Campus Equity Pay at Cal State LA
Message from the Exec. Board of the Los Angeles CFA Chapter

May 22, 2015

Dear Colleagues,

On Wednesday, the Office of the President announced an Equity Plan for Cal State LA, which will increase minimum salaries for tenured and tenured-track faculty at every rank, and also award these faculty a 1.25% increase for each year of service, up to five percent or the SSI max.

While far from perfect, this new plan marks meaningful progress for Cal State LA faculty in recovering economic ground that we have lost over the past decade. The Equity Plan would not be possible without CFA’s leadership, and especially CSULA faculty’s tremendous engagement and energy over the past year in advocating for salary equity at our campus.

Last year, at the bargaining table, in addition to the statewide raises we won for Year 1 of our contract (1.6% GSI, 3% salary recovery, statewide equity for recent hires, and lecturer reclassification), CFA secured Article 31.12, which enables campus presidents to make additional equity awards at the campus level.

In September, President Covino told CFA leaders that no funds were available for an equity plan. Our collective work over the course of AY 2014-15 – collecting hundreds of letters from faculty and speaking out at Academic Senate and Board of Trustees meetings – shifted that reality. 

CFA leaders met with President Covino, Provost Mahoney, and Associate Vice President LaPolt last Friday, May 15th, and presented to them our proposal for an equity program.

The President’s plan is half the size of CFA-LA’s proposal and excludes lecturers, whereas CFA’s plan recognized the contributions and years of service of all faculty. However, we are pleased to have found some common ground with the administration and to see important steps taken to address problems with our campus salary structure.

On behalf of the CFA-LA Executive Board, I want to sincerely thank each of you who signed or collected letters, attended a meeting, or raised your voice for faculty equity in any forum. Whether or not you are among those receiving an equity raise this time around, please know that your actions have eased the financial troubles of many of our colleagues and improved morale among the faculty as a whole, too.

We were able to win this step toward more equitable salaries because you stepped up and showed the administration the power of a united faculty.

To be sure, challenges lie ahead as we reopen negotiations with the CSU on the salary article for Years 2 and 3. We plan to vigorously continue our effort to regain the ground we’ve lost over the last decade.

As a member of the CFA bargaining team, I assure you that our collective, grassroots power – and only that – will secure us a fair deal going forward. Money for fair salaries can be “found” when we insist on a change in priorities.

CFA-LA will be inviting you to participate in this campaign in Fall 2015. In the meantime, take a moment to celebrate your well-deserved raises and/or those going to your colleagues. We are becoming a stronger faculty.

We thank you wholeheartedly for your efforts, colleagues. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


Molly Talcott, CFA-LA Chapter President
for the CFA-LA Executive Board



From: Communications and Public Affairs
Date: May 20, 2015 at 4:05:06 PM PDT
Subject: Campus-Based Equity Plan

Dear Faculty:

As you may know, the most recent CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement with the CFA allowed for two rounds of equity compensation increases, including one at the system level and another at the campus level.  After consulting with Cal State L.A.’s CFA representatives and the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate, I am happy to announce that Cal State L.A. will be implementing its campus-based equity plan for tenured and tenure-track (T/TT) faculty retroactive to January 5, 2015.

Over the past year, Cal State L.A. has awarded $3.5 million in compensation increases to T/TT faculty and lecturers.  All unit 3 employees were awarded 1.6% General Salary Increases amounting to $1.35 million. T/TT faculty and lecturers with three-year appointments earning below the Service Salary Increase (SSI) minima received Salary Recovery Adjustments totaling over $770,000, and T/TT faculty received system-wide equity adjustments of over $80,000.  Lecturers received an additional $1.3 million in compensation resulting from Lecturer Salary Corrections.  Having spent close to $2 million on lecturer increases, I will augment the compensation pool for T/TT faculty with an additional $665,000 to address salary inversion and compression among the T/TT faculty, bringing up their share of this year’s compensation increases to close to $2.2 million.

Retroactive to January 5, 2015, we have established minimum salaries for assistant professors ($65,000), for associate professors ($74,000), and for full professors ($84,000). We will also adjust salary for years in rank, adding an additional 1.25% per year of completed service, up to 5% or the SSI maximum.  Almost 160 T/TT faculty will benefit from these equity increases, which we expect will be reflected in August paychecks.

We will post this information, in greater detail, on the Research and Academic Personnel website in the near future.

As a university, we are committed to supporting student and faculty success, even in times of limited resources. Thank you for your patience as we worked to create and fund a campus-based equity program, and for your dedication and contributions to Cal State L.A.


, California State University, Los Angeles