CSU Students Plan “Reclaim the CSU” Day of Action; SQE Demands No More Fee Increases and Return to CA Master Plan
SQE News Advisory

For Immediate Release: April 28, 2016

Students throughout the CSU system are planning a day of action on May 2nd to “Reclaim the CSU,” with actions at Chico State, San Francisco State, CSU Stanislaus, Cal Poly SLO, CSULA, and Fresno State.

They are speaking out as part of a growing student movement in the U.S. These events will oppose the annual tuition increases recently proposed in the CSU Board of Trustees’ “Sustainability Report,” and advocate for a return to the CA Master Plan and its promise of tuition-free higher education for all. 

The May 2 events, planned by Students for Quality Education (SQE) and other campus-based student groups, are targeting Chancellor White, campus presidents, and Governor Brown. Students demand a fully funded CSU and that CSU administrators reverse privatizing trends and make affordability for students a priority once again.


Chico, CA: Monday, May 2 at 12pm PST
Chico State, Trinity Commons
Contact: Marcos Zepeda, 916-601-3124
Chico students are planning a “funeral service for the California Master Plan,” where they will share their experiences with attacks on public higher education and have a die-in to demonstrate the urgency of the high cost of a CSU education. Fact painting will be 12-1pm at Trinity Commons, and the funeral service will be 1-2pm in front of Kendall Hall.

San Francisco, CA: Monday, May 2 at 12pm PST
San Francisco State, Malcolm X Plaza
Contact: Shiba Bandeeba, 818-987-9121
SFSU students will have a “State of Emergency” May Day action to defend public higher education. They will be rallying and marching to oppose not only tuition hikes, but also the attack on SFSU’s College of Ethnic Studies, and the intersecting issues of workers’ rights, immigrant rights, gentrification, and policy brutality.

Turlock, CA: Monday, May 2 at 11:30am PST
CSU Stanislaus, Faculty Development Center
Contact: Araceli Hernandez, 209-230-8726
SQE students at CSU Stanislaus will join the statewide “Reclaim the CSU” Day of Action with a rally and march throughout campus, in opposition to the tuition increases proposed in the sustainability model.

San Luis Obispo, CA: Monday, May 2 at 12pm
Cal Poly SLO, Administration Building
Contact: Erica Hudson, 949-751-7436
Cal Poly SLO students will be holding a “Funeral Service for the CSU,” to fight the privatization of the CSU proposed in the sustainability model, as well as the CSU system’s disinvestment in ethnic, gender and sexuality studies.

Los Angeles, CA: Monday, May 2 at 3:15pm
CSU Los Angeles, King Hall
Contact: Laura Hasbun, 562-879-1783
Students from a number of Southern California CSU campuses will be coming to CSULA for a “Reclaim the CSU” rally and march focused on opposing the Board of Trustees’ proposed “sustainability model” and taking back the students’ power to shape the People’s University.

Fresno, CA: Monday, May 2 at 12pm
Fresno State, Free Speech Area/Activities Plaza
Contact: Andrea Wilson, 559-281-0908
SQE at Fresno State will be holding a “funeral service” and procession, mourning the death of free higher education and the focus on hiring high-paid administrators instead of prioritizing student learning. They will march throughout campus, beginning at the Free Speech Area.

BACKGROUND: After a decade of drastic tuition increases (283% between 2001 and 2011), extensive student organizing led to limited state reinvestment in the CSU and a 4-year freeze on tuition increases. With this freeze about to end, the CSU Board of Trustees has recommended in their recent “financial sustainability report” that tuition start increasing annually, based on inflation. This recommendation comes despite the fact that tuition has skyrocketed far beyond inflation since 2000, so much so that many students can no longer afford to attend a CSU. Today a student has to work 758 hours at minimum wage to cover tuition and fees for a year, compared to 320 hours in 2000. SQE has joined a larger movement of students nationwide, advocating for a system of free higher education in the U.S. that is accessible to all.

ABOUT STUDENTS FOR QUALITY EDUCATION: SQE is a statewide student organization, fighting for affordable, accessible, quality education for all. SQE was founded by students in the CSU system in 2007, and since then SQE has fought to oppose student fees, preserve ethnic studies, and reclaim the governance of the CSU for students, faculty and staff. SQE recognizes that faculty working conditions are student learning conditions. Learn more at