CFA-CAA Workshop Mission Statement

Our goal is to create a workshop that can be used at every CSU campus to help faculty become aware of their unconscious biases and preferences and through that awareness, to transform the way hiring, evaluation and retention are done. Everyone has unconscious biases and preferences. 

Unconscious biases or preferences are defined as hidden prejudices that we all have that operate on a subconscious level. This could be related to race, gender, disability, religion etc. The hope is that through uncovering each of our unconscious biases and preferences that it will make us more aware of (and change for the better) the way we behave in the workplace. This could be on RTP committees and/or on hiring/search committees. The idea is to foster an environment wherein we can recruit and retain a more diverse faculty workforce and decrease workplace hostility.

This is not your typical diversity workshop.  It is meant to make you aware of the subconscious, hidden or previously unknown biases and preferences that we all have. It will mean sharing on a deeply personal level.

First, you’ll take a few online tests that were developed using academic research methods to uncover each of our unconscious biases or preferences.  The tests are short, easy and even fun and at the end you’ll receive your results.  Please print this results page out.  We’ll get personal and talk about your results and how they might have surprised or concerned you.

Then we’ll show a few videos, one about the IAT and one which is an example of how unconscious biases or preferences have effected hiring decisions. 

And finally, with our new awareness, we’ll talk about how we can transform the systems we work in by changing our own behavior (or commenting on others behavior) so that these unconscious biases and preferences no longer perpetuate a system where discrimination occurs.

Your participation and feedback are critical to the ongoing development of this workshop. Please be sure to visit and take at least 4 Implicit Association Tests (IAT) before participating in the workshop.  One test should focus on races, one on gender and the remaining two from other categories such as age, politics, religion, etc.

Finally, take a moment to complete and return the evaluation at the conclusion of the workshop.