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One in Four CSU Students Graduated On-Time Last Year, and That’s an All-Time High
“The majority of the new classes that are being offered are being taught by part-time, temporary faculty,” CFA President Jennifer Eagan said, noting a steady increase in the number of temporary lecturers CSU has hired in recent years. While Eagan said she’s heartened to see graduation rates rising, she’s also concerned campuses will feel intense pressure to get students out in four years, even if it’s not always in their best interest. “We know at the CSU a tremendous number of our students work, and work much more than part time,” she said. “Four years might not be a realistic target for all of those students.”
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[Students’] job schedules are receiving more scrutiny from educators who are increasingly worried that working more than 15 or 20 hours a week can harm students’ grades and academic progress. That is an important issue in California where the state’s public universities are trying to push more students to finish their bachelor’s degrees in four years rather than five or six.

CSU system just set a record for graduations. And more students ‘Finish in Four’
Sacramento Bee

Students for Quality Education held “Justice for Josiah” demonstration
Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton) 
“It’s so sad that in our society it seems like if there’s a person in power or a majority ethnic-racial person, that things get solved. When it’s a person of color, it gets thrown in the background,” said Chris Brown, president of California Faculty Association [at CSU Fullerton].

Community still demands ‘Justice for Josiah’
The LumberJack (Humboldt State)
A member of the “Justice for Josiah” movement, Jill Larrabee, said actions by CSU and California Faculty Association are starting to take hold regarding safety on campuses but society needs to change. Larrabee said we need to learn, educate, heal and grow and get more people in office.


Slain HSU student’s mom speaks to CSU trustees
Eureka Times Standard
Renee Byrd, a professor at HSU and president of the local California Faculty Association chapter, stood behind Lawson with other members of the CFA.

Last stop: On these 2018 California bills, it’s the governor’s call
The California Faculty Association, which also represents CSU mental health counselors, co-sponsored the bill along with SEIU California.

Bill would increase mental health counselors at CSU
KPCC So Cal Public Radio
A California bill headed to the governor’s desk would increase the number of mental health therapists at California State University campuses to reach national guidelines. Some campuses have student to counselor ratios that are nearly double of what’s recommended.

CSU executives receive a pay increase in new budget
The Daily Titan (Fullerton)
Although the raises are already approved, members of the Students for Quality Education and the California Faculty Association urged the trustees at their …

Mother of murdered African-American Humboldt student fights for justice
Sonoma State Star
An article from the California Faculty Association explained that Lawson’s mother, along with other Faculty and Students intention at the meeting is to urge the …

Fresno State holds first event under Institute of Media and Public Trust
The Collegian (Fresno)
The free speech forum’s five panelists included Diane Blair, president of the Fresno State chapter of the California Faculty Association

Hispanic Heritage Month is underway at Fresno State
Hanford Sentinel
This event is presented by the College of Social Sciences, Kremen School of Education and Human Development and the California Faculty Association.


Everything you need to know about President Armstrong’s raise
Mustang News (SLO)
The California State University’s Board of Trustees increased salaries of campus presidents to match salaries from other public universities. …“I think it’s unfortunate that the CSU [system] is giving these raises to executives who are already very highly compensated,” President of Cal Poly’s California Faculty Association, Professor Lewis Call, said. “To me, it seems like a matter of misplaced priorities.”

CSU mental health counselor bill sent to final vote
Golden Gate Xpress
The California Faculty Association-sponsored Senate Bill 968, which would mandate the number of mental health counselors on CSU campuses, has been …

James Martel: Excellence in Service Award
SF State News
Four San Francisco State University faculty members were honored with Distinguished Faculty Awards at the final plenary meeting of the Academic Senate on May 8. …During his time at SF State, Professor of Political Science James Martel has sought out numerous ways to serve the University community. He was chair of his department for nine years and co-chair of the faculty rights panel for two years. He is currently the president of the SF State chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA) as well as a member of the CFA bargaining team.

JULY 2018

After ‘Janus’: Labor’s Recommitment Campaigns Energize the Rank and File
Capital & Main
… the California School Employees Association, the California Faculty Association, the United Food and Commercial Workers, the California Nurses Association, …

Opinion: Pass legislation to open records of police misconduct
Half Moon Bay Review
Cecil Canton is a faculty association vice president, a criminal justice professor at California State University, Sacramento, and a former police officer. His perspective should be enough for legislators. “That law enforcement is dangerous work filled with uncertainty is not in question here,” he said in a statement. “But we need a great deal more openness about what is going on in police departments. … Covering up the facts of crime is unjust, and without justice there will be no trust and no peace in our communities.”

JUNE 2018

New Senate Bill Calls for more CSU counselors
CBS 13 Sacramento
Assembly Higher Education Committee unanimously passes SB 968 (Pan), CFA-sponsored for more mental health counselors on CSU and community college campuses. Members of the CFA Counselors Committee testified at the hearing. Previously, the bill unanimously passed the State Senate. Now it goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Learn by Doing,’ but dont disrupt: Cal Poly protesters still under investigation
“The student protest was an excellent example of ‘Learn By Doing,’” CFA SLO Chapter president Lewis Call said. “This is exactly the kind of thing that we teach our students throughout the university. Here in the College of Liberal Arts, we teach them critical thinking. We teach them to be engaged with important social and political issues. I know at least one of the students who is graduating is a political science major, so you know someone like that is simply taking the things that they’ve learned in political science and putting those into practice, so to me that’s the very essence of learning by doing.”

Civil Rights Organizations Score a Win: Assembly Assigns Funds for DOJ Team to Investigate Police Shootings
Pasadena Journal
The bill will now be considered for a vote by the Senate. SB 1421 is sponsored by organizations such as the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, ACLU of California, Anti Police-Terror Project, Black Lives Matter California, California Faculty Association and the California News Publishers Association.

Students Before Prisoners
Santa Clarita Gazette
This March, representatives from The California Faculty Association asked for full investment in public universities in response to the decline in funding.

MAY 2018

President Armstrong: Stop picking on Cal Poly students who protested military contractor
The San Luis Obispo Tribune
SLO CFA Chapter Pres. Lewis Call wrote on behalf of the chapter exec. board: Dear President Armstrong: When a white student appeared in blackface, you characterized that as protected free speech. On two separate occasions, the university has offered maximum free speech protections to Milo Yiannopoulos, a far-right ideologue who has no connection to the Cal Poly community. Yet it now seems Cal Poly is not prepared to extend the same free speech rights to its own students. It appears that Cal Poly uses a double standard when evaluating free speech claims.

How to Fix the Adjunct Crisis
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Commentary: I am fortunate to work for the California State University system, where all faculty are represented by the California Faculty Association. For non-tenure-track faculty, our union has secured more pay, guaranteed raises, full benefits for those who teach more than six units per semester, security of employment for experienced instructors, and a range of protections from administrative malfeasance. Tenured allies can use their voices and their influence to support the unionization of adjunct faculty, and advocate for strong representation of adjunct faculty in the faculty union.

“Fired up, can’t take it no more”: UCR service workers participate in 3-day strike
Highlander Newspaper
The California Faculty Association also showed their support at UCR

Advocates Applaud Advancement of Bill to Open Police Misconduct Files
Davis Vanguard
Regarding CFA-sponsored SB 1421, which also has passed on the floor of the State Senate.


Mental health services at Cal State campuses at ‘crisis’ levels
KPCC Southern California Public Radio
An increase in demand for counseling services at California State University campuses hasn’t been met with a corresponding increase in counselors and that is leading to a “crisis,” campus mental health officials say.

Now, they’re turning to Sacramento in hopes of getting a legislative mandate to hire more staff. Counselors say students with mental health issues that could lead them to harm themselves or others are seen right away but others could wait weeks or even months for an appointment. “We have to prioritize because we don’t have enough slots for folks,” said Mimi Bommersbach, a mental health counselor at Chico State.

This bill could relieve burden on mental health counselors at CSU campuses
Long Beach Press Telegram
A new bill slowly winding its way through the state senate may help ease the burden on counselors: SB 968 would require all California State University and community college campuses to have a ratio of one mental health professional for every 1,500 students. Long Beach’s ratio is more than double … This article also appeared in the Orange County Register and Los Angeles Daily News

Upping the ratio: Legislature takes on dearth of mental health counselors on college campuses
Chico News & Review
Regarding CFA-sponsored SB 968: …But Denise Bevly, CSU’s director of wellness, questioned whether mandating staff levels for counselors was the best way to improve care. “One-on-one counseling may not be it for all students,” she said. Some issues might be better addressed through prevention and early intervention such as “a stress-management workshop, or a peer counseling group or a yoga class.” “There’s still a gap, if we’re honest,” between the increasing demand for counseling services and the supply, Bevly said. The schools are doing what they can with the resources they have, she added. In June, the CSU system will start training a few faculty and staff from each campus to be “wellness ambassadors.” They’ll be able to direct students who are struggling with mental health or financial pressures to the right campus programs, Bevly said. …None of the university systems has taken a position on the bill (SB 968 which has passed 35-0 in the state Senate).

Art Display Addresses the Importance of Student Mental Health Services
Golden Gate Xpress (San Francisco State)
The California Faculty Association is advocating the importance of mental health on California State University campuses with a traveling art display called Tissues for Issues. Throughout the month of May, Tissues for Issues will be making single day stops at various CSU campuses to highlight the underinvestment of mental health within the CSU system.

Chico State Encouraging More Support for Senate Bill 968
KHSL TV Chico Action News Now

“Tissues for Issues” highlights counselor shortage at Chico State

CSU East Bay Community Pushes For Improved Mental Health Access
USA Patch / California News Wire Services
Faculty officials cited a study that recommends at least one full-time equivalent mental health counselor for every 1,500 students on campus

Students, Faculty To Urge Support For More Mental Health Counselors
SFGate / Bay City News

Bill Would Boost Mental Health Counselors at CSUs
Capital Public Radio News Sacramento
Mental health advocates say anxiety is up among college students dealing with things like debt and the cost of living. That’s prompted a push for more counselors at California State University campuses. Also appears on California Healthline Daily Edition

SB 968 would increase number of Mental Health counselors on CSU, CCC campuses
KCBS News San Francisco & KNX Los Angeles

Bill to improve Mental Health Care on college campuses

Vicky Moore/Dick Helton Show
KNX News Radio Los Angeles

These are the bills students lobbied for in Sacramento
The Collegian (Fresno State)
Diane Blair, president of the Fresno State chapter of CFA said it’s crucial for students to have access to mental health services. “Our students are juggling multiple responsibilities,” Blair said. “Some of our students of color may be experiencing issues around discrimination. DACA students may be concerned about their status.”

A push for mental health care at colleges: Depression and anxiety ‘really eat up our kids’
CALmatters online
When student leaders from 23 California State University campuses came together last fall to set priorities for the academic year, improving campus mental health services received more nominations than any other issue. It beat out even that perennial concern, tuition costs. Also appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, Desert Sun, and Daily Democrat, among others.

Proposed fee increases could initially cost students up to $380 more per year
The Orion (CSU Chico)
The mental health services provided by the Counseling and Wellness Center are of particular importance in a CSU system where student mental health is said to be one of the top priorities. Still, it is this accessibility and affordability that is in question by students critical of the Health Services Fee increase.


HSU Budget: New Development
NorthCoast TV News 23/28
TV investigation and interview with Renée Byrd, Humboldt CFA Chapter President who calls for stopping the layoffs of Lecturer faculty.

Financial Expert Hired by Teacher’s Union Says HSU’s Budget Crisis Doesn’t Exist, No Cuts Need to Be Made
Lost Coast Outpost
In his report, Bunsis vehemently refuted the administration’s claims that the school needs to make significant cuts based on the reported $7 million budget shortfall this year and estimated $9 million shortfall for next year. “These two claims are definitively untrue,” Bunsis said during the presentation. “They’re the exact opposite.”

Based on data compiled during his audit, Bunsis says HSU generated $14 million in excess cash flow last year. Additionally, he says the school generated a $898,192 surplus of auxiliary funds, which administrators hoard through self-imposed restrictions that can be changed at any time. With these two categories combined, HSU reportedly saw a budget surplus of nearly $15 million in 2017.

HSU Faculty Members Say a Proposed Budget-Cutting Measure Will Cost Jobs, Erode Benefits and Harm Student Learning. Are They Right?
Lost Coast Outpost
Faculty members are up in arms. More than 20 grievances have been filed through the California Faculty Association (CFA), and they say their objections are about more than the cuts to their “already absurdly low” pay. They say this change will harm the student learning environment.

“My worry,” said Loren Cannon, chair of the HSU chapter of CFA’s Faculty Rights Committee, “is that when they do cuts, like with these WTUs, it overworks faculty members, [which] results in lowering education quality.”


Despite lack of funding, CSU will not raise tuition
Sonoma State Star
Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins said … “I’m pleased with the CSU’s decision not to pursue a tuition increase for the coming year. I pledge to continue our work in the legislature to lower barriers and reduce the cost of quality higher education for all students.”

…Pointing the finger at [Governor] Brown, CFA organized a “Free the CSU” march in Sacramento earlier this month where [Chancellor] White was a guest speaker. Elaine Newman, professor of mathematics, statistics and chapter president of the CFA at Sonoma State, said she was proud of the “commitment by our activists.” … “Chancellor White and trustees were part of our rally and spoke about the importance of all of us working together to fight for sufficient funding for the CSU to keep delivering quality education while keeping it affordable for students,” said Newman.

No tuition hike for CSU students next year
The Cougar Chronicle (CSU San Marcos)
CSUSM Students for Quality Education (SQE) Campus Organizer Kelsey Baird, biology student Julianna Gutierrez and CSUSM CFA President Darel Engen traveled to Sacramento to join the rally.

“We let them know loud and clear how opposed we were to a tuition increase, and that they could expect even larger demonstrations and greater push back had they gone ahead with one,” said Dr. Engen. Dr. Engen said he believes the April 4 rally was a major factor in the decision of no tuition increase. “Our question is, if you’re [Governor Jerry Brown] not going to give us money this year, then when? If not now, when?” said Baird.


Making a Makeshift Living
Sacramento Magazine
Margarita Berta-Ávila, an education professor at Sac State and chapter president of the California Faculty Association, the labor organization representing tenure-line faculty and lecturers, says that job insecurity is top of mind for many instructors. “I can’t tell you how many colleagues we have writing and saying they’re afraid they’re not going to have classes to teach,” she says. “You can imagine the anxiety they have semester by semester. There are some guarantees if a lecturer has a three-year contract, but there’s still always that anxiety.”

APRIL 2018

Cal State University tuition won’t go up, but higher costs still hitting students
89.3 KPCC
“I give most of the credit to this decision to our student activists who have really been at the forefront: they’ve been active, they’ve been visible,” said California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan.

What does ‘implicit bias’ training entail?
ABC 10
ABC10’s Frances Wang
spoke with Cecil Canton, a criminal justice Professor at Sacramento State since 1991. The New York native also spent years as a peace officer and working for the Department of Corrections. Canton conducts implicit bias workshops in Sacramento through the California Faculty Association, where he serves as the Associate Vice President of Affirmative Action. The workshop is called ‘A Journey into Change: An Unconscious Bias Workshop’ … “We have to be able to talk about it,” said Canton. “I always tell people: If you can’t name it, you can’t tame it.” Canton said his workshops put people in situations they might not be comfortable with discussing openly, but it’s necessary. The workshops include presentations, videos, individual work, and discussions.

Faculty union condemns Aztec mascot
The Daily Aztec
The union representing most California State University faculty voted last week to condemn San Diego State’s mascot, as well as those of two other CSU campuses. Faculty Association Vice President Charles Toombs, who is a professor of Africana Studies at SDSU as well as the campus’ CFA chapter president, said the resolution was initiated by the organization’s Indigenous People’s caucus of the Council for Affirmative Action within the CFA before passing with support from the whole assembly.

White supremacist propaganda shows up at Cal Poly
Neal MacDougall is involved with the California Faculty Union and is the campus sponsor for Students for Quality Education. KCBX News sat down with MacDougall to discuss [Campus President] Armstrong’s letter and the university’s approach to diversity and free speech on campus. See “’How do we make ourselves better?’ A Cal Poly SLO professor reflects on racism on campus.”

Civil rights groups call for investigation into Randa Jarrar to stop
The Collegian (Fresno State)
Several civil rights groups (including ACLU) in a letter to Castro asked that the university drop its investigation of Jarrar, claiming her speech against the Bush family is protected under the Constitution  …Diane Blair, chair of the CFA chapter at Fresno State and a communications professor, said that tenure is based on academic freedom principles and is meant to advance knowledge – even when it involves sharing controversial ideas. The CFA’s role in any investigation is to ensure that a faculty member’s rights are protected, according to Blair.  “We always have to be careful in these cases to avoid a rush to judgment,” Blair said, speaking in general terms about faculty members criticised or investigated for speech. [Blair also was quoted in the Washington Post]

CSU students to protest tuition increase at state capitol
The Orion
Thousands of students are expected to travel to the state capitol on April 4 to protest tuition increases and address state legislators face-to-face.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on 50th anniversary of his death
Fresno Bee
Joining in a coalition were the NAACP, Fresno State, Fresno Police Department, FMTK Labor Council, CHP, Fresno City College, SEIU 1000, California Faculty Association and Fresno State CSUEU for an event called “Undoing Injustice, Doing Justice.” It marked King’s work in social and economic justice and his support for labor unions.

ASI passes senate bill to take opposition to tuition increase
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
ASI strongly urges the CSU Academic Senate and the California Faculty Association to support and assist in their advocacy efforts related to the fully funded CSU budget. ASI President, Mariela Gomez, concluded this discussion by stating the three main points of opposition to a potential tuition increase. “We acknowledge …



The KFBK Morning News
KFBK FM Sacramento
An interview with CFA President at CSU Sacramento and education faculty Margarita Berta-Ávila; she explained the reasons for the April 4 rally at the Capitol.

California faculty to protest CSU budget
Sonoma State Star
“The CSU system has been underfunded for over a decade,” said Elaine Newman, professor of mathematics and stats and chapter president of the CFA at Sonoma State. “There was a change in priorities for the state. Back when your professors were in college, it was practically free.”


KCRA 3 Reports at 6AM
KCRA NBC – Sacramento
Student picket outside the Governor’s mansion early on April 4. Interviews with SLO student Ryan Shepard and CFA President Jennifer Eagan.

FOX 40 News at 8AM
KTXL FOX – Sacramento

FOX 40 News at 9AM
KTXL FOX – Sacramento 
Break time at the CFA office, live, plus video at the Gov’s Mansion, and interviews.

Fighting for Funding
KCRA NBC – Sacramento
Interviews outside the Gov’s Mansion


Students for Quality Education protest potential tuition increase
The Orion (CSU Chico)
Protest chants echoed against the state capitol building Wednesday as students from across California came together to ask state legislators to fully fund the CSU system.

CSU Rally at the Capitol
Coyote Chronicle (CSU San Bernardino)
Dorothy Chen-Maynard, who is a professor at CSUSB and a CFA representative, attended the rally and was impressed with the turnout. “We are here to fully fund the CSU and maintain the quality of education for all students,” said Chen-Maynard. Chen-Maynard commented on the positive atmosphere and mentioned that they really got their points across to the legislature. “This fight is not over,” said Chen-Maynard. “We need to keep the pressure with the governor and legislature and they need to support the CSU with adequate funding to free the CSU.”

CSU students protest tuition in Sacramento
The Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)
James Swartz, CFA statewide delegate and CPP Professor Emeritus, drove to Sacramento to join the students and other faculty. “We hope our voice is heard by our government and our legislature allows students to gain admission to a CSU,” Swartz said. “We get the bare bone necessities because we are getting underfunded and getting the chump change, so we are here to take action because it is only going to get worse.”

Rallies at the State Capitol for sufficient CSU funding
The LumberJack (Humboldt State) (report & video)
Reza Sadeghzadeh is a communications major at HSU: “Since they cut the whole CSU budget, we’re going to see a tremendous negative effect on our campus. A lot of professors are being laid off, activities and cultural centers are being defunded, so it’s a very serious issue,” Sadeghzadeh said. “The governor really needs to understand that the students here and the students in the CSU are the future of the welfare of California. In order to thrive as a state, we need to take care of the foundation, which is the students.”

Potential CSU tuition increase ignites protest
The Pioneer (CSU East Bay)
“They don’t recognize our identities as students, as people of color, as queer folks, those who are in power don’t give concern to student issues and I think it’s important for us to be here and express our issues to them, so they can hear our voices,” explained Richard Avalos to The Pioneer. Avalos, a student from CSU Fullerton, made a nine-hour drive to show Brown how important educational funding is to him.

Students and faculty head to Sacramento, protest Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget for CSU schools
Daily Titan (Cal State Fullerton)
Over 1,000 students and faculty from across the state were brought together Wednesday morning to protest California Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget for CSU schools.

Students, faculty protest CSU funding gap at State Capitol
The Hornet (CSU Sacramento)

Faculty union, students call for Gov. Jerry Brown to increase CSU system funding
Daily Aztec (San Diego State)

#FreeTheCSU: No more fee hikes and systematic racism
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)
Also see a Spoken Word performance at the rally.

CSU East Bay student protest performance

California universities in battle over fees hike
University World News (national)
Hundreds of California State University students and faculty, joined by Chancellor Timothy White, rallied in Sacramento last week, calling on Governor Jerry Brown and lawmakers to cover the cost of an anticipated 4% tuition hike in the forthcoming state budget.

Tuition fight comes to State Capital as students protest
Sonoma State Star
Professor and CFA President Jennifer Eagen thanked the members of the crowd for their show of support and said she hoped it would continue into the future. She especially thanked the Students for Quality Education and their help with the rally.

Demanding more funding, CSU students and faculty protest at California State Capitol
Spartan Daily (San Jose State)


Tuition hikes drive budget fight between Jerry Brown and California universities
Sacramento Bee
Under intense pressure not to raise tuition for the second consecutive year, California’s public university systems have delayed votes to increase student fees and turned their attention back to the Capitol to lobby the state for more money. Hundreds of California State University students and faculty, joined by Chancellor Timothy White, rallied in Sacramento on Wednesday, calling on Gov. Jerry Brown and lawmakers to cover the cost of an anticipated 4 percent tuition hike in the forthcoming state

Higher Ed Funding
Sacramento Bee (Capitol Alert)
Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and state Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins lead a rally at the Capitol today urging Gov. Jerry Brown to boost state funding for the California State University system.

HSU students call for education funding, justice for Josiah
Eureka Times Standard
The California Faculty Association — which represents about 25,000 CSU faculty, librarians, counselors and coaches — organized Wednesday’s rally, which it dubbed #FreeTheCSU. The union is calling for a $422.6 million increase, which it states to less than 7 percent of the CSU’s total 2017-18 operating budget and would increase access to the CSU for an additional 18,205 qualified students.


CSU faculty and students push for more funding, aided by Legislative leaders
Capitol Public Radio
The two Democratic leaders of the California state Legislature threw their support behind California State University administrators, faculty and students calling for more state funding.

KPCC Southern California Radio
Describes the rally and recaps Gov. Brown’s moment telling the CSU “to live within their means.” Quotes State Senate Pro tem Toni Atkins

The Real Issue
KZFR Chico
CFA Treasurer Susan Green tells about April 4 protest. Starts at time 39:53.

Rally calls on state officials to ‘Free the CSU’
Central Coast Public Radio (KCBX FM)
On Wednesday, April 4th, CSU students along with faculty and elected officials gathered on the steps of the capitol in Sacramento. Issues and Ideas host Tyler Pratt spoke with Cal Poly students Mick Bruckner, Kelsey Zazanis, and Dominic Scialabba before they took off for Sacramento about what it means to “Free the CSU.”


CSU students protest to demand better funding for universities
“Every year we have about 30,000 students who are Californians, they are eligible to enter the CSU,” said California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan. “They meet all the requirements, they did all the work but there`s no seat for them. And that is due to a continual erosion of state funding and that’s the trend we want to see reversed.”  Students weren`t just rallying for prospective students Wednesday; they were rallying for themselves, fearing they`ll be asked to make up the funding gap with tuition and fee increases. ”What about my food? What about my books?” said California State Northridge student Michelle Aranda. “There’s a lot of things that our tuition doesn’t account for and continuing to increase our tuition is really putting certain students at a disadvantage. You know there’s one in 10 who are homeless and one in five who face food insecurity.” 

Students, faculty and community rally for CSU funding

CBS 13 News at Noon
KOVR CBS – Sacramento
Video of rally outside the Capitol

KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon
KTVU FOX – San Francisco

CBS 13 News at 4PM
KOVR CBS – Sacramento

KCRA 3 Reports at 4PM
KCRA NBC – Sacramento

KTVU’s Evening News on KCBA FOX 35 at 4PM
KCBA FOX – Monterey

FOX 40 News at 5:30PM
KTXL FOX – Sacramento

Demand for College Funding / 23 News at 6PM
KERO ABC – Bakersfield
Interview with Senate pro Tem Toni Atkins

KSEE 24 News at 6PM
KSEE NBC – Fresno

KCOY 12 Central Coast Local News at 6PM
KCOY CBS – Santa Barbara

Action News at 6PM
KSWB NBC – Monterey

KTVU FOX 2 News at 6PM
KTVU FOX – San Francisco

KEYT News Channel 3 at 6:30PM
KEYT ABC – Santa Barbara

Eyewitness News at 7PM
KGPE CBS – Fresno

Action News at 11PM
KSWB NBC – Monterey

17 News at 11PM
KGET NBC – Bakersfield

KTLA 5 Morning News at 4:30AM
KTLA CW – Los Angeles

CBS News 8 This Morning at 4:30AM
KFMB CBS – San Diego

CBS Local 2 News at 6AM
KESQD10 CBS – Palm Springs

MARCH 2018

Fight to ‘fully fund’ CSUs heads to Sacramento in April
The Collegian (Fresno State)
Next month, CSU students and faculty will gather at the state capital to unite in favor of funding higher education. “The CSU is supposed to be a place where anyone who was willing and able to do the work and take the classes and get the grades was promised a place in a four-year university,” Eagan, president of CFA, said in an interview recently. “It’s not supposed to matter how much money a student could afford to pay.”

The money you should be fighting for
The Orion (CSU Chico)
Therefore, our leaders should stand alongside students and fight for sustainable funding on April 4th in Sacramento, according to Students for Quality Education. For Chico State to fully accomplish something from affecting our campus, students and staff should all come together and fight for it.

CFA to protest tuition hikes
The Poly Post (Cal Poly Pomona)
The California Faculty Association will be rallying students, faculty and staff from all Cal State University campuses to the state capitol to protest tuition hikes among other items.

The California Faculty Association will protest the CSU tuition increase in Sacramento
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
Jennifer Eagan, California Faculty Association president, encouraged students and CSU members in a conference call to take a bus to Sacramento to protest state tuition increases. Eagan said a public display like the planned rally at the California State Capitol in Sacramento on April 4, can enhance the chances the chances of California Gov. Jerry Brown and legislators revising a budget proposal of $92 million for the CSU system next year

CSU students protest possible tuition hike as leaders grapple with state funding shortage
Long Beach Press Telegram
Besides protesting a possible tuition hike, members of the California Faculty Association and the allied Students for Quality Education asked trustees to join them for a planned April 4 trip to Sacramento to demand more state funding for the CSU.

Students, Teachers Demand More CSU Funding from State’s Rainy Day Funds
Thursday, a coalition of CSU faculty, students and lobbyists spoke out in Sacramento at a Senate budget hearing, pushing lawmakers to give them the funding they’re asking for. They point to the state’s proposed $6.1 billion rainy day fund — saying it’s storming in public education. “When you have the resources you really have to invest, that will carry us through, we can’t keep telling people austerity is forever,” former CSU teacher Lillian Taiz said.

College Students Fight for Funding to Avoid Tuition Spikes
CBS-TV Sacramento (video)
“I understand the motivation to put money for a rainy day is significant but to be extremely blunt today is that rainy day,” a student testified (at a legislative budget hearing). At a time when the state has a $7 billion budget surplus, both CSUs and UCs say they’re being underfunded. “Tuition increases are being initiated to brace against Governor Brown’s incredibly stingy budget for public higher education, and really that ends up privatizing our university system because it’s placing the burden of the public universities onto students and their families,” said President of CA Faculty Association Jennifer Eagan. “I think it does require consistent and escalating pressure from now to the May (revision of the budget), to when they vote on the budget in June,” Eagan said. Next month students are planning to rally at the Capitol, by the hundreds. They’re promoting it with the hashtag #fundthedream.

Fight to ‘fully fund’ CSUs heads to Sacramento in April
The Collegian (Fresno State)
Next month, California State University (CSU) students and faculty will gather at the state capital to unite in favor of funding higher education. “The CSU is supposed to be a place where anyone who was willing and able to do the work and take the classes and get the grades was promised a place in a four-year university,” Eagan, president of the California Faculty Association (CFA), said in an interview recently. “It’s not supposed to matter how much money a student could afford to pay.”

Students meet to raise awareness of university movement
The Orion (CSU Chico)
“We want to let students know that they have power within them to advocate for their rights and that they have this opportunity to go to the capital to really demand funding,” said Radhika Katarla, Organizer for California Faculty Association. Students from Chico State will be attending the April 4 protest. “It’s gonna be really impactful to see that there are students from all over the CSU demanding CSU funding,” said Katarla. “The people in the capital need to know that students are really fighting for their rights; this is now or never.”

HSU students demand admin slash own pay instead of classes, staff
Eureka Times Standard
California Faculty Association Humboldt State U Chapter President and Sociology Department assistant professor Renée Byrd said they agree the university is facing a budget crisis, but said they don’t read it the same way the administration does. (More on topic: HSU Students Walk Out to Protest Administration’s Proposed $9 Million Budget-Slashing; Multiple Police Agencies Respond Lost Coast Outpost (Video)

Sac State students, faculty to attend March gun control rallies
Sacramento State Hornet
Margarita Berta-Avila, a professor of education and the chapter president of the California Faculty Association at Sac State said she will be attending the March 14 rally and that the association has endorsed the walkouts. “This is a reflection of students finding and identifying the strengths they have united.”

Cal State Fullerton may lay off its American Language Program faculty
The Daily Titan (CSU Fullerton)
The CSU Chancellor’s office has notified the California Faculty Association that faculty members may be laid off from the American Language Program at Cal State Fullerton due to a “programmatic change.”

Supreme Courts and Unions Update. New Electronic Intifada Podcast
KPFA Flashpoints (audio)
…coverage of the attacks on Unions and Unionism at the Supreme Court. We’ll speak to a constitutional expert, who was at the court yesterday, and with the president (Jennifer Eagan) of the largest faculty union in the country–the California Faculty Associationwith 28,000 members.

People’s State of City to Seek Help for Working Families
Long Beach Gazette
A coalition of activist groups called Long Beach Rising will host its seventh annual People’s State of the City to address barriers faced by working families. …Organizations in Long Beach Rising include Building Healthy Communities; California Conference for Equality and Justice; California Faculty Association Long Beach Chapter…

Academic Senate proposes tenure for counselors, faculty supportive
The Signal (CSU Stanislaus)
CFA has been advocating on behalf of the psychological services over 25 years; the push for tenure is not a new concept.

CFA thanks Democratic party opposition to tuition hike
The Collegian (Fresno State)
CFA applauded the California Democratic Party over the weekend for opposing a possible tuition hike by the California State University system.


Campus upset over tuition fee increase plan
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
Bruce Hartsell, CSUB CFA chapter president, said, “An investment in public education is one of the best investments that can be made with public dollars, and the CSU is already underfunded to the point that several thousand qualified students are turned away each year…

CSU Board of Trustees to vote by May on tuition increase
The Runner Online (CSU Bakersfield)
Chair of the Political Action Committee for the California Faculty Association Lillian Taiz spoke to the Committee of Finance about increasing tuition to make up for lack of funds provided by legislatures. “For legislators, tuition increase is the easy way out… Meanwhile students go deeper into debt, take on more hours of work, …

With few budget solutions in sight, Cal State administrators say another tuition increase is possible
Los Angeles Times
“This is déjà vu all over again. As we have seen so many times before, rather than push back, the administration offers ways to ‘adjust’ to the governor’s proposal, which always means that students pay more and get less, and thousands of others get nothing because they are turned away,” said Lillian Taiz, professor emerita at Cal State L.A. and a member of the California Faculty Assn.

Will Cal State students have to pay higher tuition?
FOX 11 Los Angeles
Lillian Taiz, political action and legislation chair for the California Faculty Association, said CSU officials need to provide specifics on how they will pressure state officials for increased funding instead of quickly falling back on a tuition increase. “As we have seen so many times before, rather than push back, the (CSU) administration offers ways to `adjust’ to the governor’s proposal, which always means that students pay more and get less and thousands of others get nothing because they are turned away,” Taiz said.

CSU delays tuition increase vote
Daily Sundial (San Diego State)
Gabriel Lozano, a 23-year-old organizer for Students for Quality of Education at Cal Poly Pomona, said that issues with hunger are affecting campuses all over the state. “I have had friends that have literally been on the verge of homelessness and I have had other friends who decided not to go to college for this reason because of the increases,” Lozano said. … While the jockeying over the CSU budget continues on the capitol hill in Sacramento, sociology professor Kevin Wehr of Sacramento State, says that he’s had to put in a basic needs notice in his syllabus for students who do have to deal with food insecurity or homelessness. “I felt I had to put this notice in because of what I have seen in the classroom,” Wehr said. “I had a brilliant student whose engagement fell off because he was falling asleep in class. It turned out that he was having trouble feeding himself.” Another tuition increase seems to be on the horizon but a delay in the vote will allow the CSU to finalize its budget before making a final decision. “We are extremely glad that the board is choosing to put off its vote,” Wehr said. “But what we should really be talking about is a tuition cut, not a tuition increase.”

Tuition hikes on horizon for CSU
Capitol Weekly
If no funding alternatives are available, the CSU system will turn away about 31,000 qualified students statewide because the budget only covers basic necessities, according to the California Faculty Association. “I am still in shock with how many qualified students we turn away every year,” (Sac State President) Nelsen said in his speech.


CSU Faculty: State Budget Means Too Many Students Are Turned Away
KPBS NPR-San Diego
Charles Toombs is vice president of the CFA and chairs the Africana Studies Department at San Diego State. He said his union’s ask of more than $400 million to add 18,000 slots for students statewide is about providing access for the state’s high school graduates, who are now predominantly students of color. “Those are the students we’re turning away now,” Toombs said. “There are a lot of, particularly local area students who are qualified — they’ve met all of the requirements for admission to San Diego State — and they’re not getting in.”

California State University maxes out, turns away more students than ever
San Francisco Chronicle
California State University turned away more qualified applicants than ever last year — one in 10 students, or 31,000 people— even though the state’s Master Plan for Higher Education says they should be admitted.

Cal State Forced to Turn Away Thousands of Qualified Applicants
KPIX TV 5 San Francisco
On Wednesday, CSU faculty leaders took aim at what they say is years of fiscal starvation. They set up a visual protest of empty classroom chairs with the message “Every Student Deserves a Seat – Fund the CSU!” on the north lawn of the State Capitol in Sacramento. Alice Sunshine, the communications director of the California Faculty Association said, “We need to speak out about this. The public needs our students to get their college degrees. The state’s economy needs it.”

Governor’s budget proposal may lead to $228 tuition increase for CSU students
Sac State Hornet
“This is a clear message that investing in our students is not a priority,” said Margarita Berta-Avila, the president of the Capitol Chapter of the California Faculty Association and a professor of education at Sacramento State. “It’s disappointing.”

CSU faculty are not happy with California’s governor
The Collegian (Fresno State)
In a news release Wednesday, the California Faculty Association slammed Brown for, they say, failing to “honor the promise of access to public higher education for all qualified California students.” The anger stems from the governor’s latest state budget proposal, which the CFA said provides much less funding than the …

Once More, With Feeling: Brown Again Urges Fiscal Prudence In Final Budget Proposal
Capitol Public Radio/NPR
And there will surely be a battle over higher education funding: The governor is proposing smaller-than-expected increases to the University of California and California State University systems, while demanding they keep tuition flat. He feels the UC and CSU don’t do enough to keep their budgets under control. California Faculty Association President Jennifer Eagan says that, under the governor’s proposal, tens of thousands of qualified students would be turned away every year. “The CSU is desperately underfunded compared to the way it was 25 or 30 years ago, and it’s really starting to show,” she said. (This story was syndicated to four other NPR stations in California

Gov. Jerry Brown proposes $131.7 billion state budget amid sizable surplus
San Jose Mercury News & NBC KCRA-TV Sacramento
The California Faculty Association placed 1,570 empty chairs on the Capitol lawn, each symbolizing 20 students that, the union’s leaders say, were denied admission to California State University even though they had the grades to get in — because of the soaring demand

Governor to release budget proposal
KOVR CBS 13 Sacramento
Also on KOVR Good Day about the CFA PopUp art on funding for the CSU. Includes a report on CSU funding & CFA Art PopUp

CSULB finds new leadership in Scott Apel
Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)
The previous VP, Mary Stephens, left some big shoes to fill according to California Faculty Association President Douglas Foraste. “She was the only administrator that actually listened and thought about what you said,” Foraste said. 

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