CFA strongly supports the faculty strike at the U. of Illinois at Chicago
Feb. 19, 2014

The California Faculty Association stands in solidarity with educators of the University of Illinois at Chicago United Faculty as they strike for a fair contract today.

Faculty there began a full work stoppage with picket lines around university buildings on Tuesday and continued today.

At issue is bargaining their first contract, which has stalled after 18 months of negotiations.

The university administration’s proposals “continue to short change both faculty and students,” says a UIC union statement. “UIC administration continues to hike tuition to the point it has amassed hundreds of millions in profits each year and more than a billion dollars in reserves, yet refuses to pay professors what they’re worth.”

CFA strongly believes that the faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago deserve fairness at the bargaining table and a contract that will compensate educators so that they can continue to provide quality higher education for students.

Faculty working conditions are student learning conditions, and it’s time the University of Illinois at Chicago respect the workers who ensure that their institution and the future leaders who graduate from it continue to succeed.


CFA represents the 23,000 educators, coaches, librarians and counselors in the California State University system.