CFA and Our Contract: We’ve Come a Long Way

Since 1983, the California Faculty Association has secured improvements to the faculty contract and fought back against take-aways of our hard-won gains. Not only do these wins improve our working conditions in the CSU, but also help preserve our public university system. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Won mandatory relief from direct teaching for new probationary faculty (Article 20.36
  • Secured health insurance benefits for part-time Lecturers (from 0.4 timebase), as a result of CFA-championed legislation (AB 211 in 2002) (Article 32
  • Preserved FERP – the popular Faculty Early Retirement Program – despite numerous attempts to take away this program (Article 29). 
  • Established rights to 1 and 3 year contracts for Lecturers (Article 12.12
  • Extended representation to faculty teaching in Extension for Credit and expanded sick leave benefits for Lecturers teaching in Extension (Articles 21.23 and 40.19). 
  • Increased guaranteed minimum raise with promotion to 9% (Article 31.5
  • Initiated catastrophic leave donation program (Article 24.23
  • Established right to preference for work hiring order for Lecturers (Article 12.29
  • Expanded eligibility for fee waivers for faculty to include Lecturers and Coaches (Article 26
  • Negotiated special Exceptional Service awards to support faculty working with first-generation college students and students of color (Article 20.37
  • Gained improvements to Range Elevation opportunities for Lecturers and Librarians with temporary appointments: a new Range Elevation agreement allows more faculty to apply and receive raises of at least 5%. (2016 Range Elevation MOU
  • Secured improvements to Parental Leave benefits: in addition to paid parental leave, tenured and tenure-track faculty may take up to one year of parental leave without pay and now have greater flexibility in scheduling leave (Articles 22 and 23). 
  • Eliminated lowest paid range for Lecturers and reclassified Lecturers with terminal degrees to range “B” or higher. (Articles 31.15 and 31.16
  • Negotiated increase to extra pay formula for summer term work (Article 21). 
  • Protected a secure retirement for faculty by fighting off attempts to increase contribution formulas. 
  • Expanded representation rights through establishment of statutory grievance process (Article 10.9 et seq.
  • Since 2016, won raises totaling at least 16.5% for all faculty, and more for the lower paid and long-term faculty (Article 31). 
  • Ongoing work to improve tenure density, develop pathways to tenure, and improve the salary structure (2017 Contract Extension

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