CFA Political Action

The CFA engages in various political work, from protest to elections. On 9/12, SFSU CFA members participated in a protest in solidarity with staff members of CSUEU (SF Weekly), as part of our “no cuts” and “chop from the top” campaign. The CFA is engaging in electoral work, particularly to help pass ballot Props #15 and #16, as well as to support key state and local races in the Bay Area, including two CFA@SFSU members who are running for office!  The CFA endorsed Jackie Fielder (College of Ethnic Studies) who is running for CA Senate vs. Scott Weiner; and the CFA@SFSU endorsed the Labor Slate, which supports Nestor Castillo’s race for Hayward City Council (also from the College of Ethnic Studies).

Looking ahead, the Governor is likely to call a special session of the legislature in December, so our tax the rich efforts continue to be priorities to build support for this fall as well, especially, AB 1253, the millionaires tax,” and AB 2088, a “wealth tax.”  

Can you help us win new revenue to stop cuts and create equity?  Check out the CFA Political Action Tool Kit and/or contact Ron Hayduk at to find out more.  If you do any political work, please enter your hours on this Tracking Sheet.  

Please note: Do not use ANY CSU resources for political work including email, list serves, etc. For zoom meetings, do not use your CSU account. Please create your own, or contact your field rep or Kelly Burns to set up a zoom meeting for you. No CFA resources can be used for federal advocacy. If you have any questions about that, please email or call Kelly Burns, Political Organizer at or 916 798 0779.