CFA 2018 Equity Conference, March 16-17
Los Angeles

Mark your calendars—CFA’s 10th Anniversary Equity Conference will be held March 16-17 in Los Angeles.

This year’s Equity Conference seeks to further CFA’s demands for solidarity across the lines of social division by engaging the framework of intersectionality as a critical mode of organizing and coalescing the multiple identities that comprise the American labor movement. It also is an opportunity to take action for equity, access and fairness within the CSU system for students, faculty and staff.

The conference serves as a kind of incubator of ideas, and a way for activists of all backgrounds to get involved, said Cecil Canton, CFA’s Associate Vice President of Affirmative Action and a Professor at Sacramento State.

“People can find space in the Equity Conference where they can connect with others on an emotional and intellectual level, and that connection helps sustain and validate who they are and help us arrive at solutions to the issues and challenges we’re all facing,” Canton said.

The Council for Affirmative Action will sponsor up to five people from each chapter to attend. For more information about the 2018 Equity Conference, click here.