CFA Statement regarding Assembly Democrats’ “Degrees Not Debt” proposal

Sacramento — On Monday, March 13, 2017, California State Assembly Democrats announced a financial aid plan to help decrease the economic burden college students and their families face when attending the state’s public higher education universities.

The following is a statement from the California Faculty Association regarding the plan:

“The California Faculty Association is pleased that Speaker Anthony Rendon, along with Assembly Higher Education Committee Chair Jose Medina and Assemblymembers Kevin McCarty and Phil Ting, have taken up the important issue of how to make the California State University system more affordable for our students. We are particularly pleased at the recognition that such a plan must begin by protecting students from looming tuition increases through Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s proposed legislation, AB 393, which would hold tuition flat until 2020.

We look forward to working with the Assembly on this package and helping California lead the nation in protecting access, affordability, and quality for students in our public higher education systems. The California Faculty Association has been supportive of free public higher education initiatives that ensure neither cost, nor debt, prevent qualified students from attending the CSU.  We are excited to see proposals that move the state in that direction.

CSU students are the face of California. Many of our students are low-income, people of color, and largely the first in their families to attend college—they deserve the same level of support and quality that students enjoyed when the Master Plan created the CSU.

We are committed to making public higher education more affordable for all California students, while maintaining quality and access.  Our students are the future of California’s workforce and will help drive our state’s economy and civic life for years to come. We must remain vigilant in our commitment to their success.”