in the contract dispute, CSU faculty are extremely concerned about hiring patterns that emphasize temporary teaching jobs over long periods of time, the impact of stagnant pay on faculty members’ own families, the impact on quality education for students, and the demoralizing misplaced priority on executive compensation.

CFA members voted in October to authorize a strike if contract negotiations with CSU management fail to result in a fair deal.

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