Council for Affirmative Action Resolution to Address Dearth of Counseling Resources at CSUs

WHEREAS, the mission of the Council for Affirmative Action (CAA) includes addressing systemic historical inequities that affect access and equity in education for all; and

WHEREAS, CAA representatives report the paucity of resources for faculty counselor positions on CSU campuses, and

WHEREAS, CAA representatives report the draconian methods of replacing and reducing tenure-track faculty counselor lines with temporary, at times un-paid, professionals and trainees, and

WHEREAS, the failure to provide faculty counselors particularly affects marginalized students who often lack resources to afford such services on their own; and

WHEREAS, this in turn, affects student retention to graduation, their well-being and safety, and potentially their longevity; and

WHEREAS, this problem will be further escalated by the increasing numbers of veterans who are traditionally from these underrepresented groups; and

WHEREAS, the CAA recognizes, because of its mission, that the severe lack of faculty counselors, reproduces and perpetuates social inequality; now, therefore, be it

Resolved that the CFA continue to support increases in faculty counselor resources; and be it further

Resolved that each campus chapter support faculty counselors’ demands for increasing the number of tenure-line faculty counselors until the International Association of Counseling Services (accreditation body) standards for student-faculty counselor ratios are achieved including all times students are on campus; and be it further

Resolved that the CFA urges the use of the contractual mechanisms CFA has at its disposal to immediately address these deficits.