CFA-Sponsored Legislation • 2016

AB 2019 Step increases for CSU faculty

(Miguel Santiago, D-Los Angeles) AB 2019 would place an automatic Service Salary Increase in statute for CSU faculty, tying it to the California Urban Consumer Price Index. Learn more

AB 2163 Open CSU presidential searches

(Evan Low, D-Campbell) AB 2163 would require the California State University (CSU) to reveal the names of finalists for a campus presidency or the system chancellor to be publicly released and for the finalists to be made to participate in a public forum on the campus in question. Learn more

AB 2294 Union affiliates release time

(Jimmy Gomez, D-Los Angeles) AB 2294 would require the California State University (CSU) to grant release time to an employee who is a union member and has been elected to serve as an officer in an affiliated union. Learn more