The “Fight for Five” on Nov 17 in Pictures!
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Live it all again in pictures…

Support for CFA’s Fight for Five hit an all-time high on Nov. 17, 2015.

Faculty, students, labor allies and community leaders marched and rallied outside the CSU Chancellor’s Office while CFA leaders and supporters testified to the CSU Trustees who were meeting inside.

Nov 17 Slide Show—The Story Told in Pictures

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Nov. 17 Video

  • MARCH & RALLY—Click here to watch real time video of more than 1,000 faculty, students and allies march to the Chancellor’s office in Long Beach and rally at noon Nov. 17.
  • TRUSTEES MEETING—Click here to watch faculty in action speaking to the CSU Trustees during the meeting Nov. 17 and 18.
    • The following times indicate when CFA officers, members and allies address the Trustees:
      Day 1, Part 1—09:00 (Committee on Collective Bargaining)
      Day 1, Part 3—00:10 (Committee on Finance)
      Day 2, Part 1—01:05 (Committee on University Faculty & Personnel)
      Day 2, Part 3—36:00 (Public Comment)

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