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Campus leaders question new tuition increase
Sonoma State Star
According to CFA, California spends 41 percent less on a CSU students today than 30 years ago. For the 2018-19 academic year, Gov. Jerry Brown has indicated he will only grant the CSU system $102 million in new funding…

Stan State shows Warrior spirit with donations to fire victims
Turlock Journal
The Stanislaus State Campus Cares Fund, created by the CFA Stanislaus Chapter to provide aid to students dealing with food insecurity, homelessness or unexpected emergencies, kickstarted a crowdfunding effort to assist the fire victims at Sonoma State. …Stanislaus State President Ellen Junn: “We are very fortunate that Campus Cares was started by the CFA…” “One of the really neat things about being in the CSU is that we get to care for our students,” said CFA President Steven Filling. “We get to put our money where our mouth is, and really importantly tonight, caring for our students means not just our Warriors, but our students in Sonoma too. You’ve had our thoughts and prayers, and at the end of the year you’ll get our check.”

Advocates, service providers talk the state of homelessness
Oroville Mercury Register
A discussion facilitated by the California Faculty Association at Chico

Demand That US Government Allow Entry of Mexican Union Farmworkers To Speak To US Workers
SF Bay Area Indymedia
The Binational Conference to which the San Quintin workers were invited as keynote presenters has been sponsored by the California Faculty Association chapter at CSU Dominguez Hills and by ….


Cal State warns of tuition hike if state funds dip; upholds plan to cut non-credit courses
LA Daily News
Jennifer Eagan, president of the professors’ union, California Faculty Association, called on the trustees to rescind the executive orders…

Laney College Groups Oppose A’s Stadium Proposal
CBS San Francisco Bay Area
The California Faculty Association’s East Bay Chapter passed a similar resolution last month. “We need to protect Laney College as a public resource,”…

Warrior Food Drive hopes to de-stress students
The Signal
For the pantry, we received a donation from the California Faculty Association (CFA) at Stanislaus State,” Rotan said.

UK trade union support for fossil fuel divestment sparks debate
Equal Times
Following divestment endorsements from the California Faculty Association (CFA) and the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) in 2015,…

Presidential search seeks CSUB input
The Runner Online
“I challenge you to explain how we can possibly get someone through your so-called confidential process, who is committed to democracy, when the process itself compromises democracy,” said Bruce Hartsell, president of the CSUB California Faculty Association.  


New tentative contract produced by Chico State CFA, awaiting approval
The Orion (CSU Chico)
“We often don’t see eye to eye with the CSU,” said Jennifer Eagan, CFA Statewide President. “But they often do respond when other people in power tell them that this is a good idea and that other people would like the CSU to be quiet in that way for a couple of years as well.”

New California bill to protect DACA students
The Cougar Chronicle (CSU San Marcos)
According to CFA, AB 21 “will enact protections for undocumented students, faculty, and staff in the CSU system, as well as the state’s community colleges, including access to financial aid, legal representation and their constitutional right to due process.”

New contract agreement gives CSU faculty pay raises
Simi Valley Acorn

Opinion: CSU diversity courses under threat
L.A. Daily News
CSU Northridge CFA activist Kristyan Kouri: “…most people believe that the mandate is culturally insensitive and that upper level CSU officials have overstepped their bounds. … CFA president, Jennifer Eagan echoes this sentiment. EO 1100 “represents an overreach by CSU management and a blatant disregard of shared governance,” she said. Because the order affects faculty and their working conditions, Eagan has called for CSU officials to meet with CFA to confer about the order.

Executive Salaries Increased
CSULA University Times
… this last 2.5 percent increase brings (Chancellor) White’s salary to a total of $450,345. President’s salaries increased starting from $274,601 at the Maritime Academy and are as high as $428,645 at San Diego State.  … CO Manager of Public Affairs Elizabeth Chapin, (said), “CSU faculty and staff also recently received salary increases, with faculty receiving a 4.5 percent increase this budget year.” However, CFA had been in negotiations for increased wages for faculty and staff for over seven years and a 5 percent general salary increase was finally agreed upon after the possibility of a statewide faculty strike loomed over the heads of the trustees in the Spring of 2016. According to Molly Talcott, L.A. Chapter President of CFA and Associate Professor of Sociology, “Budgets are moral documents. Last year, the trustees voted 11-7 to raise tuition on students, while knowing that 20% of CSU students are food insecure and 10% are homeless.” … “If I were a CSU executive, I also wouldn’t take a penny more while lecturer faculty are barely scraping by, with some living in their cars.”

Contract extension could mean more pay for faculty
The Collegian (Fresno State)

28000 CSU faculty will see hikes in paychecks
Camarillo Acorn
California Faculty Association, which represents 28,000 professors, lecturers, librarians, counselors and coaches, agreed to extend the current collective …

Editorial: Chico State students can expect another fee hike
Oroville Mercury Register
The raises are a new expense totaling about $120 million in new costs for the 2019-20 school year, according to a California State University spokeswoman.


CFA and CSU tentatively agree to extend collective bargaining agreement
Mustang News (SLO)
CFA has already come to a tentative agreement with the CSU after only 20 days of bargaining…. “While the preparations for a strike in 2016 were painful for both the faculty and students alike, this tentative agreement is further proof that the demonstration of our resolve was required,” CFA San Luis Obispo President Graham Archer said in an email. “It is only when faculty stand together that our bargaining team can produce results.”

CSU, professors reach tentative deal to extend contract
Long Beach Press Telegram
(Also appeared in L.A. Daily News, and others)

CSU management and faculty reach tentative bargaining agreement
San Luis Obispo Tribune

CSU reaches tentative labor deal with faculty
Central Valley Business Times

Contracts Temporarily Extended For California State University Faculty
Gazette Newspapers
“This agreement provides certainty for CSU faculty against future economic instability and allows us to collectively engage in long-term efforts that are critical to achieving our ambitious student success-related goals,” Timothy P. White, CSU Chancellor, said in a release. “We look forward to working with CFA leadership to reinforce with legislators in Sacramento how those goals will drive the future success of California and their vital role in supporting it.”

CSU reaches tentative agreement about salary increases with CFA
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)

Governor Brown Announces Appointments (Faculty position on CSU Board of Trustees)
Imperial Valley News
Romey Sabalius…is a member of the San Jose State U. Academic Senate, CSU Academic Senate and the California Faculty Association San Jose State U. Chapter Executive Board…

Arm in arm: Organized labor in SLO County
New Times SLO
ON THE MARCH: When negotiations fail, local unions can threaten to call for a strike, like these members of the California Faculty Association at Cal Poly.

CSU faculty rebels against changes in remedial and math education, calls for delay
The California Faculty Association has requested a meeting known as a “meet and confer” with Chancellor White’s office to discuss whether the executive orders might substantively change the employment of CSU faculty or other issues that are addressed in the collective bargaining agreement, said Alice Sunshine, CFA’s communication director.  (Also appeared in San Gabriel Valley Tribune, and other local media)

Faculty union demands meeting over recent CSU executive orders
Sonoma State Star
“The faculty has a right for input because there could potentially be workload changes as well as an increase or decrease of jobs,” said Elaine Newman, chapter president of CFA Sonoma and professor in the mathematics and statistics department. With the end of non-credit-bearing remedial classes and the amount of students who need to take them, it is yet to be seen if these will be larger classes, if new faculty members will teach these classes, if the current faculty will teach on top of their other courses, or will some courses be cut.

Cal State’s Retreat From Remediation Stokes Debate on College Readiness
Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription)
“The last thing faculty want to do is set students up for failure because they’re not ready,” said Jennifer Eagan, who is president of CFA. She said the chancellor’s order demonstrates “overreach by CSU management and a blatant disregard of shared governance.”

Cal State faculty take a stand against ‘hasty’ plans to loosen course requirements
Los Angeles Times

Faculty absent in remedial class decision
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
“The single biggest objection is that it was developed with a gross absence of faculty,” said Bruce Hartsell, president of the California Faculty Association chapter …

Assembly Bill 21 passes with CFA support
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)
AB 21 was put forth to “protect undocumented students in higher education,” according to Kalra’s tweet. The involvement of Dr. Steven Filling, president of Stan State’s California Faculty Association with other CFA members of the campus on the steps of the California Capitol represented the university on behalf of students and faculty during the lobbying process…. Filling stated that thousands of students in the CSU system are affected by this legislation. “Our success of society is our success of our students,” Filling said. … “CFA’s purpose is to support faculty’s support of students because the CFA believes that our working conditions are your, meaning students, learning conditions,” Dr. Ann Strahm, VP of CFA and a Sociology Professor at Stan State said. “If one or the other isn’t working out, then neither is working out.”  She encouraged students to “channel their anxiety into activism” in hopes of seeing the next set of community leaders making serious demands for equality and justice.

Academic Senate passes resolution to support Dreamers at CSUF
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
Among others, the Senate will distribute their resolution to the CSU Board of Trustees, White, Garcia, the California Faculty Association

LA Labor Day Rallies Call For $15 Minimum Wage
CBS-TV Los Angeles
CFA Field Rep Jackie Teepen interviewed (at 1:19 in the video)

Student representatives endorse student loan wage garnishment cap
State Hornet (CSU Sacramento)
…would lower the cap on the amount of wages private student loan lenders can garnish from borrowers. Associated Students, Inc. has endorsed the bill, along with the California State Student Association, the California Faculty Association and the California Association of Nonprofits, among others.


California’s CSU System Faces Scrutiny Over Too Many Management Positions
“The California Report” KQED-FM NPR
The state’s public university systems have been facing more scrutiny over their hiring and pay practices. Yesterday, it was Cal State’s turn to get grilled by lawmakers for the so-called “management bloat” on campuses. Quotes Lillian Taiz, CFA Political Action & Legislation Committee Chair.

Federal DACA program faces uncertainty under Trump
MultiBriefs Exclusive (blog
“Last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia, are deeply related to threats to DACA,” said Jennifer Eagan, president of the California Faculty Association, …

JULY 2017

First Look: Suspended California instructor to keep his job
The California Faculty Association announced that Eric Canin, an anthropology lecturer at CSUFullerton, who got into an altercation with a group of College Republicans during a campus demonstration in February, will keep his job.

Correcting the record
Inside Higher Education
Eric Canin told the CSU Board of Trustees “now, more than ever, we are teaching in a time of fear. This must change … You need to protect your employees from these unfair assaults on our freedom to teach and our students’ right to learn.”

Cal State instructor accused of assaulting GOP students reinstated
Long Beach Press Telegram  |  Orange County Register

Professor reinstated after GOP student assault accusation
Associated Press
A California professor facing termination over a run-in with pro-Donald Trump student demonstrators has been reinstated after arbitration, though the school maintains he acted improperly. (Appeared in the Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, and others)

Lecturer Eric Canin to return to CSUF following investigation into misconduct
Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)

Suspended CSUF teacher says Breitbart lied about protest clash

CSU Fullerton professor accused of attacking Trump supporter heads back to classroom
My News LA

JUNE 2017

Cal State to End Placement Exams
Inside Higher Ed
… said Steven Filling, a professor of accounting and finance at CSU Stanislaus State and chapter president for the California Faculty Association.

Assembly Judiciary Committee Approves ​Wieckowski Bill
SB 16 is supporting by Western Center on Law & Poverty, Consumer Federation of California, California Faculty Association, California State Student …

If you’re eligible for CSU, you’ll be guaranteed a slot
Sacramento Bee (also ran in SLO Tribune, Fresno Bee)
The proposed referral system could increase student access to CSU, California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan said. But it may not help all …

Activists Support Claudia Rueda
Immigration Prof Blog
Update on the activism that helped gain Claudia’s release by Susan Marie Green, Associate Professor Chicano Studies and History, CSU Chico and statewide treasurer of the California Faculty Association.

CSU Then and Now: As enrollment at California State University campuses has increased, state funding for the system has dramatically declined
Comstock’s Magazine
“We can ignore the facts showing that educational equity is declining and disparities by wealth and income widening,” according to the CFA paper, “but the price of that denial is high.”  …“As the student body of the CSU became darker, funding became lighter,” testified Cecil Canton, a criminal justice professor at Sacramento State, at a state Capitol hearing in October 2016, as noted in the report. … The budget “shows a real-tone-deafness to the 30-year trend of defunding the CSU,” says California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan.

Hoping to transfer to Cal State LA next spring? You’ll have to wait
89.3 KPCC
Community College students working towards transferring to California State University Los Angeles in the spring of 2018 are out of luck. … Some Cal State LA faculty are worried that making those community college students hit the pause button in their higher education will result in a full stop. “A job might come along that’s hard to pass up because I have to pay off my student loans and then somehow I never get to the CSU,” said CSULA professor Molly Talcott, who’s also the campus president for the California Faculty Association. Talcott and Mahoney said more funding from Sacramento would solve the problem. 

MAY 2017

Cal State Student, an Activist, Detained
Inside Higher Ed
A Cal State Los Angeles, student and immigration activist was detained last Thursday by federal immigration authorities in what some see as retaliation for her protesting the arrest of her mother. Federal authorities said Claudia Rueda was one of seven people arrested as part of an investigation into “a cross-border narcotics smuggling operation,” but that all seven had been arrested for suspected immigration violations, not drug-related offenses. Some faculty and students at CSU Los Angeles are rallying to Rueda’s defense. The Los Angeles Times reported that about a dozen supporters – including students, activists and professors — held a silent rally in support of Rueda on Saturday, the day of the university’s commencement. The California Faculty Association on Monday issued a statement in which it expressed its dismay at Rueda’s detention — which it said had “spread trauma and fear across our campus”—and urged the university system to take action. A spokesman for CSU Los Angeles, Robert Lopez, confirmed that one of the university’s students has been detained by immigration authorities and said that President William A. Covino and other senior university administrators “have been in communication with members of Congress and government agencies seeking assistance for our student.” MORE ON THIS TOPIC: “Border Patrol detains 22-year-old Cal State L.A. student activist; her lawyer says it is retaliation,” Los Angeles Times  /  Free Speech TV (video interview)

US Widening Income Gap Hits Close to Home
CSULA University Times
The California Faculty Association reports the average Full-Time CSU Lecturer salary as $56,781 in 2015.

California’s loyalty oath law snares Quakers more than communists
Sacramento Bee
The more Marianne Kearney-Brown learned about the loyalty oath she had to sign to work for CSU East Bay, a decade ago, the less she wanted anything to do with it. …“As a Quaker, we’re reluctant to sign meaningless oaths,” said Kearney-Brown, who’s now a member of the Vallejo City Unified School District. …Professors sometimes are surprised when they’re presented with the oaths, said Jennifer Eagan, president of the California Faculty Association. “It does seem like a relic of a bygone era that we can do without,” she said. “It’s hard to imagine the provision being invoked now in a way that wouldn’t spur action” to defend the faculty member.

Letter to the Editor: Education Increases the Opportunity to Succeed: Support the Student Protection Act
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
Letter from Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva. The California Faculty Association is a strong sponsor of AB 393: The Student Protection Act. Sign our petition online.

CSULB professors question academic freedom
Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)
A letter from President Conoley opposing divestment resolution puts a ‘chill’ on free speech, some say.  California Faculty Association President Douglas Domingo-Foraste issued a statement to faculty after Conoley’s letter was published to reassure them that they’re free to state their opinions and hold discussions on this matter.

Letter to the editor: CSU needs $325 million more
State Hornet (CSU Sacramento)
CFA President Jennifer Eagan: The bottom line is simple: the CSU needs that additional funding to give the best possible education to the hundreds of thousands of CSU students at our 23 campuses. No one knows how true that is more than we do — CSU faculty and students.

Letter: SDSU students should tell Governor to fund CSUs to avoid tuition hike
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
CFA President Jennifer Eagan: California’s governor and state legislators are making decisions right now that will have a direct impact on what it will cost you to get a college degree.

CSULA Student’s Parent Detained by ICE
CSULA University Times
Dr. Alejandra Marchevsky, professor of Liberal Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Faculty Rights Chair of the California Faculty Association, has seen the impact of Vidal’s detention on Rueda, who is a student in her class this semester. “Our federal immigration policies have made Cal State LA students unsafe and disrupted their education,” said Marchevsky to the University Times. “Many students are living with pervasive fear of being separated from those people most important to them. Deportation directs a student’s energy and resources away from school — not only because of the trauma it unleashes but also because of the legal costs and economic precarity it imposes on our students’ families.”

Administration reaches graduation resolution
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
Sociology Professor Gonzalo Santos was one faculty member who showed his support by writing an email to all of the faculty expressing his thoughts on ticket requirements. Santos sent the email through the California Faculty Association’s email because at this time there is no centralized system for faculty to communicate with each other.

SQE Rallies against tuition increase for students
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)
Dr. Steven Filling, President of the CFA Stan State Chapter, was present for the rally. When he spoke he made a point that the CFA donated $35,000 to the Warrior food pantry and to an emergency loan fund for students. “We didn’t do that because students are so well off that they can afford to pay the state more money. We did it because our students need money,” Dr. Filling said. “The notion that the state should look to you for money is silly. When you are looking for money you look at places that it is, not in our student’s pockets.” He encouraged students to support Assembly bills AB21 and AB393 by signing the petition present at the rally.

Immigrants and workers side-by-side at SF May Day march
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
“I think it’s really important for people to let Trump know he didn’t win a majority, he wasn’t elected by the people and we will resist,” said Sheila Tully, California Faculty Association chapter president for San Francisco and lecturer at SF State.

SF State cancels under-enrolled courses
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
SF State’s policy to terminate under-enrolled classes will affect students and teachers alike who fear the impact this will have on their futures. “I’ve had teachers call me, breaking down crying because they were afraid of losing their medical benefits because they wouldn’t have enough classes to teach the next semester,” said Sheila Tully, California Faculty Association San Francisco chapter president.

Downtown march calls for resistance, equality
The Bakersfield Californian
They included people from unions like the United Farm Workers Foundation, Service Employees International Union and California Faculty Association.

APRIL 2017

Tuition freeze bill moves through state Assembly committees
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and leaders of the California Faculty Association authored AB-393, also known as the Student Protection Act…

Cal State Students Rally Behind Tuition Freeze Legislation
The California Report/KQED-FM Public Radio
California State University students are calling on lawmakers to reinstate a system-wide tuition freeze. CFA President Jennifer Eagan: “Create a pause, where we can really figure out public higher education funding for the long term.”


State audit questions pay and priorities of the Cal State University system
Riverside Press Enterprise

Just a year ago, the faculty of the CSU was ready to walk…. One of the continuing complaints by the CFA during the long standoff was that the system had been adding administration positions at a greater rate than faculty jobs and that pay for managers had increased at a higher rate than other employees.

A new report from the California State Auditor’s Office agrees with that assessment. In his response to the report, White … did not address the disparity in pay increases. …[CFA Political Action Chair] Lillian Taiz said it’s hard to understand why faculty members had to fight so hard for the raise they sought and were ultimately granted.

“It’s infuriating to know how hard that struggle was,” she said. “It took us to the brink of strike. In the aftermath, you’re still looking at managers whose raises are dwarfing what faculty has gotten. The next conversation we have about salary is going to be a tough one.”

Cal State hires too many managers, needs better budget oversight, state audit finds
Los Angeles Times

A state audit released Thursday found that CSU has been hiring managers and providing them raises at a rate that “significantly outpaced” other employees. …Lillian Taiz, a recently retired Cal State L.A. history professor and the political action chairwoman for the union, noted the system’s budget woes, which prompted the Board of Trustees last month to step up calls for more state funding and make the controversial decision to increase tuition after a six-year freeze.

“We’re all here fighting for more resources for the CSU, and there’s an obligation to account for them appropriately and to use them appropriately,” Taiz said. “And when something like this comes up, it’s not good for any of us.”

Cal State has vowed to double its four-year graduation rate from 19% to 40% by 2025, but it doesn’t make sense to hire more managers “to come up with new initiatives and projects, when we’re not even done doing projects from the last set of managers,” Taiz said. “There’s one method to graduate more students in four years: Hire more folks to teach the classes that they need. It’s not rocket science. A whole bunch of additional managers is not going to solve that problem.”

State finds overcompensation of CSU managers
CSULA University Times
“The CSU’s own data shows that, as of 2016, Cal State LA has 52 percent more administrators than it did in 2012 – a massive change!” said CFA Los Angeles Chapter President and Cal State LA Sociology Professor Dr. Molly Talcott. “Of all 23 campuses, the administrative bloat has increased the fastest at Cal State LA over the last five years … This indicates that Cal State LA has been prioritizing hiring managers over hiring faculty that can serve students … Students need teachers and counselors, not more highly paid university managers they will likely never meet.”

APRIL 2017: More

California state Assembly Judiciary and Higher Education committees approve four bills supported by the California Faculty Association
Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
The Assembly Higher Education Committee unanimously approved AB-393.

EDITORIAL: CSUB administration fails at communication
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
The California Faculty Association have been the only ones to show any kind of initiative to fight back.

Cal Poly’s tenured track faculty at all time low
Mustang News (Cal Poly SLO)
According to Graham Archer, Cal Poly California faculty association chapter president and architectural engineering professor, Armstrong’s Vision 2022 includes a goal to increase the tenured density to 75 percent in the next five years.

Sonoma State University will now require its faculty to hold specific office hours
Sonoma Star (Sonoma State)
Under a newly passed policy, Sonoma State University will require its faculty to have consistent office hours available for students in need. …Elaine Newman—math and statistics professor, and Sonoma State chapter president of CFA—said the new minimum requirements won’t affect faculty members who are already available for their students. “I will be interested to see if there will be an actual change in effect overall that students will see,” Newman said.

California Faculty Association lobbies state legislature for CSU funding in light of tuition increase
Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
“That’s why Lobby Day is important. If we put these bills out, if we got people to champion these bills and didn’t do this, these bills would not have a chance ever,” Fullerton CFA Chapter President Michelle Barr said. “It’s not enough to create the bill, you now have to do the work to get that bill passed.”

CSU faculty and students march on Capitol after tuition fee hike passes
State Hornet (Sacramento State)
“Our CSU faculty members are on the front line not only of teaching but of advocating for more funding and access,” Assemblyman Kevin McCarty, D-Sacramento said before the rally.

Students and faculty use Lobby Day at Capitol to push for tuition freeze
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
“It’s an opportunity for faculty and students to educate about what’s really happening and how funding projects impacts students lives,” said Sheila Tully, San Francisco CFA chapter president.

Tuitions’ rise fuels drive for change
Daily Democrat

Student aid advocates press for free college tuition as rates set to rise
Orange County Register | The San Gabriel Valley Tribune
The California Faculty Association and other unions working together….

CSU Board Votes to Raise Tuition
L.A. Sentinel
The California Faculty Association also disagreed with the increase, calling it a tax on students who may already be working 30 hours a week, and saying the burden should be on the state.

MARCH 2017

CSU Board Of Trustees Approves 5 Percent Tuition Hike; Students Protest
CBS Los Angeles
Students were out in force Wednesday against a 5 percent tuition hike that was approved by the California State University’s governing board. The nation’s largest public university system says it needs to hire more faculty…

CSU approves student fee hike, but puts pressure on governor for …
The Bakersfield Californian
CSU officials rationalized the increase in a staff report, stating that working students who earn California’s $10.50-an-hour minimum wage would have to work an additional 33 hours, or one hour more per week during the academic year, to cover the tuition increase. California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan described that rationalization as “tone deaf.” “It takes an extraordinary amount of hours for a student to pay $6,000 in CSU tuition over a year, and live, and potentially pay campus-based fees,” said Eagan, adding that she thinks many trustees imagine students have lots of financial support and only work 10 or 15 hours a week. “That’s not really the experience for most of our students. We have students who have families themselves, and financial responsibilities,” Eagan said.

The High Human Costs of Defunding State Universities
Capital and Main
At the heart of the February colloquium in Sacramento was a new report released by the California Faculty Association called Equity, Interrupted: How California …

USC professors want campus to take more aggressive stance against Trump immigration policies
89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio
“Universities are always worried about risk management concerns,” said Jennifer Eagan, president of the California Faculty Association, which represents instructors at the California State University (CSU) system. Last November, her group submitted a similar list of recommendations to her university administration. CSU has yet to adopt the recommendations. “I think it takes administrators [at] those institutions to be really brave and put their students first over and above other financial concerns or political concerns that they think might affect the university,” Eagan said. She praised the USC faculty effort and said convincing USC administrators to take the steps may be an uphill battle because administration may not want to upset conservative donors.

Implicit Bias and Positive Change
California Educator (CTA)

A look at Stan State’s latest Academic Senate Meeting
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)
At the beginning of the meeting, the Senate was proud to announce that the California Faculty Association (CFA) donated $35,000 to fund Stan State’s campus food bank…

Cal State trustees approve controversial tuition hike
Los Angeles Times
“There are a lot of people looking at the CSU now and seeing this problem of affordability,” said Courtney Yamagiwa, a member of Cal State Long Beach’s Associated Students and the grass-roots activist group Students for Quality Education.

Debate on college affordability spurs California lawmakers to offer proposals to help students
Los Angeles Times
CSU trustees are examining boosting tuition on their campuses by 5%. In response, Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton) …

New bill seeks to halt tuition increases
State Hornet (Sacramento State)
… Quirk-Silva and the leaders of the California Faculty Association announced the Student Protection Act on Feb.

Tuition freeze goes to Sacramento
Otter Realm (CSU Monterey Bay)


CSU faculty: Underfunding the schools betrays current students: KPCC-NPR So Cal Public Radio “As the student body of the CSU became darker, funding for the CSU became lighter,” said Cecil Canton, a CFA vice president. The association’s 22-page report detailed how per student funding in 1985 was about $5,000 more than it is now.


California assemblywoman introduces bill to freeze Cal State tuition until 2020
Los Angeles Times
A state assembly bill introduced this month would prohibit California State University and the California Community Colleges from increasing tuition and any mandatory student fees until the end of the 2019-2020 school year.  …AB 393 was authored by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and sponsored by the California Faculty Assn., the union representing about 27,000 faculty members…

Assembly member proposes tuition freeze for public universities
Daily Bruin (UCLA)
… college students further in debt, despite the 1960 California Master Plan for Higher Education, which promised to cover tuition for public colleges.

Cal State State Fee Freeze Bill Presented
Korea Times (U.S.)
Sharon Quick-Silva (Democrat, Fullerton), a member of the House of Representatives initiated the ‘Student Protection Act’ (AB 393), which takes into account the students’
칼스테이트 등록금 전면동결 법안 상정
미주 한국일보
샤론 퀵-실바(민주·풀러튼) 주 하원의원이 발의한 이 ‘학생 보호법’(AB 393)은 학비 상승과 대출 증가로 인한 학자금 부채에 시달리고 있는 학생들의 상황을 고려한 …

Public Higher Education: Free Tuition for California Students to the UC, CSU and Community College Systems Is Possible Today
Bay Area Indymedia
Early endorsers include the California Faculty Association.

New bill announced to freeze tuition hikes
The Collegian (CSU Fresno)
“The California Faculty Association is sponsoring the Student Protection Act because the faculty members of the CSU see the impact first-hand of financial stress on our students’ ability to prepare for class, to buy the books and have time to study – not to mention their health and well-being,” said Dr. Kevin Wehr, sociology professor and president of the CFA chapter at CSU Sacramento, who stood with Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva as the bill was announced. … “This won’t be easy, and we’re at the very beginning stages of this legislation,” Quirk-Silva said. “We know that we will have serious talks with our caucus members. We will have serious talks with our Senate friends and with our governor. The investment in education is the investment of our future.”


Letters to legislators ask for student love
The Collegian (CSU Fresno)
CFA spent Valentine’s Day obtaining signatures across campus in support of student success, hoping Sacramento can return the love. Diane Blair, a professor in the department of communication, serves as the president for the CFA Fresno chapter. “The idea is that we’ll be sharing these messages with our governor and legislators and hoping that they’re willing to show the CSU’s some love on this Valentine’s Day,” Blair said.

Whose University? Our University!
Otter Realm (CSU Monterey Bay)
Approximately 200 students made themselves heard at a protest in California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) on Feb. 2 against a 5 percent tuition increase. Students travelled from Cal State Monterey Bay (CSUMB), San Francisco State, and San Jose State to express solidarity and strength. CFA East Bay Chapter President Nick Baham addressed the crowd.

Food insecurity at Stan State
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)
CFA at Stan State donated $35,000 to the school to put toward the food pantry.

CFA speaks out against Trump
Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)
CFA stated that it was “outraged” by recent rhetoric and policy decisions

CSU Board Of Trustees limits options for students and faculty
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
Professor of Chicano Studies and CFA Chair of Contract Development and Bargaining Strategy, Antonio Gallo, said some members of trustees were “hesitant and uncomfortable” with raising tuition after hearing student testimonials and the CFA report findings. The last strategy outlined in the agenda is the cutting and/or reducing of programs and services—both academic and non-academic, for students across the campuses, both of which will directly affect students and faculty. This could include reduction in the number of courses being offered and having individual campuses decide where to redirect their funds. “They scare the public and threaten that programs will be cut. Then people think that tuition increases are better than getting their program cut,” Gallo said.

Immigration Reform Targets the Vulnerable
CSULA University Times
.. pursuit of truth and knowledge, and we will do everything t.o uphold those while protecting the faculty we represent,” said the California Faculty Association

Hundreds protest in Oakland against Trump’s nominee for education secretary
…including the California Faculty Association and United Educators of San Francisco. (Protests against DeVos were held over the weekend in other cities, including Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.; Portland, Ore.; Nashville; and Holland, Mich. — DeVos’ hometown, the Washington Post noted.


Equity, Interrupted: How California is Cheating Its Future
Academe (blog of AAUP)
Among its findings…as the number of students of color has increased, public funding for the CSU has decreased.

Cal State University Sees Rising Diversity, Falling Funding
KPFA-FM Pacifica
Audio report on “Equity Interrupted” interviews CFA leaders Cecil Canton and José Cintrón.

CSU faculty say in new report that funding losses have hurt students of color
Long Beach Press Telegram  |  Los Angeles Daily New
The CFA report, released Thursday, does not accuse policymakers of racism in their funding decisions. Instead, the report argues that the years of increased diversity within the Long Beach-based CSU coincided with a time of growing skepticism over the value of government services. All the same, faculty contended nonwhite students have been dealt a poor hand.

CFA report cites spending decrease
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
According to the report, California spends 41 percent less on each CSU student today than it did in 1985.  [Ed: This article lays out a summary of the data.]


Year in review: Long Beach education in 2016
Long Beach Press Telegram
A strike seemed likely until a joint statement of the California Faculty Association and the Long Beach-based Chancellor’s Office the first week of April.

LBUSD, LBCC, CSULB, Others Experience Highs, Lows In 2016
Gazette Newspapers
In February, unrest came from the California Faculty Association


Being a Scholar in Trumpian Times
Chronicle of Higher Education
Opinion article by Terry McGlynn, Professor of Biology at CSU Dominguez Hills: “…we must redouble our efforts, because with anti-intellectuals running the show, our work and our community service is needed now more than ever. If we isolate our teaching, research, and service within the walls of our universities, then we are complicit in the disregard for the value of our work. We must engage. <Click there to meet the Rhinoceros)

Stan State faculty union donates $35K to battle campus hunger, homelessness
The Turlock Journal
“It boils down to the fact that we’re teachers and we care about our students and their ability to learn,” said Stanislaus State CFA chapter president Steven Filling. “We know students struggle to learn when they’re worried about their utilities being shut off or when they skip meals because they can’t afford food. There are teachers that routinely bring food to their classes for students. The food disappears and suddenly students are a lot more engaged in the learning process. This is in line with the large body of research in K-12 demonstrating that the free breakfast/lunch program is one of the most effective mechanisms we’ve found for improving learning outcomes.” Food and housing insecurity is well-documented among California State University campuses as the initial findings of a statewide study on poverty among …

Stan State professors pitch in to help broke students
Modesto Bee
“I’ve had conversations with struggling students, and suggested that they would find it much easier to do well in the class if they bought the textbook,” he said. “Students often responded that they had to make choices between paying their bills, buying textbooks or buying food.”

CSU fights to keep the DREAM alive
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
The letter surfaced approximately a week after California Faculty Association released a similar statement on their website.

Faculty react to seven percent salary increase
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
CFA campus chapter leaders at Fullerton discuss the contract settlement reached in 2016.

Judy Sakaki stakes out new leadership, vision for Sonoma State
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
… the workload of tenured faculty, said Elaine Newman, a professor of math and statistics and SSU chapter president of the California Faculty Association.


Tuition expected to rise at UC, CSU next year
San Francisco Chronicle
“It’s easy to raise fees on students—a simple vote, a stroke of the pen. What’s more difficult is effectively fighting in the Legislature to restore appropriate per-student funding levels,” Jennifer Eagan, president of the California Faculty Association, told the trustees Tuesday as about a dozen students protested outside the auditorium chanting: “We’re students! Not customers!”

Cal State students stage ‘die-in’ over possible tuition hike at trustees
Orange County Register
“As I learned in my sociology classes, movements are what pressure the people in power to do something,” said Ginny Dolores, a 22-year-old Cal State Fullerton student… California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan brought up the existence of food pantries for hungry students at CSU campuses as a sign that tuition increases are not affordable for students. She added that raising tuition would allow legislators who could otherwise appropriate money to be let off of the hook. (See a nice slide show of the student protest.)

Students speak against possible tuition increase
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
Cal State Dominguez Hills business law professor Charles Thomas is involved in the faculty association and academic senate. He fights to oppose student fee increases and to establish sanctuary sites for students on campuses. Thomas said the board is tone deaf to the situation. They gave a report that spoke to none of the students and their “compassionate” statements. “Educational debt is real, and it stays with you,” Thomas said.

CSU Students, Professors Protest Proposed Tuition Hike At Long Beach Meeting
Long Beach Gazette
“The (CSU system) I supposed to be accessible and affordable — this proposed tuition increase would firmly compromise both those tenets,” California Faculty Association Vice President Kim Geron said in an official release. “Our students deserve better than to be treated like ATMs when the budget gets tight.

ASI execs reflect on progress made this semester
Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)
Interviewer: What are you doing in terms of the proposed tuition hike? CSULB ASI Pres. Vournas: They moved the vote for the tuition increase from January to March. There is a CSU  Board of Trustees meeting in January and in March. So, what ASI is doing is trying to work really close with California Faculty Association and Students for Quality Education to help mobilize our student body. The biggest impact we have seen is the power of protest and the power of democracy in the streets and having the ability to raise your own voice. We want to help mobilize and bring students to that meeting. So we are working with the CFA so we can [shuttle] students from the university to the CSU BOT meeting. As well, our Lobby Corps is going to be phone banking.

‘Stronger We Are United’
The Turlock Journal
…on Wednesday, Stanislaus State President Ellen Junn emailed students a statement she put together in conjunction with California Faculty Association Stanislaus president Steven Filling, California State University Employees Union Stanislaus president Dawn McCulley, speaker of the faculty Stuart Sims, and APC Stanislaus chief steward Tammy Worthington. “Given our diversity and in light of recent events, some of us may feel uncertain, threatened, or unsafe at this very moment because of our race, ethnicity, disability, gender, orientation, undocumented status, religious beliefs or worldview,” the email stated. “As members of our community, we want each and every one of you to know that you belong, you are one of us, you are valued, and you are loved. We will work ceaselessly to ensure our campus is a safe space for you.”

Tax hike extension targets wealthiest Californians
KCRA-TV Sacramento
CFA Treasurer Susan Green: “For my students at the California State University, we can’t afford more fee and tuition increases. And so we need to pass Prop. 55 to maintain the …

SF politicians make last pushes in tight city, state races
San Francisco Chronicle
CFA was in the crowd prepping to walk precincts.


Stockton Unified superintendent cites ’safety’ for morning meeting
Stockton Record
Members of the California Faculty Association hold images of Stockton teachers who were unable to attend Tuesday’s board meeting after it was rescheduled from its regular evening time to 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Prop 55, the CSU, and You
University Times (Cal State LA)
CFA hosted a news conference call to discuss Prop 55 with student journalists and its impact on the CSU system.

YWCA’s Women For Racial Justice Breakfast Brought Unity, Compassion and Inspiration for Social Change
Pasadena Now
“We can sit here and gather strength and energy from each other, but racial justice means actually working for justice…,” Dr. Melina Abdullah told the crowd…(who) is this year’s honoree. …Abdullah is a professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies at CSU Los Angeles as well as the immediate past campus president and current chair of the Council for Affirmative Action for the California Faculty Association.

Faculty Members at 14 State Universities in Pennsylvania Go on Strike
New York Times
Just this year, professors at two of the nation’s largest public university systems came close to striking; a threatened faculty walkout was just days away at the California State University, and weeks away at the City University of New York, when new contracts were reached. And more labor disputes are expected…

California’s largest state worker union to vote on strike
Sacramento Bee
Last year, the California State University sweetened a contract offer for the union that represents its faculty after professors voted to strike. As a result, professors received a 10.5 percent pay raise over three years rather than 2 percent raises the state university had been offering.

CFA Voices Strong Support For Prop 55
Golden Gate Express (San Francisco State)
CFA President Jennifer Eagan and California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon explained how the loss of the tax revenue would impact the state’s largest public university system.

Proposition 55 to extend temporary income tax
Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
“Without it, the CSU could lose an estimated $250 million per year from its base budget,” CFA President Jennifer Eagan said.

‘Finish in Four’ is new mantra for California State University
Sacramento Bee
Jennifer Eagan, president of the California Faculty Association, which represents CSU instructors, said political pressure is causing the university to obsess over “one tiny measure of student success among many others. There’s an implication that any student who hasn’t finished in four years has failed somehow,” she said. “We do well with comparable institutions on six-year graduation rates, and that speaks to who our students are.” Eagan said creating incentives for students to graduate faster does not address the real reasons for their delays. Many students have challenging life circumstances, she said, and the university does not have the resources to provide enough advising and class offerings.

“I don’t think innovative programs are going to be transformative of really deep problems,” she said.


Unions, unity and Standing Rock
Workers World
… ATU transit workers, the California Faculty Association, the Communication Workers, the National Nurses United, the National Writers Union UAW Local 1981, …

5 Young Latinos Using Social Media For Social Good
CSUMB CFA intern is @nopalera

CFA Stands in Solidarity with the Standing Rock Protestors
Bay Area Indymedia
The California Faculty Association stands in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the coalition of Native leaders and activists defending their cultural …

Fox 11 Ten O’Clock News  Los Angeles


Judy Sakaki looks to build her own legacy as Sonoma State’s new president
Sonoma Index-Tribune
With a new president come new opportunities for building stronger relationships with faculty, said Elaine Newman, Sonoma State mathematics and statistics professor and chapter president of California Faculty Association, the union that represents the university’s faculty, coaches, librarians and counselors. Newman, former chairwoman and current ex-officio member of the Academic Senate, said there are a lot of “out-standing issues facing faculty on campus,” such as the university’s tendency to maintain a large roster of lecturers rather than putting more faculty on a permanent tenure track. We will ask Dr. Sakaki to convert many of the lecture faculty jobs to tenure track faculty jobs,” Newman said. The union leader said she hopes Sakaki will also study faculty salaries, which she said are much lower than that of faculty at other California State Universities.

JULY 2016

How Much Can Unions Lift Adjuncts?
Chronicle of Higher Education
CFA Pres. Eagan…said adjuncts [at the CSU] had made “steady gains over time,” winning job security, health benefits, and substantial pay increases…

Please note: This article may require a subscription. If so, your campus library may offer access.

JUNE 2016

6 ways US academic labor practices are seriously shady
How Stuff Works

Six Reasons Why Students Didn’t Graduate This Year—and What They Did About It
The Nation
Bandeeba is a sophomore at San Francisco State, a leader of Students for Quality Education, and an intern for the California Faculty Association.

San Francisco City College Faculty Call One-Day Strike
Sheila Tully, chapter president of the California Faculty Association at San Francisco State, saw that community feeling when…

Ca Faculty Assn. Lines Up Behind Bauman In CDP Chair Race
Highland Community News

Board of Trustees ratifies 10.5% faculty wage increase
The Runner Online
The California State University Board of Trustees ratified the tentative agreement reached in collaboration with the California Faculty Association on …

Mercury News: San Jose braces itself for Trump rally a day after Bernie Sanders appears in Palo Alto
San Jose Mercury News
Half a dozen California State University faculty members outraged by allegations of Trump University’s scams joined several small groups of low-key protesters outside Donald Trump’s Wednesday rally at a private airport in Sacramento. …Many of Preston Rudy’s (CFA Chapter President) students at San Jose State University are first-generation immigrants who wouldn’t know the difference between a real university and a fake one. If they’d signed up for Trump U instead of SJSU, they would have been defrauded, he said. “Donald Trump is a rapacious businessman who uses students like ATMs,” said Rudy, 59, who lives in Sacramento and commutes to the Bay Area to teach sociology because he can’t afford the region’s high cost of living. “He tried to fleece people out of their hard-earned money with that university label. It’s not right.”

MAY 2016

Asset Owners Reevaluate Tobacco
Chief Investment Officer Magazine
Just as America’s largest pension fund weighs getting back into tobacco investment, the world’s largest insurance fund announces a break up with the sector….  The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) announced in April that it would conduct a review of its 15-year ban on tobacco stocks. … defenders of the initial divestment have argued that supporting the tobacco industry is financially harmful to CalPERS as an organization responsible for providing health care benefits. … representatives from organizations including the California Faculty Association and American Cancer Society have similarly spoken out against possible reinvestment. … For AXA, however, the decision is obvious. …“This decision has a cost for us, but the case for divestment is clear,” Buberl said. “As a major investor and leading health insurer, the AXA Group wants to be part of the solution, and our hope is that others in our industry will do the same.”

MAY 2016: CSU Trustees Ratify 2016 Agreement with CFA

CSU Board of Trustees Ratifies Multi-Year Agreement With CFA
CSULA University Times

Cal State trustees agree to boost faculty salaries, ending yearlong dispute
Los Angeles Times
The Cal State Board of Trustees approved a plan Tuesday to raise faculty salaries by 10.5% over three years, capping a long-running dispute over pay that threatened to wreak havoc on the nation’s largest public university system.

CSU trustees give final OK to faculty contract that includes 10% raise
Chico Enterprise-Record

Cal State trustees approve 10.5 percent salary increase deal
89.3 KPCC 

California State University regents ratify new deal with union
Central Valley Business Journal 

EDUCATION: Panel backs raises for Cal State teachers
Riverside Press-Enterprise
The proposed agreement was reached just days before the union was scheduled to begin a five-day, system-wide faculty strike.

CSU considers $200 million, 3-year faculty contract
San Jose Mercury News
California State University trustees this week will consider ratifying a hard-fought contract that avoided a systemwide strike and gives a long-awaited pay hike to faculty. …The tentative agreement with CSU faculty was announced in April, the week before a planned walkout across the system — and shortly after Chancellor Tim White told this newspaper the system could not afford to meet the California Faculty Association’s demand for a 5 percent salary increase. “Our contention all along was that they had plenty of money to pay for our raises,” said union President Jennifer Eagan, a professor at CSU East Bay. When CSU leaders say they don’t have any money, she said, “usually what they mean is that they have the money — they want to spend it someplace else.” …An arbitrator concluded in a report this spring that CSU professors were underpaid and that raises would be in the best interest of students.

CSU Votes On Faculty Contract
Capital Public Radio News 

Cal State Board Committee To Vote On Faculty Labor Contract
Members of the California Faculty Association overwhelmingly approved a proposed contract, which includes 10.5 percent pay raises over three years, earlier this month. “This agreement is an important step toward normalizing salaries for public state …

Faculty members fight for five percent
Mesa Press
This agreement was finally reached this month, with the faculty winning and receiving a raise they so rightfully deserve.

Vote by Cal State trustees is set to resolve long-running dispute over faculty pay
Los Angeles Times
The contentious dispute over faculty pay at California State University campuses is set for a formal resolution this week when the Board of Trustees meets in Long Beach.

Letter: Dear Colleagues and Students
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)
East Bay CFA Chapter President Nick Baham: On behalf of your CSU East Bay chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA) and Students for Quality Education (SQE), I want to thank you for your support and love in the recent Faculty Fight for Five!  

Chancellor: Calmer times for CSU
The San Diego Union-Tribune

CSU chancellor talks salary increases, ‘degree drought’ in Bakersfield visit
The Bakersfield Californian

CSU chancellor warns of fewer graduates during visit
Bakersfield Now

Faculty approve contract agreement
The Pioneer

State educators back Cervantez Alejo
The Salinas Californian
The California Faculty Association endorsed Karina Cervantez Alejo in her bid for the Assembly 30th District seat.


Faculty union approves salary agreement with Cal State
Los Angeles Times
Cal State faculty union members have approved a deal to boost salaries that was struck with management last month and averted a massive strike at the nation’s largest public university system, officials said Tuesday.

CFA approves tentative salary agreement
Daily Sundial (San Diego State)

CFA approves salary increase
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
“This agreement is an important step toward normalizing salaries for public state university faculty,” CFA President Jennifer Eagan said on the website. “CSU faculty are in the classrooms, facilitating student learning and achievement, which is the whole point of a public university. We must protect university teaching as a solid middle-class profession that lets us support our families while we deliver high quality education to our students.”

CSU Faculty Formally Approve Contract with Cal State University System
Long Beach Post
The next step in the approval process of the deal, which was announced a month ago, is the approval by the CSU Board of Trustees. The board will consider formal agreement at its May 24-25 meeting.

The ChinaPress
据美联社报道,这一协议还需要得到加州州立大学董事会(California State University Board of Trustees)的批准。该董事会预计会在其5月24-25日的会议上讨论这一 …

CSU faculty ratify new contract that averted 5-day strike
Chico Enterprise-Record

CSU teachers OK tentative pact with 10.5 percent raise
89.3 KPCC

CSU Profs Overwhelming Approve Contract with 10 Percent Raise Belmont Shore-Naples, CA
Union officials said 97 percent of its members who voted cast ballots in favor of the contract proposal.

Faculty Union Approves Proposed CSU Contract
Kevin Wehr, left, chair of the California Faculty Association bargaining team, and a professor of Sociology at California State University, Sacramento, discusses the independent report that supports the position that faculty members at the California…

CSU faculty approve new contract
Central Valley Business Journal

Faculty approve contract agreement
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)

CSU faculty approves proposed 10.5% pay raise
…instructors at San Diego State and Cal State San Marcos, overwhelmingly approved a proposed contract with California State University that would give them 10.5 percent raises over …

Editorial: Avoiding CSU teacher strike beneficial to all
East Bay Times
Marvin Morales marches with Students for Quality Education rally at California State University, Sacramento, Calif., Monday, March 28, 2016…

Correction: Cal State Faculty-Contract Story
ABC News / Associated Press
In a story May 3 about California State University faculty approving a tentative three-year contract, The Associated Press reported erroneously that one provision would extend tenure vestment from five to 10 years for employees hired after July 1, 2017. The provision actually applied to retiree health benefits. A corrected version of the story is below: …

APRIL 2016

Opinion: Editorial misses the mark on plan to incentivize students
Sacramento Bee
Past-CFA President Lillian Taiz takes on misguided Sac Bee Editorial: OMG, as our students might say. It is hard to imagine how wrong The Sacramento Bee could be in its editorial excoriating the Senate and the California Faculty Association for failing to support Senate Bill 1450, a seriously flawed legislative effort that would incentivize some students to graduate in four years, at the expense of others struggling to achieve that goal (“Senate committee hurts CSU students”; editorials, April 21).

Faculty Letter to the Editor: Bee missed SB 1450’s problems
Fresno Bee
Fresno CFA Chapter President Diane Blair: Sometimes a proposal looks good upon first glance, but careful consideration reveals significant drawbacks and unintended consequences that might actually undermine good intentions. This was the case with Senate Bill 1450.

Faculty Letter to the Editor: Targeting CSU faculty is absurd
Sacramento Bee
Nicky Mehta: College students who can afford to attend and complete degrees in four years are not the population who need more support.

CSU, CFA salary agreement approaches finalization
Daily Sundial (San Diego State)

The Solution to Higher Ed’s Bad Pay Is Unions
The Nation

Data Watch: How many professor salaries does it take to pay the prez?
The San Diego Union Tribune

Interview with Sonoma State faculty association President Elaine Newman
Sonoma State Star
Elaine Newman, Sonoma State CFA chapter president, stopped by the STAR on April 12 to discuss the tentative agreement with the CSU, the debate about asbestos at Stevenson Hall and other issues. … “I think they (CSU management) were also surprised that students supported us. They were really trying to divide us by saying that your student fees were tied to our salaries. And then we debunked the notion that your student fees were tied to our salary raises in any way. So I think they were surprised by what we could do. And we won this because there was near unanimity among the faculty for the strike. And students, you all were super effective in supporting us, too. I think we have great teachers here, and if they’re treated right, then we can deliver that great education that we all want to deliver.”

Opinion: The Real Outrage at CSU Is Steady Raises for Administrators
Times of San Diego
Peter C. Herman, SDSU faculty: Yes, the California Faculty Association won a major battle. But that’s just it: we had to threaten a strike to get the same sort of raises administrators get every year…

University plans renovation of Stevenson Hall amid asbestos controversy
Sonoma State Star
…the Academic Senate and the California Faculty Association plan to continue investigating the conflicting results from tests conducted by the university and tests conducted by a private firm in connection with a lawsuit filed by Thomas Sargent, a former employee who alleges the university has mishandled this toxic substance for years.

CSU Chancellor visits Fresno State
The Collegian (Fresno State)

MultiCultural Coalition hosting ‘Day of Action’
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
On April 13 the California Faculty Association announced that its members would be showing solidarity with the day of action by marching and rallying…

Financial analysis of SF State reveals no structural deficit
Golden Gate Xpress
Eastern Michigan U. accounting professor Howard Bunsis visited SF State Thursday to examine the University’s uncertain financial situations, with special attention given to the Ethnic Studies funding controversy. Bunsis announced that SF State was not operating at a structural deficit like administration officials previously claimed, and that money should not be cut from any of the colleges


California Faculty Association voting on tentative contract
Central Valley Business Journal 

Letters: CSU teachers’ salaries not the problem
Orange County Register
Letter to the Editor in response to an OCR editorial

Editorial: Invest in our education first
The Collegian (CSU Fresno)
The most important spaces on any institution’s campus should be the spaces where students are learning. The focus of attending a university is to learn. So you would think that a university’s top priority would be making sure that students have access to classes, passionate professors and sound adequate classrooms in which to learn. Letter to the editor:

“Beautiful Struggle” on CFA’s Fight for Five & the ‘Almost Strike’
Choose April 12, Play, start at 3:00 / Interview with CFA President Jennifer Eagan, CFA AVP-Lecturers North Jonathan Karpf

CSU Deal Gives Faculty 10.5% Raise, Strike Postponed
KSEE-TV Fresno
Five months ago, Diane Blair was holding a microphone, fighting for the right to a fair wage.

CSU strike avoided, officials reach deal
Simi Valley Acorn
“We’re sleeping a lot better this week,” said John Griffin, president of the California Faculty Association’s Channel Islands chapter.

Strike off
Chico News & Review 

Tentative deal averts strikes at Sac State, other CSU campuses
Sacramento News & Review 

CSULB, Campuses May Pay For Faculty Salary Increase
Gazette Newspapers
“The biggest pain will be felt by the faculty and staff,” (CSULB President) Close Conoley said.

Students should support faculty strikes
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)
Faculty are understandably fed up with the way the California State University system has ignored their requests. Students should be prepared to drop the books, pick up the signs and join their professors at the picket line if this ever happens again, and it could. …  Ask yourself, what quality of an education do you want? How much do you value your educators? Forget the classic apple-for-the-teacher gesture of appreciation. The best thing students can do for their education is to stand by faculty.

Cal Poly faculty members get a raise, call off strike
New Times SLO

CSU strike avoided, deal reached
Thousand Oaks Acorn
Staff and students at Cal State Channel Islands are breathing easier after a tentative contract deal was reached

Everything you need to know about the strike
Mustang News (Cal Poly SLO)

CFA Strike is Off – updated
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)
Michael Camann doesn’t know what to do with the three bucket drums sitting in his living room, but he is ecstatic that the strike is off. “I was walking around with a grin on my face last week, telling people I am the happiest guy at HSU,” …

Editorial: No CFA strike
The LumberJack
Well, the strike that could have made history didn’t happen this week.

STAFF ED: Agreement should be accepted
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
The California Faculty Association members should accept the tentative agreement. Back pay would have been great, but for now a 10.5 percent guaranteed salary raise is a step in…

Students react to faculty salary increase agreement
The Runner Online
“I feel that society has taught us that people need to be successful, and they put it in our heads that we need an education, so why not pay those that provide it?”

Faculty to receive 10.5 percent increase over 3 years
The Runner Online
“The tentative agreement, which we haven’t voted on yet, seems to be very much in line with what we asked for. I think it’s a very reasonable agreement.”

CFA and CSU Announce Tentative Agreement That Averts Strike
It took nearly two-years, but the California Faculty Association has won a major victory in its long battle for higher education students and faculty.

Project Censored talks about CFA contract fight
KPFA (MP3 Download)
Project Censored Show speaks with faculty members on day Tentative Agreement is announced. Peter Phillips, a CSU professor himself, speaks with Jennifer Eagan, Andy Merrifield, Nick Baham

Mercury News editorial: CSU faculty settlement is a relief
San Jose Mercury News
It was a relief …

CFA, CSU reach tentative wage increase agreement
The Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)

Faculty strike canceled, classes to continue as normal
Sonoma State Star

Tentative Agreement stalls strike
The Collegian (video)
Fresno CFA President talks CFA strike postponement.

Strike cancelled following tentative agreement between CSU, CFA
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)
… tentative agreement between the California State University system and the California Faculty Association has been reached, avoiding the strike that …

Sonoma State University faculty cheer pay deal that scuttled strike plans
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
SSU professors were relieved by news of the agreement.They had been advised to hold off on strike plans earlier this week when the two sides entered their final rounds of negotiations. “People are relieved that we don’t have to go through the process of picketing and shutting the campus down,” said Laura Watt, an SSU associate professor and chair of Environmental Studies and Planning Department. Still, Newman, the SSU representative on the faculty union, said much more needed to be done over the next few years to bring faculty salaries in parity with the community college and University of California systems.

Deal to end Cal State strike gives faculty a 10.5% raise over three years
Los Angeles Times
Salaries for California State University faculty will increase by 10.5% over three years under a last-minute deal that averted a massive strike at the nation’s largest public university system, officials said Friday. As part of the deal, the California

CSU deal calls for 10.5 percent raise, strike averted
ABC 30 Fresno (video)
They reported “excitement on campus” at Fresno State including an interview with CFA chapter president Diane Blair.

Deal that averted strike calls for 10.5 percent raises
Associated Press

CSU faculty will receive 10.5 percent raise over next two years
Sacramento Bee
Just days before California State University professors were expected to walk out on the job, Chancellor Timothy White and the California Faculty Association jointly announced Friday a tentative contract agreement far more expansive than the 5 percent

CalState Chancellor Says University System Needs More Money
KABC Talk Radio
Despite reaching an agreement to raise pay for faculty by more than ten-percent, the Chancellor of the CalState University System says they need money. The candid words came on the same day CSU announced the pay raise.

Editorial: CSU faculty strike averted but work remains
The San Diego Union-Tribune
The 460,000 students at California State University’s 23 campuses didn’t deserve to have their lives disrupted by a labor dispute between faculty and CSU administrators. That’s why we are pleased that the negotiations that resumed Wednesday…

Editorial: Averting CSU strike was key to future of education
The San Gabriel Valley Tribune (LA News Group Newspapers)

CSU faculty reaches tentative agreement, strike called off.
Monterey County Weekly

Cal State Faculty, CSU Detail “Historic” Tentative Agreement, Promising Teachers Their 5 Percent Increase and More
Long Beach Post
Faculty members of Cal State schools throughout the state had reason to rejoice this morning, as the details of a tentative plan to increase their general salary by 10 percent over the coming years was announced by officials. It was a big win

Fresno State strike canceled after CSU OKs raise for faculty
Fresno Bee
Fresno State President Joseph Castro announces a pay raise for faculty at a news conference on campus Friday….

CAL STATE: Salary was key in averting strike
Riverside Press-Enterprise
CSU Chancellor Timothy White and California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan announced the details of the agreement Friday morning, April 8, in a joint phone conference.

CSU, Faculty Reach Tentative Labor Agreement
California State University management and the California Faculty Association have reached a tentative labor agreement less than a week before the faculty was scheduled to go on strike. The two sides have been locked in a labor dispute for the past year.

CSU admin, faculty agree to 10.5 percent raise over 3 years
89.3 KPCC So Cal Public Radio

CSU agrees to faculty salary increases, averts strike
Pacific Coast Business Times
The California State University system and its faculty narrowly averted the largest strike in the history of U.S. higher education,

CSU and CFA Leaders Reach Tentative Multi-year Agreement
… resolving a year-long dispute …

CSU, CFA announce terms of new three-year agreement
Fresno Business Journal
…averting one of the largest planned faculty strikes in higher education.

CSU faculty, administration agree on 10.5 percent raise
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Here, Cal Poly President Jeff Armstrong (left, green shirt) and Cal Poly faculty union president Graham Archer (right, green shirt) talk at a protest in May led by faculty

CSU Strike Avoided; Faculty to Receive 10.5 Percent Raise Over Three Years Under Proposed Deal
Lost Coast Outpost
It’s official (pretty much): The faculty strike scheduled for next week across the California State University system has been called off thanks to a last-minute deal (ratification pending) …

Cal State Faculty Union Calls Off Planned Strike
Inside Higher Ed 

Cal State Faculty Union Wins 10.5% Raise
Inside Higher Ed

Deal that averted strike calls for 10.5 percent raises
New Jersey Herald
Nicki Mehta, right, a lecturer at CSU Sacramento, wipes away “tears of joy” … after a salary agreement was announced…


CSU strike averted
The Pioneer  ‎(CSU East Bay)

UPDATED: CFA and CSU have reached agreement; strike postponed
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)

Faculty and Chancellor White reach tentative agreement
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)

Breakdown of CFA, CSU terms of three-year agreement
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)

Tentative CFA, CSU salary agreement includes increases for all faculty, strike called off
Daily Sundial 

CSU faculty strike averted (Sacramento State)‎

CFA Strike is Off
The LumberJack
The strike that could have made history is postponed …

CSU chancellor and CFA president reveal details of strike negotiation
The Orion (CSU Chico)

Strike avoided by last minute negotiations
The Orion
Early Friday morning, the largest strike in the history of higher education was narrowly avoided …

CSU system agrees to give faculty 5 percent salary increase
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)

Faculty strike cancelled, classes to continue as normal
Sonoma State Star
“The staff spoke up for the 5 percent and got it,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagen, “This might be the largest strike that didn’t actually happen.” … President of the Sonoma State Chapter of CFA Elaine Newman believes the organization of the faculty in preparation for the strike is what motivated the CSU to reach this agreement before any further actions were taken. “Even though we didn’t have to strike, the fact that we were so organized and so prepared to strike meant we didn’t have to,” said Newman.

Tentative agreement made between CFA and CSU
CSULA University Times 

The CSU and CFA have reached tentative agreement that has averted the strike
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)‎
After the release of an independent fact-finder report that supported the demands by the CFA for a general salary increase, a final negotiation took place …

Tentative agreement stalls strike
The Collegian (CSU Fresno)

CFA, CSU announce tentative salary agreement
The Cougar Chronicle (CSU San Marcos)


Faculty marches at Cal Poly Pomona as strike deadline looms
ABC-TV 7 (video)
As CSU faculty took steps to prepare for a possible statewide strike in nine days, faculty at Cal Poly Pomona marched to the president’s office …

Deal Reached Between Cal State and Faculty?
The Long Beach-based university system and the California Faculty Association issued a joint statement saying “there is hope” that a deal can be reached that would avert a planned five-day systemwide strike being planned by the union beginning April 13.

California State University, faculty union, announce 48-hour blackout period during talks
San Jose Mercury News
The joint announcement comes exactly one week before April 13, the date California Faculty Association members said they will begin their strike at the 23 CSU campuses.

CSU chancellor, CFA talk for first time regarding strike (Sacramento State)
For the first time since the California Faculty Association announced it would strike for an increase in pay, California State University Chancellor Timothy P. White has sat down at the negotiation table.

Cal State system and faculty union in talks to avert strike
Associated Press

Cal State University faculty strike may be averted
The Whittier Daily News
A historic strike by Cal State University faculty may be averted in the next couple of days, ..

CFA Strike Planned If Agreement Not Made with CSU
…talks between the California Faculty Association and the California State University do not come to terms, there is a five-day, systemwide strike on all 23 campuses scheduled to begin April 13.

Cal State campuses say education will go on during strike
89.3 KPCC          0:45 Listen
The planned five-day strike by California State University faculty on April 13 is presenting a logistical puzzle for campus administrators….  “We have firm commitments from about 60 percent of the faculty as a whole and many more people will honor the strike by not crossing the picket lines,” California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan said. Faculty members authorized this strike  

We can all benefit if we support the Fight For Five
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)

What the CFA strike could mean for students
Daily Aztec

Systemic Reasons For Wage Disputes At CSU
Capital Public Radio News
The California Faculty Association, which represents CSU instructors, rally on the steps of the state Capitol.

Cal Poly strike looms as CSU and faculty union are still gridlocked
New Times SLO
It’s becoming increasingly likely that faculty picket lines and five days of canceled classes will be the focus of the Cal Poly Open House in April.

CSU Faculty Hold Rally in Advance of Strike
The Wednesday morning march to the state Capitol building by members of the faculty union is meant to be a warning shot across the bow of the California State University chancellor’s office.

New report lends weight to CSU faculty’s ‘Fight for Five’ campaign
Simi Valley Acorn
“Oh, it’s definitely on, even more now than ever,” said John Griffin, president of the California Faculty Association’s Channel Islands chapter.

EDITORIALS & OPINIONS – Write letters to the editor!

CSU faculty are key to closing the gap, so pay them better
San Francisco Chronicle
Opinion by CSU faculty member Anthony C. Ocampo.

Editorial: CSU needs to avoid April 13 strike
San Francisco Chronicle 

Editorial: CFA Strike
The LumberJack (Humbold State)

Opinion: Why CSU Faculty Are Ready to Strike!
Labor’s Edge

CSU deserves raise, but strike is a bad move
Modesto Bee
Still, CSU officials say the system can’t afford the California Faculty Association’s demand for a 5 percent raise, plus smaller additional raises for the roughly 9,000 instructors making less than more recently hired colleagues.


Report supports faculty strike
The Collegian (Fresno State)
“[The fact-finder] basically sided, unequivocally, with the faculty about what we deserve in terms of a fair contract,” said Diane Blair, president of the Fresno State chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA).

CFA uses mock trial to explain upcoming strike
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
The trial, which was hosted by SF State California Faculty Association President Sheila Tully, came on the heels of a fact-finding report released Monday that …

Students’ Guide to CFA Strike
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)

Fact finder sides with faculty in CSU, CFA dispute
The Cougar Chronicle (CSU San Marcos)

Fact finding report recommends 5% increase in salary pay, impending CFA strike now legal
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)

ASI and administrators continues to spread awareness about faculty
The Collegian (Fresno State)

Dispute over fact finding report solidifies upcoming strike
CSULA University Times 

In honor of Cesar Chavez, students support faculty labor rights
The Orion (CSU Chico)
To commemorate Cesar Chavez, Chico State students gathered in Trinity Commons on March 28 to show solidarity with the California Faculty Association strike.

Students take to the Capitol to advocate for funding (Sacramento State)
The day the @HornetAdvocacy page was created, a fact-finding report on the ongoing pay dispute between the California Faculty Association and the CSU was …

AS senate elections scheduled on possible CFA strike days
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
Associated Students’ stance on the California Faculty Association and California University administration negotiation and strike remains neutral. A.S. officials gave their view of the negotiation between the CFA and CSU as the possible strike will


CSUMB faculty prepares for a strike
Santa Cruz Sentinel
… the recommendations of the fact finder — that’s the ideal solution,” said Rafael Gomez, president of the California Faculty Association at CSUMB. “I do not …

CSUB administration anticipates largest faculty strike in history
Bakersfield Now
California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan said the release of the fact-finder report which largely sided with the union’s demands further motivated the strike. Meanwhile, the CSUB vice provost said the campus will run “business as usual

CSU Faculty Set to Strike After Independent Fact-Finder Report Supports Call for Raises
Lost Coast Outpost
HSU is assuring students that the campus will remain open and some instructors will still hold classes. It also tells

CSULB, California Faculty Association Pass Last Dispute Resolution Phase
Gazette Newspapers 

Fresno state ready to go red with strike imminent
Visalia Times-Delta
On Wednesday, Fresno State students and faculty came together to celebrate Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers organization, famous for protesting California grape growers, low pay and poor working conditions. In two weeks, Fresno State …

Report recommends granting CSU faculty salary increases
Eureka Times Standard

Chico State prepares for possible strike
Oroville Mercury Register


As strike looms, key report calls for higher pay for CSU faculty (video)
KABC-TV-Los Angeles “We are just walking on cloud nine,” said Douglas Domingo-Foraste, president of the Long Beach CFA chapter.

As strike looms, arbitrator says CSU faculty deserve pay raise
San Francisco Chronicle
As thousands of California State University instructors prepare to walk off the job in two weeks, a neutral fact-finder’s report concluded Monday that they are right to demand a bigger salary increase than CSU wants to give them.

CSU faculty should receive 5 percent raise, fact finder says
Sacramento Bee 
As the California State University faculty union prepares for a five-day systemwide strikenext month, an independent fact finder has largely sided with the union’s demands.

Report recommends that Cal State faculty receive 5% pay increase
Los Angeles Times 

Key report calls for higher pay for Cal State faculty
Associated Press
Faculty cheered the independent assessment, but the release of the fact-finding report doesn’t mean the two sides are any closer to settlement.

As CSU strike looms, panel backs faculty’s demand for 5 percent raises
San Jose Mercury News 

CSU faculty should receive 5 percent raise, fact finder says
Fresno Bee
During an October 2015 strike authorization rally, Fresno State professor John Beynon, right, joins other California Faculty Association members as they act in their “Race to the Bottom” skit to illustrate what they call an inadequate 2-percent raise

CAL STATE UNIVERSITY: Feud over report sets stage for faculty strike
Riverside Press-Enterprise
California State University’s faculty union hailed a report issued Monday recommending that CSU’s administration pay instructors the 5 percent raise they have been demanding.

Give CSU faculty a 5 percent raise, independent report says
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Cal Poly President Jeff Armstrong (left, green shirt) and Cal Poly faculty union president Graham Archer (right, green shirt) talk at a protest in May led by faculty pushing for a pay increase.

CSU should give faculty the 5 percent raise they asked for, independent panel says
Long Beach Press Telegram
A large crowd gathers at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting last Tuesday supporting the faculty’s demand for a 5 percent raise.

Panel Supports Cal State Faculty’s Demand For 5 percent Pay Raise
Los Angeles Business Journal
An independent report released Monday found that California State University should increase faculty pay by 5 percent, meeting the California Faculty Association’s demands

加州州大教职工要求校方涨薪5% 否则举行大罢工
The ChinaPress
【侨报记者张苗3月28日南湾综合报道】3月28日,加州教师工会(the California Faculty Association)发表声明,要求加州州立大学系统( California State University …

Independent report sides with Cal State faculty on pay raises
Orange County Register

Panel says CSU should give faculty the 5 percent raise they asked for
San Bernardino County Sun


Independent report recommends Cal State faculty raises (audio)
89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio
It’s a matter of desire, not being broke,” California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan said.

Fact-Finder Favors Faculty In Dispute With CSU (audio)
Capital Public Radio News
“The CSU management could come to use at any time with a reasonable proposal to try to avert the strike, but the ball really is in their court,” Eagan says.

Fact-finder recommends CSU give faculty pay raise (video)
KGO-TV ABC San Francisco
Scott Fosdick, faculty at San Jose: In hard times we don’t get any raises at all so in good times 2% doesn’t cut it. It’s time to reinvest in faculty.

Arbitrator Finds CSU Faculty Should Get Raises (audio)
KOGO news radio San Diego

Key report calls for higher pay for CSU faculty (video)
KCRA TV Sacramento
Jerry Drawhorn, faculty: “It’s gonna happen…” & Interview with CFA Pres. Jennifer Eagan

Key report calls for higher pay for Cal State faculty (video)
KSBY San Luis Obispo News


Report sides with California Faculty Association in upcoming strike
The Orion (Chico)

Factfinding sides with CFA in faculty dispute, acknowledge tight funds
Daily Sundial (Northridge)

CFA report goes public with recommendations (Sacramento)

Fact finder sides with CFA weeks before state-wide strike
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco)

Complexities behind the faculty strike
Sonoma State Star

Faculty strike appears set to proceed in April
The Poly Post (Pomona)


Potential for largest-ever CSU strike advances
San Francisco Examiner 

AM Alert: Vote set on state-wide retirement savings system
Sacramento Bee

New Report Brings CSU Faculty One Step Closer to Striking
Steve Adisasmito-Smith loves his job. He’s been teaching here at Fresno State the past 13 years. He’s had three raises during that time. “Before I got this last one, I was making less than most of the high school teachers in the area with the same

Salary Increases Recommended for California State University Faculty

As CSU strike looms, panel backs faculty’s demand for 5 percent raises
Contra Costa Times 

Outside fact finder backs CSU faculty’s demand for 5% salary increase

Fact Finder Recommends CSU Faculty Should Get 5% Salary Increase Sought
Times of San Diego 


Students rally in support of faculty pay dispute
Members of Students for Quality Education protesting at Sac State with a megaphone after the California Faculty Association’s announcement regarding the looming strike and pay dispute with the CSU, Monday, March 28.

Jóvenes universitarios piden aumento salarial para sus maestros (video)

CSU students rally with faculty to push for 5% raise (video)
Sacramento Bee


Editorial: CSU faculty deserve the 5 percent raise
Ventura County Star   
The ongoing battle between the California State University faculty and the university administration over a pay raise just shifted in favor of the faculty.
Write a letter to the editor

Editorial: CSU faculty deserve raise; students don’t deserve strike
Sacramento Bee    
Like so many once well-paying forms of white collar employment – publishing, journalism, the legal profession – being a college professor isn’t what it used to be. Public university classrooms are more crowded. Tenured jobs are hard to get. Part-time
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Editorial: CSU faculty deserve raise and students don’t deserve strike
Fresno Bee
Even before faculty salaries began to wither at the massive California State University system, teachers worried how long they’d hold onto a middle class standard of living. And when the 2008 recession hit, they got their answer: five years without raises and furloughs that slashed 10 percent from faculty paychecks.   
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Opinion: Not all CSU faculty ‘well paid’
Eureka Times Standard

LETTERS: CSU can afford a 5% raise for faculty
Riverside Press-Enterprise
Gwen Urey: As a Cal Poly Pomona professor who has seen my salary’s purchasing power decline more than 10 percent since 2007, …

LETTERS: Plenty of money left for faculty
Riverside Press-Enterprise
Mary Boland: This is why faculty must strike … Faculty are not greedy; we are falling out of the middle class – if we ever made it there

MARCH 2016

Inspired by students’ struggles, this CSU professor chooses to strike: Guest commentary
The Pasadena Star-News
Enrique Ochoa, faculty at Cal State LA, explains his decision: “Faculty are drawing a line in the sand. …CFA’s ‘Fight for Five’ is part of our long term struggle to create an affordable, high quality and inclusive CSU system.”

EDITORIAL: Little money left for faculty
Riverside Press-Enterprise / Orange County Register

Cal State Prepares as Historically Large Faculty Strike Looms
Campus Safety Magazine
California State University system administrators are bracing for what could be the largest academic strike at a four year college in U.S. history. …More security officers would also be on campus during the strike. Currently, each campus in the system employs a police department with sworn officers.

CFA Strike Explained By SJSU Journalism
Journalism (San Jose State)
Student video

Stanislaus State students, faculty berate CSU chancellor over pay
Modesto Bee 

CSU Chancellor talks innovation, student food insecurity during Stanislaus State visit
The Turlock Journal
CSU Chancellor Timothy White shared his vision for the future of Stanislaus State — as well as answered to angry faculty who argued in favor of a five percent pay increase — during his visit to the Turlock campus on Tuesday …

Two billion in reserves, no money to end strike
The Orion (CSU Chico)
More than half of Cal State faculty earn less than $38,000 in annual gross income, according to the California Faculty Association….

‘Strike school’ shows faculty union members the importance of their impending strike
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
With a strike scheduled for April, Cal State Fullerton’s Californa Faculty Association President Michele Barr, Ed.D., instructed Cal State Fullerton faculty members …

Part-Time Professors Demand Full-Time Work
Voice of America

Cal State Fullerton Faculty Ready for a Historic Five-Day Strike Next Month
OC Weekly
Q & A with Dr. Michele Barr, a full-time lecturer in the department of kinesiology and Cal State Fullerton CFA chapter president before the professors hit the picket line.

CSU faculty urge action on large mental health counselor ratio
Faculty members in the California State University system are alleging that high student-to-mental health counselor ratios on campuses is harming some of the system’s neediest students. 

Interactive timeline of CFA, CSU negotiations
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
A long chain of events led to the California Faculty Association’s announcement of a potential strike…

Faculty help students understand potential strike
The Orion (CSU Chico)
A helpful slide show recapping the faculty’s contract battles since 2008 and events in the current “Fight for Five.”

Cuban-Born College President Ruben Armiñana
Anderson Valley Advertiser
Q: The strike couldn’t come at a worse time for you personally.
A: If I could persuade people to wait until next fall when I’m gone I would.

Strike Talk—students asked, we answered
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
The Sundial asked students what questions were on their mind about the California State University administration and the California Faculty Association.

Editorial: The Signal stands with CFA
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)
It is time for funding to be invested into the true heart of the institution and that is our faculty. Without our faculty, we have no institution.

Instruction, interrupted
Chico News & Review
Chico CFA Chapter President Tim Sistrunk: “There’s academic freedom; there’s the open exchange of ideas. To tell people what they can’t talk about—especially if it’s specific to their life at the university—is an astounding assertion.”

Pending Cal State strike isn’t about greedy professors: Guest commentary
San Bernardino County Sun 
Ryan Keating, CSUSB Asst Professor: The pending strike in April is a last resort.

I don’t want to strike, but I must
The Pioneer (Cal State East Bay)
East Bay CFA Chapter President Nick Baham: I want to make it clear to the CSUEB community that our strike is an act of love.

31 days and counting to largest public education strike in California
CSULA University Times
Los Angeles CFA President Molly Talcott speaks on pressures of CFA strikes: “I know for myself, I’m going on strike as much for my students as I am for my own well being. I’m mentoring students right now who want to be professors and as the conditions erode they’re going to have an even worse deal in ten years than I do. Then they’re going to try to teach their students why it matters to stand in solidarity with faculty.”

As a potential strike looms, Cal State faculty and trustees remain at odds over pay
Los Angeles Times
CSU faculty members appealed to trustees Tuesday to do more to avert a strike at the nation’s largest university system…

Both ASI presidential candidates express support for CFA
The Collegian (Fresno State)
He reiterated his stance of support for state government to secure more funding for the California State University system to raise teachers’ wages. “I fully support …

My Questions for Chancellor White
Academe Blog (AAUP)
AAUP VP Hank Reichman, CSUEB faculty: “Here is what I would have said to Chancellor White had I the chance.”

Cal State University faculty threatens strike, calls for pay increase during trustees meeting
Daily News (online portal)

Approaching CSU strike a warning sign for the UC
Daily Californian (UC Berkeley)

Strike Impact Remains Uncertain
Daily Sundial (San Diego State)‎

California Faculty Association/CSU strike, 4/13
Daily Kos
This strike, if and when it happens, is going to be gigantic.

CAL STATE UNIVERSITY: Possibility of faculty strike grows
Riverside Press-Enterprise
The possibility of a strike at California State University campuses in April seemed more likely after the CSU Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday in Long Beach. Members of the California Faculty Association held up notebook-paper sized signs saying “36 Days” as its leaders warned the trustees that a five-day strike was coming at the system’s 23 campuses if a contract agreement could not be reached. The faculty union members, most wearing red shirts saying, “I don’t want to strike, but I will,” also groaned and booed during a presentation by CSU Vice Chancellor Lori Lamb on the status of the ongoing negotiations.
At the link see a slide show of photos at the Trustees meeting As CFA testified

‘36 Days’: The possibility of Cal State University faculty strike grows

CSU faculty strike looms as contract negotiations remain $70M apart
KABC-TV Los Angeles

Fresno State faculty prepare to strike, students worried it will impact graduation
KFSN-TV  ABC30 Fresno
Tensions ran high at Cal State University’s final Board of Trustees meeting before an impending faculty strike that will span 23 campuses across California. CSU faculty want a five-percent raise. Diane Blair, Fresno State Faculty Association, says “Two-percent doesn’t help us even maintain a cost of living increase and it does nothing to really help the faculty make up for the years of disinvestment that have occurred.” …Blair says, “We are five weeks away from a strike and we are really urging Chancellor White to come back to the table and bargain in good faith with the faculty.”

Cal State University faculty threatens strike, calls for pay increase during trustees meeting
Long Beach Press Telegram
Jennifer Eagan, President of the California Faculty Association: “What are you doing to avert this strike?” Eagan asked trustees. “I have been doing everything I can to reach out and persuade you to make labor peace.”

Cal State system says campuses will stay open during strike
Associated Press
Administrators also are warning professors and instructors that it’s illegal for them to promote the strike during their classes in the weeks ahead, she said. “This is not an academic freedom issue,” Lamb said. “It’s a use of state resources.” Union President Jennifer Eagan disputed the assertion that faculty can’t discuss the potential walkout with students and said she thinks the system is trying to intimidate its employees. “Students need to be more than just informed whether their faculty member is going to have class on what day,” Eagan said. “This is a university. We talk about matters of particular concern, and certainly the CSU is a matter of concern.”
Places AP story appeared include: Contra Costa Times, San Jose Mercury News, KCRA-TV Sacramento, Chico Enterprise-Record, San Francisco, Capital Public Radio News, CBS-TV San Francisco, Ventura County Star, Monterey County Herald, The San Luis Obispo Tribune, KSBY San Luis Obispo News, KTVN, CBS Local, Washington Times, Merced Sun-Star, San Francisco Chronicle, The San Diego Union-Tribune 

Cal State faculty, students expected to press trustees on pay raises
Los Angeles Times
Advance coverage before Tuesday March 8 Trustees meeting: Cal State faculty are expected to press their case for pay raises Tuesday at a meeting of the Board of Trustees, perhaps their last chance to jump start stalled …

Cal Poly faculty and administration develop strategies as possible strike approaches
KCBX San Luis Obispo

Op-Ed: CFA strike is in the best interest of faculty and students
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
Charles Toombs, San Diego CFA Chapter President & AVP South: “Faculty do not want to go on strike. No one wants to go on strike from a job, and this is true for those of us who teach in the CSU. We care about our students and we want every student to succeed. We hope you understand our concern for your success is exemplified by classroom instruction, by academic advising, by mentoring and advising undergraduate and graduate theses, by including you in our research projects, and by the many other ways we contribute to student excellence. We also care about our own families. We want and believe that teaching in the CSU can and should be a solid middle class job that lets us support our families while we help students get college degrees.”

Opinion: I don’t want to strike, but I will
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
Sheila Tully, San Francisco CFA Chapter President: “This corporatization of the CSU – high salaries for administrators and low wages for everyone else, is not sustainable. Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. My decision to strike is not an easy one, but it is necessary in order to pay my bills and provide my students with the quality education that they deserve. I resent the crocodile tears of management worrying about students missing five days of classes. I do not recall any such concern during the year of furloughs when students lost 18 days of classes. Budget decisions are reflections of values. The chancellor needs to re-order his budgetary priorities, pay the 5 percent, and show faculty the respect that we deserve for our talent, hard work, and commitment to public education.”

Opinion: Letter to students from CFA CPP president
The Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)
Dorothy Wills, Pomona CFA Chapter President: Please ask the California Faculty Association if you would like advice on the strike, not the administration. The boilerplate message that started on the California State University web page and has now gone out on most campuses contains many inaccurate and misleading statements, intended to discourage and divert the faculty from our purpose. … The academic freedom provision of our contract and of long-standing tradition in higher education does not permit management to tell us what to say in our classes. If students would like a discussion of issues affecting their education, nothing prevents them from engaging in it. The idea that we would compel students to take a particular position, walk the picket line or any such thing is ludicrous on the face of it. … If a reporter or photographer contacts you from any media organization, you do not need to consult the Office of Public Affairs before deciding what to say. Tell them your story or opinion, as appropriate. …”

CA Democratic Party endorses “fair pay” for CSU faculty
At its party convention in San Jose, the state Democratic Party voted to endorse the California Faculty Association’s campaign for higher wages.

CSUMB Happenings: Concern on campus about possible faculty strike
Monterey County Herald
To answer questions regarding the strike, a forum will be held Tuesday in the CSUMB Student Center’s East Lounge from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Meghan O’Donnell, CSUMB faculty strike coordinator, along with Associated Students and Students for Quality Education will be there with updated information.

ASI resolutions on CFA and Sustainability Fee
Cougar Chronicle (CSU San Marcos)
CSUSM Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors held a gathering to discuss its resolutions in support of the California Faculty Association’s “Fight for Five”…

HIGHER EDUCATION: CSU faculty battle continues
Riverside Press-Enterprise
An accounting professor who regularly analyzes the finances of public college systems says the California State University system can afford to pay faculty members the raise they have been demanding.

CSU Chancellor White hopes his public forum at SDSU spurs ‘in-depth conversations’
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
Students, faculty, campus administrators, California Faculty Association protesters — and even two people dressed as a dog and pony — flooded Montezuma …

CAL STATE UNIVERSITY: Riverside attorney Jane Carney appointed to trustees
Riverside Press-Enterprise
The California Faculty Association has said its members will strike on all 23 campuses for five days in April. Carney said she does not have in-depth knowledge about the situation.

Oops! Cal Poly math blunder costs university administration some credibility
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
It was an impressive bit of data: Cal Poly added 21 management positions between October 2014 and October 2015, yet spent $71,000 less on administrative salaries. That’s something to brag about — which Cal Poly did — until it redid the math and discovered a slight problem: The information wasn’t accurate. As we now know, Cal Poly miscalculated; it actually spent $93,000 more on administrative salaries. Ordinarily, a blunder like that — while embarrassing — would be quickly forgotten. But these are not ordinary times for the university. The entire California State University system is in the middle of a contract dispute with faculty, which is threatening a five-day strike in April if its demand for a 5 percent raise is not met.

CSU chancellor faces tough crowd at SDSU
The San Diego Union-Tribune
With the threat of a system-wide faculty strike looming, CSU Chancellor Timothy White faced an often angry crowd of professors and their supporters during an open forum at San Diego State University this week.

Students support faculty’s decision to strike
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
While many San Diego State students may not be aware about the possible strike of the California Faculty Association, there are many reasons why students should inform themselves.

CSU Chancellor receives icy reception
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)
If you were on Cal State East Bay’s campus on Monday afternoon, you could hear something brewing. Faculty, staff and students staged a demonstration at the Cal State East Bay Hayward campus to bring attention to the looming strike …

Frustrations bubble at CSU East Bay during chancellor visit
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)

A CSU Eastbay Faculty, Staff And Students Rally For Living Wage And Justice
IndyBay Media / Labor Video Project (Video)
CSU Eastbay CFA faculty, staff and students rallied and spoke out about the attack on their living conditions and the right to a public education.

Sac State faculty threatens strike without pay raise
Sacramento News & Review
There’s an office on the first floor of Sacramento State’s Brighton Hall, a tiny room where stacks of fliers and papers atop a large table and desk almost climb to the ceiling. It’s a modest little space, yet it houses the California Faculty Association

CFA strike explained at ASI meeting
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
As the CSU Bakersfield faculty prepares for possibly the largest strike in the history of higher education, the Associated Students Inc. board invited…

Faculty has right to discuss strike
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
In a campus-wide memorandum sent Feb. 23, CSU Bakersfield President Horace Mitchell addressed the California Faculty Association’s preparations for a five-day strike in April….

Memo misleads: clarifying the impending strike
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
STAFF EDITORIAL: … the Office of President Horace Mitchell circulated a memorandum to students concerning issues involving the possible faculty strike in April. What is heinous in this memo…

The Bigger Picture: What Students Need to Know about the CFA Strike
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)

Sonoma State U CSU Teacher Strike
Student Video (mp4)

Ethnic Studies supporters wear black and red for resistance
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
Black symbolized power, and the accents of red were a nod to the California Faculty Association’s demand for a raise…

CSU faculty threatening five-day strike if demands aren’t met
Thousand Oaks Acorn 


Letters to the Editor: Preach It, Teach
Monterey County Weekly
Karen Davis@CSUMB: “The chancellor’s preference for raising top administrators’ pay instead of faculty salaries confirms our students’ worst fears–especially those who seek to become teachers themselves.”


Capitol Morning Report (California State Capitol)
Members of CFA conduct “just practicing” picket line outside forum led by CSU Chancellor Timothy White, prepare for April 13 strike, if salary contract settlement is not reach, say CSU system continues to “reinvest with a focus on instruction even though 50 years of research shows that most important factor in helping students succeeds are the teachers devoted to that success.” 3 pm, CSU East Bay.

Classes still happening if California Faculty Association strike occurs
The Orion (CSU Chico)
In an email sent to students, Paul Zingg, president of Chico

CSU threatens unprecedented 5-day strike in April
San Jose Mercury News 

The old college try: CSU faculty prepare for mid-April strike if they don’t get a 5-percent pay increase
Signal Tribune (Los Angeles)

‘I Don’t Want to Strike But I Will’
Fresno State Focus (Student-run TV)
Interviews with Fresno CFA Leaders Lisa Weston, Diane Blair, Judith Scott.

Editorial: CFA Fight Affects All
CSU Humboldt Lumberjack

CFA deserves pay raise
CSU San Bernardino Coyote Chronicle

Students voice concerns on faculty strike
The Orion (CSU Chico)
Many students, when made aware of the issue, are taking a stand in support of the CSU faculty demanding a five percent salary raise. The only concern students are expressing is how the strike will affect their courses.

OP-ED: CFA strike and how it affects students like me
CSULA University Times

  • “I am for it even though teachers will be missing class I think it’s good for students, especially those who are going to be going into the teaching profession, “ said Jasmine Salgado, 19, a sophomore TVF major.
  • “It’s not fair for students who are paying hard earned money to miss out on classes even if I agree, in principle, for the reason the CFA is striking,” said Elizabeth Peterson, 19, freshman.
  • “People need this precious time with teachers. Not everyone is the best student and some need those hours to understand the material,” said Edwin Galiendo, 24, senior Industrial Technology major.
  • “I think they should strike. They need to have their voice heard because the current situation isn’t working, and needs to change,” said Derek Castillo, 27, junior Spanish major.

Letters: CSUMB faculty fighting for 5 percent pay raise
Monterey Herald
Karen Davis, CSUMB: “I never went into teaching to get rich, but after years of stagnant wages, I voted with nearly all fellow instructors for a 5 percent salary increase.”

CSU chancellor questioned about money at Cal Poly Pomona forum
Long Beach Press-Telegram
While not wanting to diminish “the pain of people who work two jobs, or three jobs, or whose parents work a second job to keep their kids in school,” White said the CSU system is operating with less money than before the Great Recession despite having more students. “But you live within your means,” he said.

Photos: CSU Chancellor White visits Cal Poly Pomona Thursday
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Cal Maritime students alerted to possible CSU strike
Vallejo Times Herald 

CSU faculty sets dates for tentative five-day strike
Camarillo Acorn

AS update: Aztec mascot controversy, spring events
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
[Spring Event:] “SDSU is not not wanting to pay its professors,” …

Support CFA In Its Struggle for a Fair Salary!
APC Bargaining News
Unit 4 Members Stand with Their Brothers and Sisters in the Faculty Unit

HSU President to Students: If Faculty Strikes, School’s Not Canceled
Lost Coast Outpost
Just because some of your professors may be on strike doesn’t mean you’ll get the week off school, Humboldt State University President Lisa Rossbacher told students today in a mass email.

CSU (and CSUSM) faculty announces April strike plan
Escondido Grapevine
With 14 years at CSUSM, [San Marcos CFA Chapter President Darel] Engen said he earned $75,000 as an associate professor of history. A lecturer with the university for 10 years earns $47,000 annually, he said. “That’s unconscionable,” Engen said. “That’s shameful.”

Support Growing for Potential CFA Strike
Academe Blog (AAUP)

CFA prepares to strike
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)
For Cal State University students at the system’s 23 campuses, things are going to change, at least for a week.

Cal Poly faculty: We don’t want to strike, but we will if necessary
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Rob Clayton is VP of Cal Poly’s CFA and worked for eight years as a counseling faculty member at Cal Poly.

CFA holds forum for students (Sacramento State)
CFA put on a forum to answer student questions and receive student involvement about the strike being held in April.

Chancellor said the Cal State system is preparing for possible strike
Orange County Register

Miembro de facultad comenta sobre period de huelga
Univision/TV / Radio 107.1
Interview with Monterey Bay CFA Chapter President Rafael Gomez

Experts: CSU strike mostly symbolic, but shouldn’t be taken lightly
The Bakersfield Californian 

CSUSB faculty gearing up for strike
The Desert Sun 

CSUMB faculty plan possible strike.
Monterey County Weekly

Cal Poly spends $71000 less on management, but faculty union still critical
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
The faculty union is critical of $9.7 million in added Cal Poly spending on management positions between 2010 and 2015. Cal Poly added 21 management positions while spending $71,000 less between October 2014 and October 2015. The university added 53 faculty positions and 48 staff positions from October 2014 to October 2015. … “When they blow out the number of administrators by 43 percent over a four-year period, you can’t really make that comparison with the spending,” said Graham Archer, the university’s CFA president. “We’re deeply concerned about the number of administrators they’ve added to the campus and the weight of them on the budget in future years.”


California Faculty Association details strike date
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)

CFA president answers questions about faculty strike
The Orion (CSU Chico)‎

Fresno State President addresses students’ concerns
The Collegian (Fresno State)
He assured the crowd that CFA and the CSU have agreed that students will not be harmed in terms of graduating or getting …

CSU Chancellor White visits CSUF, receives backlash from faculty, students
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
Cal State University Chancellor Timothy White met with protesting CFA members at an open forum where he answered faculty and student questions Tuesday. The chancellor’s visit comes two months before the anticipated …

Professors at Academic Senate raise concerns about pending faculty strike
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
Faculty members at the Academic Senate were invited to raise their concerns about the impending California Faculty Association strike in April.

CSUs anticipate potential 5-day CFA strike
CSULA University Times 

CFA announces five-day strike plan
The Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)

University seeks to resolve course scheduling issues (Sacramento State)
The meeting also highlighted … the possible upcoming CFA strike …

California Faculty Association leaders back union strike
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)‎

CFA sets April strike date
Coyote Chronicle (CSU San Marcos)

Faculty strike dates announced for April
Sonoma State Star 


Sacramento State Graduation Czar Lays Out Plan To Boost 9 Percent Graduation Rate
CBS Local Sacramento
According to CFA member Lois Boulgarides: “Some faculty searches are going unfilled because people won’t come for the salary being offered,” she said. “So that’s going to be a problem when we want to graduate students and we can’t offer them permanent, full-time faculty to fill those positions.”

Union-busting at Duke: a brief history
Duke Chronicle (Duke U. student paper)
…at a conversation on campus diversity early last week, members of the California Faculty Association explained how their union achieved significant gains, including developing “unconscious bias” tools for hiring committees which led to significant increases in staff and faculty diversity across ranks. Building strong unions both helps to increase diversity within ranks and to narrow the wealth gap between them.


California State University faculty union announces potential system-wide strikes
Editorial: CSU faculty deserves to earn a living wage

Golden Gate XPress (San Francisco State)
The CSU’s refusal to budge is unfair to the professors who are forced to move hours away from their schools in areas such as San Francisco with skyrocketing housing costs. It’s also unfair to the students, whose professors have to devote hours to commuting rather than their curriculum…. The CSU system has been undervaluing their employees for too long and it isn’t surprising that the CFA is closer to a major strike than ever before. If California as a state and the CSU as a whole don’t reevaluate and reprioritize the way they treat and pay teachers, we’re destined to perpetuate the erosion of our education system.

CFA-CSU Contract Fight
KPFA-FM Work Week
WorkWeek looks at the call for strike action by the 25,000 member of the California Faculty Association of the CSU system with CFA bargaining strategy chair Antonio Gallo who is a professor of Chicano Studies at CSU Northridge.

加州教職員工會(California Faculty Association)代表州大絕大部分終身職教授、講師、圖書館員、顧問與球隊教練。一旦罷工,將使所有州大校園全面停擺。工會與州 …

Campus may grind to halt if faculty strikes in April
The Collegian (UC Berkeley)
“The Faculty is at a point where they are saying enough is enough,” said [CFA Fresno Chapter President] Diane Blair, a Fresno State communication …

CSU faculty ready to walk off the job
Central Valley Business Times
… April 13-15 and April 18-19 …

CSU faculty union sets dates for 5-day strike if labor deal not reached
KABC-TV LA (Video)
CFA Secretary Molly Talcott: “We know withholding our labor is the last resort.”

Cal State Faculty Plan To Strike In April
KPBS Public TV
“We’ve said all along that we don’t want to strike, but we will if we have to,” said Jennifer Eagan, president of CFA. “We must take a stand so that we can support our families, protect our profession and provide high quality education for our students.

CSU faculty to strike for five days if contract deal not reached
Sacramento Bee
Arguing that their salaries did not keep up with inflation as teaching staff was persistently underfunded during the past decade, the California Faculty Association has been wrangling with the university since last May over a raise for the 2015-16 academic year.

California State University campuses prep for strike
Associated Press
…are preparing for a five-day strike that would be by far the largest since system-wide collective bargaining began in the early 1980s.  [This AP item appears widely on news media web sites and in news feeds across the nation.]

Cal State Faculty Union Plans 5-Day Strike for April
KQED NPR / The California Report (audio)

CSU Faculty Demand Fair Contract, Set Potential Strike Date
Labor’s Edge (California Labor Federation)

Faculty Association Announces Likely Start Date for First Statewide Strike at CSU
CTA Blog (California Teachers Association)


CSU Faculty Threatens Strike
NBC Southern California
“We’ve said all along that we don’t want to strike, but we will if we have to,” said Jennifer Eagan, president of the California Faculty Association. “We must take a stand so that we can support our families, protect our profession and provide high-quality education for our students.

Faculty at all 23 CSU campuses prepare for strike
KCRA-TV NBC Sacramento (video)

California State University Campuses Prep for Strike
Fox40 Sacramento

California State University Faculty Threaten April Strike Over 5 Percent Raise Demand
CBS 13 Sacramento (video)
“We don’t want to strike, but we will,” said California Faculty Association president Jennifer Eagan. “Unlike our peers we have not been able to keep up with the cost of living in California and recover from the recession.”

CSU system announces dates for faculty strike
ABC Bakersfield
… thousands of faculty members will go on strike, impacting all campuses, including Cal State Bakersfield.

CSU vows to remain open in event of faculty strike  San Francisco

CSU faculty union sets dates for 5-day strike if labor deal not reached

CSU Faculty Union Threatens April Strike


CSU faculty union approves five-day strike; move could impact Cal Poly Open House
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
The work stoppage would take place during Cal Poly’s Open House, scheduled for April 14-16.

CSU faculty prepared to strike for 5 days in April
Long Beach Press Telegram

California Faculty Association Sets Dates For Potential CSU Strike
Your Central Valley

CAL STATE: Faculty union announces April strike dates
Riverside Press Enterprise

CSU faculty union schedules five-day strike in April
San Francisco Examiner

CSU faculty sets possible strike for April
Central Valley Business Journal
It would be the first system-wide faculty strike for the CSU system.

CSU faculty members authorize systemwide strike
The Bakersfield Californian
… some CSUB instructors unable to pay mortgages are losing their homes, said Doreen Anderson-Facile, the university’s CFA chapter president. “All the young people who come in are getting paid very little, and the part timers and lecturers are making a pittance at best. Some are making $25,000 a year and flying from school to school.”

CSU leaders say possible faculty strike won’t close campuses
San Francisco Examiner 

CSU threatens unprecedented 5-day strike in April
San Jose Mercury News
The CSU faculty union will bring teaching to a halt at all 23 campuses in April — an unprecedented move for the 470,000-student university system …

Cal State University faculty may strike in April
Los Angeles Times 

Strike ‘likely’ for CSU faculty in April
Orange County Register‎
… by far the largest walkout since professors and instructors won collective bargaining rights…

CSU campuses preparing for strike
Eureka Times Standard 


CFA Announces Strike Dates
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)

Strike set for April
The Orion (CSU Chico) ‎

CFA announces dates for 5-day strike
The Coyote Chronicle (CSU San Marcos)
…said Wehr. “Chancellor Timothy White is offering a mere 2 percent and stubbornly refuses to move from this position. We continue to reject this lowball offer. It barely keeps up with inflation and does not help bring our faculty out of the deep holes of 10 years of stagnated wages.”

California Faculty Association plans 5-day strike in April
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)

Strike dates on CSU campuses announced (Sacramento State)

CFA announces dates for a potential strike
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)

Faculty strike looms over April
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)

CFA to strike for 5 days if impasse with CSU continues
Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)


CSU faculty prepare for potential strike this spring
89.3 KPCC NPR Los Angeles

California Faculty Association Sets Dates For Possible Strike
Capital Public Radio News NPR Sacramento

California Faculty Association sets upcoming strike dates for Cal Poly, other CSU campuses
KCBX NPR Central Coast


Preston Rudy: California State University system values administrators, not faculty
San Jose Mercury News
Commentary by San Jose CFA Chapter President Preston Rudy: With the appointment of a new president at San Jose State University, we are once more reminded that the leaders of California State University have created an exact mirror of the social inequality in our society.

Faculty strike looming over university system
Sonoma State Star
“Overall, what students need to remember is that your teachers are fighting for you and a reinvestment in CSU education” stated [Sonoma CFA Chapter President Elaine] Newman.

ASI addresses possible faculty strike (Sacramento State)
Associate Vice President of the California Faculty Association and sociology professor Kevin Wehr met with Associated Students, Inc. during their first spring meeting Feb. 3…

Faculty Senate addresses looming CFA strike (Sacramento State)
The senate meeting began with a message from Margarita Berta-Avila, vice president of the Sacramento chapter of the CFA, that informed the senate that the fact-finding phase of negotiations…

CFA Update: The Looming Faculty Strike
The LumberJack
“They have not budged at all,” Michael Camann, Humboldt California Faculty Association chapter president, said.

Letter to Students from CFA Fresno State Chapter President
The Collegian (Fresno State)
Diane M. Blair, California Faculty Association, Fresno State Chapter President: By now most students know that the faculty on our campus and across the 23-campus California State University system are in a labor dispute with CSU management. You’ve seen faculty members wearing red, you’ve read statements regarding possible …

Letter to the Editor: Faculty union does not do the hiring
Fresno Bee
Diane Blair’s letter corrects misunderstanding in commentary: Professor Somma’s animosity toward the California Faculty Association seems misdirected. The faculty union is not the party responsible for hiring faculty.

California Faculty Association wears red to symbolize potential strike
The Orion (CSU Chico)
The California Faculty Association is seeking student support to help them get better wages before they are forced to go on strike.

Faculty union and CSU in last stage of bargaining for salary increase
The Collegian (Fresno State)
Red is the color of unity for the California Faculty Association members who are pledging to strike if the California State University chancellor’s office does not …

CFA prepares for visit from Chancellor Timothy White
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
The Fullerton chapter of CFA is preparing to question CSU Chancellor Timothy White when he visits Cal State Fullerton in February.

Students, faculty challenge CSU Chancellor Timothy White at open forum
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
CFA members wore shirts that read “I don’t want to strike but I will” and held posters concerning their salary on Jan. 29.



CSU Trustees weigh competing student and faculty needs
California State University students say a draft plan to automatically increase tuition each year would shut a lot of them out.

Next phase for CFA, CSU contract negotiations
Capital Public Radio
Contract negotiations between the California Faculty Association and the California State University system have reached an impasse.

CFA threaten to strike while waiting for decision
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)

Cal State University: Tuition hikes aren’t automatic, financial minds insist
Orange County Register
Authors of a financial plan for CSU insisted Tuesday that it does not call for automatic tuition increases, although it had been widely interpreted to mean just that. Students, faculty members and several members of the board of trustees read the document, which was discussed at the trustees meeting Tuesday in Long Beach, and believed it called for such increases. … Paying the faculty was the other issue that dominated Tuesday’s meeting. The morning began with a serenade. Riffing on a (song popularized by) Pete Seeger, a group of about 40 faculty members and their supporters chanted “Which Side are You On,” adding their own verses about stalled negotiations between their union and university officials.

Students criticize Cal State tuition increase proposal
A draft plan to buffer funding for the California State University system by raising tuition automatically each year attracted attacks from nearly all corners at Tuesday’s California State University trustee meeting in Long Beach. “

CSU Chancellor Aims to Close Achievement Gap by Improving Graduation Rates
Long Beach Post
White did not mention in his speech the ongoing salary dispute with members of the California Faculty Association  “We continue to invest in our faculty as a critical factor in achieving our shared goals,” White said during the speech, without addressing the dispute. “Last year, total CSU faculty levels reached all-time highs, as we continue tenure-track searches,” he said. White also stated that 742 new tenure-track faculty were hired in the 2014-15 academic year, a record year of hires since before the recession.

CSU ponders proposals to admit more students, raise tuition
San Francisco Chronicle
California State University faculty sing their displeasure over contract negotiations to the CSU trustees meeting in Long Beach.  …the idea of raising tuition met with strong objections from students and faculty, who are threatening to strike if CSU doesn’t agree to a 5 percent pay raise. Raising tuition “on top of huge increases already imposed since 2000 would be unfair to CSU students and counterproductive to the university’s mission of access and affordability,” Lillian Taiz, immediate past president of the California Faculty Association, told the trustees. At CSU, California residents pay an annual undergraduate tuition of $5,472, which hasn’t risen since 2011, and mandatory fees averaging nearly $1,300. Tuition and fees combined were $1,877 a year in 2000. Christian Torres, with Students for a Quality Education, a faculty-sponsored group, urged the trustees to reject “any and every proposal” that would raise tuition and fees.

CSU Chancellor Timothy White evokes moon race in charting the future
Long Beach Press Telegram
“Our goal, our moon, must be a quality bachelor’s degree for every Californian willing and able to earn it —with an achievement gap of zero,” Chancellor Timothy P. White said Tuesday during his third annual State of the CSU address. California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan said the union agrees with the chancellor’s message, but disagrees on how to reach the goal. “We want the highest quality education for the students of California. We want the CSU to be the best university in the world just like the chancellor does,” Eagan said. “We have some disagreements on how to get there.” Eagan was making reference to the CFA being in the midst of bargaining a new contract. One sticking point is salary — CSU has offered a 2 percent salary increase, while the CFA is asking 5 percent. Members of CFA, wearing T-shirts with the slogan “I Don’t Want to Strike, But I Will,” sang a song during the public comment portion of the meeting before White’s address.

Cal State schools should do more to embrace diverse student body, chancellor says
Los Angeles Times
White said the Cal State system must do a better job of dealing with the swiftly changing demographics… Specifically, White directed faculty to develop a more inclusive curriculum and to “ask the question if we are informing enough about difference, power and discrimination.” White also said Cal State hiring and search committees should reflect the “rich diversity of our students and hire the best out of a rich and diverse pool of applicants.” He did not include specific goals or timetables for these changes. … [On faculty salary:] To press their point, some faculty members provided a musical interlude at Tuesday’s meeting, breaking into a traditional labor union standard. After addressing the board, about 30 faculty members stood and sang “Which Side Are You On?” a 1930s tune popularized by Pete Seeger and adapted with lyrics written by faculty. “We’re sending you a message we hope is loud and clear, a storm is coming and a strike very near.”

CFA Prepares for Strike
Coyote Chronicle (CSU San Bernardino)
California State University professors take a step closer to calling a strike in the 2016 Spring quarter as a continued attempt to raise faculty earnings by five percent. The California Faculty Association (CFA) gathered on the Cal State Los Angeles


Labor union vows to support CSU faculty if it strikes; faculty erupt at chancellor
Long Beach Press Telegram
A powerful labor union has thrown its support behind Cal State University faculty, saying they won’t cross picket lines if professors

Chancellor White Visits Cal State LA
University Times (Cal State LA)
This anger resounded through the campus on Tuesday as California Faculty Association (CFA) protesters gathered outside the Chancellor’s forum in the Golden Eagle Ballrooms with red shirts, drum beats, and loud chanting–shouting out their anger at the …

Possible CSU faculty strike looms, but still would be weeks away
San Jose Mercury News
As CSU students return to classes for the spring term, the threat of a systemwide faculty strike looms. “A storm is coming,” said California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan at a news conference Tuesday.

Regional labor groups will join CSU faculty in potential strike
Sacramento Bee
Ratcheting up the pressure in an ongoing dispute over raises, the California State University faculty union announced Tuesday that it has secured the support of more than a dozen regional labor councils for a strike that it may call in the coming weeks.

Cal State faculty get support for possible strike from Los Angeles union members
Los Angeles Times

Union offers strike aid to Cal State University faculty
Orange County Register
California State University faculty who are threatening to strike over a salary dispute received a boost Tuesday from an 800,000-member labor union in Los Angeles County, which pledged not to cross picket lines.

LA union announces support for CSU faculty
The Los Angeles County Federation of Labor threw its support Tuesday behind unionized California State University system faculty, announcing it will back the teachers if they move ahead with a strike and its union members will not cross picket lines.

Unions across California promise to strike with CSU faculty
Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)

Faculty Prepares for Possible Strike
The Orion (CSU Chico)

CSU faculty closer to a strike over wages
The Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)
The California Faculty Association announced that it has been granted strike sanctions by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor. The press conference and announcement was held at Cal State Los Angeles on Jan. 19. According to Rusty Hicks, …


Cal State faculty file labor charge over salary dispute• 11/21/15
Los Angeles Times
The California Faculty Assn. filed the charge last week with the state’s Public Employment Relations Board, alleging that Cal State and Chancellor Timothy P. White have been bargaining in bad faith.

Cal State University faculty union files labor complaint against system• 11/21/15
Long Beach Press Telegram
The union representing California State University professors has filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the 23-campus system, saying management has violated the law and failed to bargain in good faith over salary. (Also appeared in San Bernardino County Sun & many other local daily newspapers)

Faculty Union Sues CSU System Alleging Bad-Faith Negotiating   

CFA files unfair labor practice complaint against CSU
Golden Gate Xpress (SFSU)  


Cal State sets policy on presidential pay • 11/18/15
Los Angeles Times
Cal State trustees approved a plan Wednesday to restrict pay for new campus presidents—eliminating the use of private funds to supplement salaries—in a move to quell criticism and controversy in the nation’s largest university system. … In adopting the revised policy, trustees may have been sensitive to assertions by faculty of misplaced priorities, said California Faculty Assn. President Jennifer Eagan. But, in the end, it appeared to be more window-dressing than substance, she said. “We are still waiting for the board to discuss faculty salaries as seriously and as often as they devote to executive pay,” said Eagan, a professor at Cal State East Bay.



Students Walk Out of Class in Solidarity with CSU Faculty
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)
Senior Paradise Martinez Graff speaks out during the student walk out that was held in support of a proposed 5 percent salary increase for faculty across the California State University system on Nov. 17, 2015 at the University Center Quad in Arcata (See more on the Humboldt Student Walkout below)

SF State faculty picket in solidarity with colleagues
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
Dressed in bright red shirts reading, “I don’t want to strike but I will,” SF State faculty, students, and staff rallied in support for higher wages during the California Faculty Association’s Fight for Five campaign Tuesday.

CSU faculty members rally for higher salaries
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)

Thousands take to the streets of Long Beach in solidarity with CFA
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
Streets were shut down and consumed in a sea of red shirts …

CSU, CFA remains stagnant on salary increase
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)
CSUN lecturer Antonio Gallo addresses the trustee board. Several members of the CFA spoke about why they were pushing for a 5 percent salary increase before the beginning of Tuesday’s meeting in Long Beach.

CFA rally in powerful numbers at CSU trustee meeting
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)

CFA marches to Chancellor’s office for 5 percent
The Runner Online  (CSU Bakersfield)


CSU Faculty Rally To Seek Salary Increases In Long Beach
CBS 2 TV Los Angeles (video)
Fun live video of the march setting out, as well as early morning picketing, interviews with CFA President Jennifer Eagan, CFA member Mark Karplus and Chancellor’s spokesperson Laurie Weidner.

Cal State faculty rally for higher salaries, trustees seek more state funding
89.3 KPCC - ‎NPR (audio)
The university is offering faculty a 2 percent raise, which Cal State said is what other employees are getting. That’s not enough, said Dona Nichols, who teaches communications at San Jose State. “I can’t afford to send my children to the same school where I teach,” she said. “I have three kids in community college right now because I can’t afford to pay the [Cal State] tuition, which has skyrocketed.”

CSU Faculty Poised to Strike
KPFA/KPFK Pacifica Evening News
About 100 faculty, students, and union supporters gathered today at San Francisco State University to raise awareness for the CSU Fight for Five cause.

CSU To Ask For Extra $100M In Its Next State Budget
Capital Public Radio News NPR Sacramento (audio)

Cal State Faculty Members March in Long Beach to Rally for Pay Raises
KTLA 5 TV Los Angeles (2 videos)
Video of the march: Hundreds of chanting, banner-waving Cal State faculty members marched to the chancellor’s office in Long Beach on Tuesday, announcing their resolve to walk out of classes in the nation’s largest university system if an agreement is not reached…

Cal State University Faculty Members Protest for Salary Increase
Annenberg TV News (video)
When asked what she thought would come of the two-day Board meeting, Eagan replied, “It sounds like we’re going to get a report about how the faculty is paid just fine and everything is going swimmingly and that the faculty shouldn’t be upset, but we’re asking them to please not tell us what our experience is!” 

Cal Poly faculty members march at CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach
KCBX Central Coast Public Radio (audio)
A group of an estimated 1000 people—including a couple dozen from Cal Poly—marched outside the Board of Trustees’ meeting at the Chancellor’s office in Long Beach.

VIDEO: CSU Faculty Take to the Streets of Long Beach, Rallying for 5% Raise
Long Beach Post


California State University faculty march for pay raise, threaten strike
(Appeared on Yahoo News in Business Insider and on web sites of radio, TV U business publications nationwide.

Photos: Cal State faculty rally, demanding more pay
Orange County Register
Hundreds of members of the California Faculty Association marched through downtown Long Beach along Ocean Boulevard to the office of the chancellor. They waved placards and shouted chants demanding a 5 percent increase in salary….

Cal State faculty rally for pay raises
Los Angeles Times
California State Fullerton English teacher Michelle Luster joins hundreds of Cal State faculty at rally …

California State University faculty rally for raises at Chancellor’s Office
Long Beach Press Telegram

Cal. State University Faculty and Allies March & Rally at the CSU Trustees Meeting Nov 17
Bay Area Indymedia

CSU Faculty Demand Raise
Random Lengths 

CFA Members Rally At CSU System Chancellor’s Office
Gazette Newspapers 

Rally for faculty pay increases at CSUMB
Monterey County Herald 

Cal Poly, CSU faculty protest in Long Beach
The Tribune (SLO)
CSU spokeswoman Toni Molle said, “The California State University values its employees and …

CSU faculty rally for raises in Long Beach
Daily Democrat 

Speaker Atkins: Cal State Faculty Deserve Salary Increase
Times of San Diego 

California State University faculty rally for raises at Chancellor’s Office
Chico Enterprise-Record
Faculty from throughout the state protested Tuesday at the Cal State University

California State University faculty protest, threaten to strike
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

A thousand rally at CSU trustees meeting for faculty’s ‘fight for five’ 

CAL STATE UNIVERSITY: Faculty protests to demand higher wages
Riverside Press-Enterprise 


HSU students, faculty hold protest for fair wages
KRCR 23 TV (video)
Video of student speakers, banners and interviews with students. The demonstration at HSU was in solidarity with the California Faculty Association’s rally … They are planning more.

Walkout at Humboldt State: Faculty rallies for raises in Long Beach
Eureka Times Standard
Humboldt State University English major Katherine Herr speaks out for better faculty pay at a rally on Tuesday.

HSU Students Protest on Behalf of Profs
North Coast Journal
The Humboldt State University Student Labor Union, a week-old organization, mobilized students to rally in solidarity with the California Faculty Association …

Humboldt State students organize walkout for fair faculty pay
Steelers Lounge (blog) 

Cal State faculty to protest today, demand more pay
Seating Chair
However, Alexander and HSU president Lisa Rossbacher said faculty members can’t participate in a strike at the moment. The faculty are not on strike now, …

Walkout! HSU Students Rally Today in Support of Faculty
Redheaded Blackbelt (press release)
Humboldt State University students marched out of class around noon today. The walkout is meant to show support for higher faculty wages throughout the California State University system. The HSU Student Labor Union organized the event because …


Faculty at CSU Threaten Strike if Labor Negotiations Fail • Nov 13
KQED Forum NPR (audio)
CFA President Jennifer Eagan appeared live on KQED-NPR’s Forum on Friday. It was a 20-minute interview and call-in show on which she laid out the issues and responded to questions in a succinct and powerful presentation. Callers asked great questions and students called in to expressed their views on the faculty Fight for Five.  A great listen, not to be missed. 

Host Mina Kim’s intro: “California State University faculty and their supporters from across the state are gearing up to protest the CSU Trustees meeting in Long Beach next week. The faculty union, representing teachers, librarians, and counselors, has already authorized a strike if ongoing contract negotiations fail. Salary is the main point of contention; CSU has offered a 2 percent raise but faculty want 5 percent. A strike would impact over 450,000 students.”

Insight: CSU Faculty Labor Dispute • Nov 16
Capital Public Radio NPR Sacramento (audio)
CFA Bargaining Team Chair Kevin Wehr was heard on Cap Public Radio”s “Insight” the day before the Nov. 17 “Fight for Five” March & Rally at the CSU Chancellor’s Office. Also weighing in: Laurie Weidner, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs for CSU.


Cal State University trustees to meet while faculty protests
Long Beach Press Telegram

HIGHER EDUCATION: Cal State officials expecting protest
Riverside Press-Enterprise
As many as 1,000 members of the California Faculty Association will be on hand to call attention to stalled salary negotiations.

At Cal State trustees meeting, money to be hot issue inside and
89.3 KPCC (NPR Pasadena)
… state, K-12 systems, various community college districts, they’re seeing increases of 5 percent,” said Jennifer Eagan, California Faculty Association president.

Student Labor Union Organizes Walkout in Protest of Wage Disparity Between …
Lost Coast Outpost
The Humboldt State students’ protest takes place on the same day as the California Faculty Association’s rally at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach,

CFA plan rally
Coyote Chronicle (CSU Bakersfield)
The California Faculty Association (CFA) movement to improve faculty earnings is titled the Fight for Five.

California Faculty Association Rally Could Preview Strikes at Cal State
Long Beach Post
Next week’s California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees’ meeting will have a larger than normal audience, as over one thousand protesters are expected to march and demonstrate outside in support of the California Faculty Association’s (CFA

CFA members to march, rally next week
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)

CSU plan ‘massive’ rally and march in Long Beach
Long Beach Press Telegram
On the heels of an overwhelming vote in favor of going on strike over salary increases, the union representing faculty in the Cal State University system is planning a “massive” march and rally Nov. 17 at the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach.


CSU Chancellor Timothy B. White visits Cal State San Bernardino
San Bernardino County Sun ‎
Professor Monty Van Wart, above, dons a T-shirt created by protesting faculty members prior to an open forum on Friday given by Chancellor Timothy P. White at Cal State San Bernardino.

SAN BERNARDINO: CSU Chancellor Timothy White tours Cal State San Bernardino
Riverside Press-Enterprise
White answered questions from students and faculty in an open forum where faculty members wore red T-shirts reading, “I don’t want to strike, but I will.” about a dozen people stood on a flight of stairs and held a clothesline with T-shirts that read, “Are faculty not worth more than 2 percent?”  …  Nena Torrez, a professor at Cal State San Bernardino’s College of Education, took part in the demonstration. She said they aimed to, “Let everyone see that we are united in the fact that we need to have a salary increase.”


Quality education worth striking for
Sonoma State Star
For the most important profession in the world, a meager salary is unacceptable.

STUDENT EDITORIAL: If Faculty Suffer, Students Suffer
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)‎  ..If the HSU faculty decides to strike, they have our full support.


CSU faculty union authorizes a strike amid labor negotiations
San Francisco Chronicle
At issue is salary: Faculty leaders say the university has tilted its teaching force away from tenured professors so that 59 percent of instructors are now low-paid, nonpermanent “lecturers,” who earn less than $45,000 a year, on average. Tenured professors and those on the tenure track typically earn in the mid- to high $80,000s — which they say is less than the $89,000 earned by tenured community college professors.  Sheila Tully, who has a doctorate and teaches anthropology at San Francisco State University, made $34,000 last year.

Cal State faculty approve strike in salary dispute
Los Angeles Times
Members of the Cal State faculty union voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike in a pay dispute at the nation’s largest university system.

Faculty union announces possible strike against California State University
Silicon Valley Business Journal
Disputes between the California State University and state educators escalated Wednesday morning …

CFA Members Authorize Strike At CSU Campuses
Gazette Newspapers
The next step is to rally at the CSU Chancellor’s Office on Nov. 17, when the CSU Board of Trustees conducts its regular public meeting, Eagan said. CFA members from all 23 CSU campuses are expected to be at the rally.


CSU Faculty Union Authorities Strike If Negotiations Fall Through
CBS Local Sacramento (video)
The strike vote puts pressure on California State University to reach an agreement with the union, …

California State University faculty threaten to strike
Contra Costa Times with Photo Gallery
California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan announces a decision to strike during a press conference while CSU Chancellor Tim White speaks during an open forum in the Student Union Theater at San Jose State University in San Jose, Calif., on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015. PHOTO: California Faculty Association San Jose Chapter President Preston Rudy, left, poses a question to CSU Chancellor Tim White, right, during an open forum in the Student Union Theater at San Jose State University

CSU Faculty Strike Likely Not Until At Least March
CBS Local Sacrament (video)
Sac CFA Chapter VP Margarita Berta-Avila: “They should expect the campus to shut down.”

Cal State faculty votes in favor of authorizing strike
KBAK TV (video)
CFA Chapter leader Bruce Hartsell, said if there is a strike, “The long-term benefits outweighs the short-term cost,” and that “It’s clear faculty members are ready to strike if we have to strike.”

CSU Faculty Authorize Strike In Pay Dispute
Annenberg TV News
Many professors vocally support the idea of a raise.  CSU Los Angeles Professor and Chair of Pan-African Studies Melina Abdullah says she hasn’t had a raise in seven years. “For me, I’m a single mother-of-three, and what I earn is directly related to how well I can care for my children,” she said. “What we’ve experienced is really effectively a cut in compensation when we think about costs continuing to rise and we are not raising salaries with costs.” John Schrader, a CSU Long Beach journalism professor, says his support of a possible strike isn’t necessarily about the money.  “Most of us are not doing this [teaching] for the money,” he said, taking issue with the manner of negotiation itself. “They just haven’t treated us with a lot of respect. Respect isn’t just about two percent more, three percent or five percent. It’s really about them understanding that we’re partners in this business and a ‘take it or leave it, sorry that’s the best we can do pal, hit the road,’ really doesn’t show a lot of respect.” 

CSU professors prepared to strike
ABC 30 TV Fresno
English professor Lisa Weston, VP of the Fresno State chapter of CFA said, “That says our faculty are fed up and they’re not going to be kept silent and they are not going to sit by and say okay give us the crumbs. They’re saying this is what we need. This is the respect we need.” … (Of bargaining with CSU management,) Weston said it has been a long, frustrating process. “I’ll be professorial and bring some hoity-toity reference into it. It’s like Sisyphus rolling the rock up the mountain and it keeps rolling down and you have to roll it up back again.”

Cal State University Faculty Group Authorizes Strike
Capital Public Radio (audio)
Kevin Wehr, chair of the CFA bargaining team and a sociology professor at Sacramento State: “We’re asking for 5 percent for everybody, the Chancellor has offered 2 percent, which is a figure that doesn’t even keep up with inflation for faculty and doesn’t even begin to dig us out of the hole that faculty has suffered the last 10 years. It is unacceptable.”


CSU faculty vote overwhelmingly to strike
LA Daily News
“Our employer has decided what the faculty is worth and it turns out we’re not worth much to them,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan during a media conference call from San Jose State University.

Cal State University Faculty Group Authorizes Strike
Capital Public Radio News  NPR
“The result of the California Faculty Association (CFA) strike vote is not unexpected,” said Toni Molle, with The California State University Office of the Chancellor.

Cal State faculty votes in favor of authorizing strike
Associated Press
The union that represents faculty, counselors, librarians and coaches at the 23 California State University campuses announced Wednesday that members have voted to authorize a strike if contract negotiations fail. Ninety-four percent… Ran widely on news outlet web sites all over California

大纪元 Epoch Times
教师工会“加州教师协会”(California Faculty Association) 举行了长达10天的讨论,最终以与会者94%赞成,通过了呼吁罢工的决议,一旦不能在2015~2016年合同的 …

The ChinaPress
据加州教职员工会(California Faculty Association) 介绍,该工会2万5000多名教职员工于10月19日开始,展开投票活动,表决是否授权罢工。结果显示,94%的教职员 …

California State University faculty authorizes union to call strike
Orange County Register
Nearly all of the unionized faculty members of the California State University system who voted have backed their labor union …

CSU: Gần 25000 GS Phiếu OK Đình Công; 25000 Giáo Sư CSU …
Việt Báo (Vietnam News) Daily
Và nếu như thế, đây sẽ là cuộc đình công của công đoàn The California Faculty Association (CFA) trong lịch sử tiểu bang. Gần 95% ban giảng huấn bỏ phiếu …

‘Angry’ CSU faculty demands more money, votes to authorize strike

CSU faculty authorize union to call strike if needed
Ventura County Star
“Anybody who’s threatening to strike, to take people away from jobs, takes that very seriously,” said John Griffin, the union’s chapter president at CSU Channel Islands in Camarillo. “I think there’s a greater sense of frustration this time, maybe a greater sense that it’s time to act.”

CSU faculty union authorizes strike over pay raise negotiations
The SLO Tribune
Graham Archer, Cal Poly’s faculty union president, said faculty members are “mad as hell” …

Vast Majority of CFA Members Vote to Authorize Strike Against Long Beach-Based CSU system
Long Beach Post
“We are ready to act if necessary and for as long as it takes,” said CFA President Jennifer Eagan in a statement. “This fight is about the bread and butter issue of salary, but that’s not all. The vision of what the CSU is, who it serves, and what it can be in the future is at stake.”

CSU Faculty Votes To Authorize Strike If Contract Talks Fail
CBS Local San Francisco

California State University faculty authorize strike
Sacramento Bee 

CAL STATE UNIVERSITY: Faculty votes to strike
Riverside Press-Enterprise
The union and CSU officials remain deadlocked over salary issues.

Cal State faculty authorizes strike including CSU Bakserfield
Kern Golden Empire / KGET
The union for California State University faculty now has the power to call a strike as it fights for higher raises.

Breaking News: CSU Faculty Vote 94 Percent in Favor of Going on Strike
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)

Cal State Faculty Authorize Strike If Contracts Talk Fail
NBC Bay Area 

CSU faculty votes to approve spring strike
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
A nearly unanimous vote by the California Faculty Association determined Wednesday that California State University faculty will organize a strike in spring if its demands for a salary boost are not met.

Strike Over 5 Percent Raise OKed By Cal State Profs
California Faculty Association officials argue that amount is not enough to support the high cost of living in places such as the Bay Area. CSU expenditures on faculty salaries have remained flat for the past ten years, according to the union.

California State University faculty threaten to strike
San Jose Mercury News
“It’s one thing to ask us to tighten our belts during hard times because we want to serve our students — and we’ve done that,” union President Jennifer Eagan said during Wednesday’s news conference at San Jose State. “But the recession is over, the governor and the Legislature have reinvested in the CSU, and now is the time for us to be able to catch up.”

California State U Faculty Authorizes Possible Strike
Inside Higher Ed

California State University Approve to Strike
Kevin Weir says they’ve made no progress with management even after some full-time faculty members testified they were facing bankruptcy. 

CSU faculty approve strike
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)

Faculty union authorizes strike
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)

CFA votes yes to strike
The Orion (CSU Chico)

CSU faculty fighting for 5% raise vote to strike  Bay City News
“This fight is about the bread and butter issue of salary, but that’s not all,” Eagan said in a statement. “The vision of what the CSU is, who it serves and what it can be in the future is at stake.”

Majority of Cal Poly’s faculty members support strike option, hope for resolution

CSU faculty vote overwhelmingly to authorize strike
Long Beach Press Telegram 

California Faculty Association authorizes strike
Fight Back! Newspaper
“Together, and in solidarity with students, staff and allies, we are powerful. We are ready to act

Cal State Faculty Vote to Authorize Strike in Salary Dispute
Times of San Diego 

Faculty union announces possible strike against California State University
Silicon Valley Business Journal
“No one takes a strike vote lightly, especially faculty who have invested so much in their students,” CFA President Jennifer Eagan said. “The faculty are angry and justifiably so.”

CFA announces results for strike
State Hornet (Sacramento State U.)

CSU professors greenlight strike
The result was a landslide “yes,” it does not automatically mean they will walk off the job. The vote merely authorizes the union to call a strike, …

California State University faculty votes in favor of authorizing strike
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Nina Kilhan, an adjunct professor in the geology department, marks her ballot, as the California Faulty Association Sonoma State Chapter holds a Strike Authorization Vote at Sonoma State University, in Rohnert Park on Monday, October 19, 2015.


CSU chancellor tours Cal Poly, faces tough questions from faculty, students
The SLO Tribune
Cal Poly’s union criticized White’s response by saying that the CSU has misspent money by hiring too many administrators and focusing too much of its spending outside of the classroom.

CSU Chancellor addresses questions from Cal Poly students and faculty
Members of the CFA held protest signs during the event showing displeasure with current pay rates.


California Faculty Association to Announce Results of Strike Authorization
CSULA University Times ‎

Cal State faculty strike vote results to be announced
Monterey County Herald
The union that represents faculty members, counselors, librarians and coaches at the 23 California State University campuses plans to announce the results of a strike authorization vote held last month over stalled salary …

CSU faculty, staff to announce today whether or not union will go on strike
KERO 23ABC News  ‎
Faculty and staff employed by the California State University system will find out Wednesday morning if they’ll go on strike.

CSU Faculty Strike Vote Results Expected Wednesday
Capital Public Radio News
The California Faculty Association and the Cal State University have reached an impasse in contract negotiations.


Cal State Faculty Turn to Students for Help in Labor Dispute
The California Report NPR
California State University faculty members continue voting today as to whether they should strike over pay. The union is demanding a 5 percent pay hike. CSU officials are offering a 2 percent bump. Faculty are turning to students to help pressure officials and avoid a strike that could begin early next year. Reporter: Ana Tintocalis

Seeking raises, CSU faculty takes strike vote
TV Newsroom 

Fresno State faculty members hold strike authorization vote rally
Fresno Bee
The ongoing, statewide California State University strike authorization vote was punctuated Thursday at Fresno State with a “Race to the Bottom” skit

CSU Fresno Faculty Rally for Pay Increase
KSEE24-TV (morning) (afternoon)
“We are asking the CSU to reinvest in their faculty,” said Diane Blaire, the Fresno State California Faculty Association President. “Our salaries are not keeping pace with the cost of living.”

CSU faculty union holds strike authorization vote
The Collegian (Fresno State)

Strike vote begins on Hayward campus
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)

Fight for Five: CFA Holds All-Faculty Rally at Cal State LA
CSULA University Times
Drum beats and a sea of red t-shirts drew attention to Cal State LA’s outdoor stage as CFA hosted an all-faculty rally from to protest…

Potential faculty strike is approaching for higher wages  (Sacramento State)
CFA signs have been posted around Sacramento State’s campus including this one located by the library.

Professors ready to strike?
Chico News & Review

CSU Faculty Vote on Whether to Strike Over Wages
FOX40 Sacramento
Sacramento State faculty members held a rally on campus Tuesday to raise awareness of their “Fight for Five” initiative.

CSU Faculty Votes on Whether to Authorize a Strike
NBC 7 San Diego
CSUSM History Professor Darel Engen, Ph.D. talks about salary differences within the university system.

SDSU faculty holds on-campus demonstation for salary increase
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)
The California Faculty Association vocalized its request for a 5 percent salary increase with a demonstration in front of the San Diego State Love Library on Tuesday.

Cal State faculty to vote on major strike
ABC 10 San Diego (video)

CSUSM faculty demonstrate for higher salaries
Coast News

星島日報-美國版-Oct 20, 2015

Tsing Tao Daily (USA)
代表加州州立大學教職員的加州教師協會(California Faculty Association)未能與校方針對未來兩年教職員加薪方案達成一致,來自23間加州州立大學(CSU)各學校 …

CFA pickets for higher pay
The Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)
Salary disputes with the Office of the Chancellor led Cal Poly Pomona CFA members to march the corners of Temple Avenue and South Campus Drive on Thursday.



Cal State faculty to vote on major strike
Associated Press
“We don’t want to strike. I don’t want to strike. I need every single day I can,” Philip Klasky, a lecturer in San Francisco State’s Department of American Indian Studies, said. “We are trying to send a message to Chancellor (Tim) White to negotiate with us fairly. Give me a break, 2 percent? Living in San Francisco?” (This AP story appeared on news web sites all over California and the U.S.)

California State University Faculty Taking A Strike Vote
Workers Independent News (audio) (text)


Cal State faculty to vote on major strike over contract
Stalled salary talks are triggering a strike vote Monday for 25,000 professors and other Cal State University employees.

Cal State Faculty to Vote on Major Strike Over Contract
NBC Southern California   |  NBC Los Angeles
Thousands of faculty members at Cal State University campuses began voting Monday on whether to strike over what they’re paid. Conan Nolan reports for the NBC4 News at 5 & 6.

Faculty at California State University launch vote to strike
Long Beach Press Telegram
Cal State University faculty held a strike vote, with professors holding rallies at CSULB campus in Long Beach on Monday, Oct. 19, 2015. Faculty have dubbed the push to improve faculty earnings the “Fight for Five,” meaning a 5 percent general salary …

Faculty at California State University taking strike vote
Long Beach Press Telegram

California State University faculty members voting whether to strike

CSU Faculty Rallies For A Raise
Annenberg TV News (USC Journalism School)

Will you be affected? Cal State faculty votes Monday on possible strike 

Salary Talks Cause Concern At CSULB
Gazette Newspapers 


SF State University faculty to vote on whether to strike for fair wages - TV
San Francisco State University faculty members are expected to vote to strike for a fair wage on Monday.

Cal State Faculty Voting On Major Strike Over Salary Negotiations
CBS San Francisco (video)

CSU faculty voting to strike over stagnant wages

Bay Area CSU Campuses Kick Off Strike Voting Period
Officials are arguing that the proposed 2 percent salary increase is not enough to support the high cost of living in the Bay Area.

CFA kicks off strike vote
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)

The California Faculty Association kicked off the first day of their strike vote Wednesday as part of their Fight For Five campaign to secure a 5 percent raise.

Cal State U. faculty to mark start of a Strike Vote with Picketlines, Theater
Bay Area Indymedia


CSU Faculty Casting Ballots On Decision To Authorize Strike For 23 Campuses
CBS Sacramento (video)
Interview with CFA Bargaining Team Chair Kevin Wehr

CSU Faculty Wants Raise; Will Vote for Strike in ‘Fight for 5 Percent’
“We had our belts tightened for a long time, and it’s time for us to take care of our families,” CSUS Sociology professor Kevin Wehr…

Cal State employees prepare for vote on whether to strike
ABC 10

AM Alert: California State University faculty begins strike authorization vote
Sacramento Bee
There’s dissatisfaction brewing at California’s public universities. After arguing for months that its members are underpaid and need a significant salary bump to make up for years of stagnation, the California State University faculty union…

CSU faculty to vote on strike over new contract
KCRA Sacramento


CSU strike vote happening Monday
Action News Now - TV ‎(Chico)

Chico State University faculty start voting on possible strike
Chico Enterprise-Record
Charley Turner, president of the Chico chapter of the California Faculty Association talks Monday during a strike vote rally on the Chico State University campus about how they plan to strike if they are not given a 5 percent raise as opposed to the 2%


Sonoma State University faculty votes on whether to strike
Santa Rosa Press Democrat
Nina Kilhan, an adjunct professor in the geology department, marks her ballot, as the California Faulty Association Sonoma State Chapter holds a Strike Authorization Vote at Sonoma State University, in Rohnert Park on Monday, October 19, 2015.


Faculty at California State University launch vote to strike
San Bernardino County Sun
CFA Statewide Associate Vice President-Lecturers Leslie Bryan waits for faculty to come vote whether to strike at Cal State San Bernardino on Monday.

SAN BERNARDINO: Cal State faculty begins strike vote
Riverside Press-Enterprise
Leslie Bryan, left, provides a strike authorization ballot to Andre Harrington at Cal State San Bernardino on Monday, Oct. 19.

COLLEGES: Cal State faculty kick off vote on major strike
Riverside Press-Enterprise
No dates have been set for a possible walkout and the earliest one would happen is January, union leaders say.

HIGHER EDUCATION: Cal State faculty eyeing strike
For the fourth time in eight years, the Cal State University faculty is butting heads with the system’s administrators over salaries to the point of threatening to strike.

CFA and CSU mediation continues: Fact-finding
Coyote Chronicle (CSU San Bernardino)


California Faculty Association to vote on whether or not to strike over wage Inequality
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
Michele L. Barr, Ed.D., vice president of the CSUF CFA chapter said that while teachers like her prefer to be in the classroom, “there’s a point when you’ve got to go into self-preservation mode.” … “As a father of two young boys, not only can I not afford a home, not only can I not afford to pay off my student debt, but I cannot even afford to save money to one day put my kids through college,” said Matthew P. Llewellyn, Ph.D., assistant professor of sports studies.

Cal State faculty begin voting on major strike over contract
Cal State University faculty demonstrate after holding a strike vote Monday October 19, 2015, in Long Beach, Calif. THOMAS R CORDOVA , THE DAILY BREEZE


Cal Poly faculty union begins vote on whether to strike over pay dispute
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Cal Poly’s faculty union began its voting Monday on whether to join other California State University campus faculty in authorizing a strike over a pay raise dispute. The Cal Poly chapter of the California Faculty Association represents about 1,500

Cal State faculty to vote on major strike over contract
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Cal State University professor Sherry Span drops her ballot in the box as Cal State University faculty hold a strike vote, with professors holding rallies at CSULB campus in Long Beach Calif., Monday Oct. 19, 2015.

CSU faculty to vote on strike
Cal Coast News

5 California Things to Know for Today
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
Faculty at Cal State’s 23 campuses voting on whether to permit their labor union to call a strike over stalled salary negotiations.


CSU faculty votes on strike authorization
CBS 8 San Diego 

Cal State faculty to vote on major strike
ABC10 (San Diego) [Video]

Cal State University Faculties Mulling Strike
Faculty at San Diego State University, Cal State San Marcos and 21 other California State University campuses began voting Monday …

CSU faculty votes on strike authorization
AM 760 KFMB 

Cal State Faculty to Begin Voting on Possible Strike Over Pay
Times of San Diego
Faculty at the 23-campus California State University system — including campuses in San Diego and San Marcos — …

Cal State faculty start strike authorization vote Monday
Central Valley Business Times 


CSU Faculty Set To Hold Strike Authorization Vote Next Week • 10-15-15
CBS Bay Area
“After years of stagnant faculty wages, the faculty on our public university campuses are angry and we are ready for this strike vote. We all know that the Chancellor’s 2 percent is simply not enough to make teaching in the CSU sustainable,” CFA President Jennifer Eagan said in a statement.

California State University faculty at CSUDH in Carson protest stalled salary talks
Daily Bulletin
Professor Vivian Price portrays Chancellor Timothy P. White with Professor Kirti Celli during a demonstration on the CSU Dominguez Hills campus calling on CSU management to give them a 5 percent raise.
Will professors walk? CSU strike vote ahead for nation’s largest university system
Faculty at the 23-campus, Long Beach-based California State University system will begin voting Monday on whether to authorize a strike…
UPFRONT: Will Cal State faculty strike for a 5% wage increase?

New report on Pomona CFA Chapter Informational Picket about the upcoming strike vote with comments by CFA Chapter President DD Wills and in-studio interview with East CFA Chapter President Nick Baham. Begins at 8:23
Cal State faculty to vote on possible strike over salaries

At Cal State Fullerton, members of the California Faculty Association “mean business.” That’s what Mahamood Hassan, the campus’s former union chapter president, said Wednesday. At Cal State Long Beach, the salary issues have left faculty demoralized and are causing a brain drain, says Classics Professor Douglas Domingo-Foraste. …
“I think the Chancellor’s Office is being really stubborn and unreasonable,” he said. “They have plenty of money to pay this. They just don’t think we’re worth it. Ultimately, it’s the students who suffer by having frustrated faculty, who are spread too thin,” he said. “Nobody wants to go on strike,” he said. “(But) we’ll be ready to go if we need to be.”
CSU Faculty to Take Up Strike Vote Beginning Monday

Long Beach Post
The vote comes in response to what they claim are years of refusal on behalf of the CSU Chancellor’s Office to lift faculty salaries to a living wage. … “We’ve lost purchasing power,” said Molly Talcott, an associate professor at CSU Los Angeles in a previous interview.  “We’ve actually slid backwards[...] Two percent sounds fair and equal for all, but two percent of a $40,000 salary is a lot different. It doesn’t even show up in your paycheck.”  … “We’ve only gone on strike once, in 2011,” said [Long Beach CFA Chapter President Doug] Domingo Forasté. He expected close to 90 percent of faculty to vote in favor of a strike. “I personally will be voting yes [to authorize the strike]. I hope that the Chancellor’s Office sees this as a mark of our determination.”
CSU faculty rumble toward strike vote

CSU faculty will decide whether to authorize strike vote

Ventura County Star
At CSU Channel Islands in Camarillo, in-person voting will be Wednesday and Thursday.
CSU faculty seek 5 percent raise, will begin strike vote

LA Daily News-City News Service
…faculty were the only group of employees to receive salary increases and tenure-track salary promotions during the recession years,” according to the CSU.
Cal State faculty to vote on possible strike over salaries

Bakersfield Now [AP]
The average CSU faculty member earned $96,000 for nine months of work as of last April, and all professors with tenure or eligible for it make at least $86,314, according to [CSU system spokeswoman Toni] Molle. Lecturers who only teach make $59,333 if they are working full-time, she said.

Correction: Cal State-Faculty Strike story
Merced Sun-Star [AP]
Senior CSU faculty members earned an average of $96,000 for nine months of work as of last April, according to [CSU system spokeswoman Toni] Molle. Professors in the process of earning tenure made an average of $86,314. Lecturers who only teach made an average of $59,333, if they were working full-time. (Still not right – try again!)

Cal State Faculty to Consider Striking Over Stagnant Wages

HIGHER EDUCATION: Cal State faculty eyeing strike
Riverside Press-Enterprise
For the fourth time in eight years, the Cal State University faculty is butting heads with the system’s administrators over salaries to the point of threatening to strike. On Monday, the California State Faculty Association will ask its members to vote …

Extra Funding for Cal State at Center of Labor Strife10-14-15
NPR California Report
In-Depth report by NPR Education Reporter Anna Tintoculis explaining the strike vote, with comments by CFA President Jennifer Eagan and Chancellor’s Office public affairs rep.

EDUCATION: Cal State faculty to vote on possible strike over salaries • 10-14-15
Associated Press
“We are always the last thing the university is interested in spending money on, and that is really demoralizing,” said [CFA President Jennifer] Eagan,…

CSU faculty threaten to strike • 10-12-15
Coyote Chronicle (CSU San Bernardino)

California State University and faculty still don’t agree on salary • 10-9-15
Long Beach Press Telegram
A second mediation session proved fruitless Thursday when negotiators for the California State University and the California Faculty Association failed to reach

CSU and CFA Mediation Unsuccessful • 10-9-15
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)

CSU chancellor grilled about resources • 10-7-15
Monterey County Herald
…as White addressed CSUMB teachers, administrators and students at the Alumni and Visitors Center, several professors faced him holding a sign that read “2% is too tiny Tim. 5% is fair,”….
> Follow the link next to the Monterey Herald story or click on “Local News Video: Faculty & staff protest visit for a message from Monterey Bay CFA Chapter President Steven Levinson about the contract fight / Share on Facebook by going to

CSU System and faculty representatives each hold their ground on faculty salary increase offer • 10-7-15
Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)
Statewide CFA President Jennifer Eagan countered the CSU claims in a meeting at CSULB last week, saying that CSU simply has “other spending priorities” being given attention over salary. Eagan said in an update brief last week that faculty salaries in the 2014 school year were so low that staff homes were being foreclosed upon, medical bills were going unpaid and a basic middle-class lifestyle was not maintainable.


California State University faculty to vote on strike • 9-30-15
Los Angeles Times
A threatened strike by California State University faculty could extend to all 23 campuses of the nation’s largest public university system if an impasse over raises is not resolved, faculty union officials said Wednesday. …

It’s time for management to wake up and realize that they can’t keep acting like corporate CEO’s,” said Kevin Wehr, a Sacramento State sociology professor who is chairman of the bargaining team. …

EDUCATION: CSU faculty threaten strike unless 5 percent salary increase met • 9-30-15
ABC-TV 30 Fresno
Interviews with Fresno CFA Chapter President Diane Blair, CFA President Jennifer Eagan, and CFA Bargaining Team Chair Kevin Wehr.
In a teleconference held for the media, California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan likened working for a CSU to working at McDonald’s, with faculty making on-average less than other professions that require less schooling.

California State University faculty union prepares for potential strike • 10-1-15

Strike talk heats up among California State University faculty • 9-30-15
Long Beach Press Telegram 

CSU faculty move forward with strike vote plans • 9-30-15
Eureka Times Standard

Stalled contract negotiations could mean CSU faculty strike • 10-1-15
New Times SLO

Strike looms for CSU faculty • 9-30-15
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)
CFA President and Cal State East Bay professor of philosophy and public affairs administration, Jennifer Eagan, said, “The intrinsic and personal rewards derived from teaching our amazing students and engaging in our fascinating disciplines do not pay the bills. The roses are nice but we need the bread.”

Seven things to know about the CFA/CSU salary negotiations • 9-30-15
Daily Sundial (CSU Northridge)

On This Week’s Associated Student Agenda: CFA Plans For Strike Vote Next Month • 10-1-15
The Lumberjack (Humboldt State)

CSU Faculty announce plans for potential strike • 9-30-15
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)

CSU faculty union considers strike vote • 9-29-15
Ventura County Star 

CSU faculty to hold strike vote over compensation • 9-25-15
San Jose Mercury News
About 25,000 faculty members from the 23 California State University campuses will vote next month on whether to strike, the California Faculty Association announced Thursday. The vote, which will happen from Oct. 19 through Oct. 28…
Also appears in the Daily Democrat and the Contra Costa Times
Cal State University faculty threaten strike vote • 9-25-15
Chico Enterprise-Record
The California Faculty Association announced Thursday it will hold a vote next month on whether to strike, as contract negotiations between the union and California State University have stalled. CFA and the Long Beach-based Chancellor’s Office are in …
EDUCATION: Cal State University faculty to vote on strike • 9-25-15
Riverside Press-Enterprise
Faculty of the 23-campus California State University system will vote in October to strike if negotiations between its union and the University regarding salaries for 2015-16 don’t “conclude satisfactorily.”
CSU faculty threaten strike vote • 9-24-15
Long Beach Press Telegram
The California Faculty Association, which represents thousands of professors in the 23-campus California State University system, announced Thursday it will hold a vote next month on whether to strike, as contract negotiations between the union and …
Also appears in the Los Angeles Daily News, The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, The Whittier Daily News, Oroville Mercury Register and The Pasadena Star-News
California State University faculty union calls strike vote • 9-24-15
Sacramento Bee
Dissatisfied with a proposed 2 percent raise, the California State University faculty union has scheduled a vote next month to authorize a strike across the 23-campus system. The California Faculty Association, which represents about 25,000 CSU …
CSU faculty to hold strike vote • 9-24-15

Eureka Times Standard
The California Faculty Association, which represents thousands of professors in the 23-campus California State University system, announced Thursday it will hold a vote next month on whether to authorize a strike after contract negotiations stalled …
CSU Faculty to Hold Strike Vote Over Compensation • 9-24-15
The union claimed over the last 10 years more than half of all CSU faculty has been hired into temporary positions with lower pay.
California State University Faculty May Hold Strike Vote Next Month • 9-24-15

KGO/KCBS San Francisco
About 25,000 faculty members from the 23 California State University campuses will vote next month on whether to strike, the California Faculty Association announced Thursday. The vote, which will happen from Oct. 19 through …
CSU faculty schedule strike vote • 9-24-15
Faculty at San Francisco State University and 23 other CSU campuses will vote in October to authorize a strike vote after the chancellor’s office rejected their union’s offer of a 5 percent general pay increase. Education · News …  See posts and comments about the Strike Authorization Vote on CFA Facebook at
CSU faculty to vote on whether to strike over compensation • 9-24-15
“The research on higher education is clear,” California Faculty Association president Jennifer Eagan said in a statement. “Students do best when they have consistent support and help from teachers. Low pay and a …


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